Dalton’s Atomic Theory

Table of Contents Dalton’s Atomic Theory – Definition Dalton’s Atomic Theory – Postulates Summary Did You Know? What’s Next? In […]

Thomson’s Atomic Model

Table of Contents Electrons – Definition Protons – Definition Thomson’s Atomic Model Summary Did You Know? What’s Next? In the […]

Bohr’s Model of an Atom

Table of Contents Drawbacks of Rutherford’s atomic model Bohr’s Model Discovery of Neutrons Atomic Structure Summary Did You Know? What’s […]

Chemical Formulae of Compounds

Table of Contents Rules for Writing Chemical Formula of Compounds Valency of Elements Examples of Chemical Formulae (Sharing of Electrons): […]

Chemical Formulae of Complex Compounds

Table of Contents Electronegative and Electropositive Atoms Examples of Chemical Formulae (Give & Take of Electrons): Magnesium Chloride Aluminium Oxide […]

Concept of Mole – Part 1

Table of Contents Mole – Definition (Chemistry) Summary Did You Know? What’s Next? In the previous segment, we learned about […]

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