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How to Prepare for CBSE Class X and XII Board Exams?

We have entered the new year 2022. With the board exams for classes X and XII approaching in a couple of months, it is essential to start the preparation early. Board exams for classes X and XII are very crucial for students as they are a turning point for them to choose their careers. It becomes imperative to score good marks in these exams if they want to pursue a career of their choice. Their overall percentage decides their admission into various prestigious colleges and universities.

While it can be daunting for students to score a good percentage, the right strategy can help them achieve this. If you are worried about how to increase your percentage in the board exams, this article is for you. In this write-up, we will discuss the tips that will help you improve your marks in the board exams.

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    Important Tips to increase percentage in Classes X and XII Board Exams

    Below is a list of the top 5 tips for improving your percentage in the board exams:

    Tip 1: Divide the Syllabus

    To score well in the exams you need to have a proper strategy, study plan, and the right study materials. More importantly, you need to have a smart approach for your exam preparation. Here is what you can do to work smartly. Try diving the syllabus into portions that are easy, moderate, and tough. This will help you allocate your time to those topics that are difficult to master. Moreover, reading the syllabus in chunks will give you the confidence to tackle tough topics as you progress through the difficulty levels.

    Tip 2: Make Time for Revision

    Revision is a crucial part of your board exam preparation. You need to make time for revising everything that you have studied to get a grip on the concepts. If you want to score high marks, you have to revise all the concepts in the syllabus multiple times, especially the difficult and moderate ones. Make sure that you allocate sufficient time for revision every day.

    Tip 3: Manage Your Time Effectively

    When preparing for board exams, the two things that are prominent are focus and time. You need to focus on covering the vast syllabus within a certain period. You need to know how to use your time wisely for preparing. Organize your time in the day for your exam preparation. Here is an advice. Try the productivity tools like the Pomodoro method, or the Feynman technique for effective time management. Most importantly, take regular breaks in between the longer sessions. It allows you to stay focused throughout.

    Tip 4: Solve Previous Year’s Question Papers

    To enhance your board exam preparation, solve the previous year’s question papers and sample question papers. The advantages of solving previous year’s papers are aplenty. They allow you to get accustomed to the exam pattern. They help you with your time management and also your speed. They let you know your weak points and where you went wrong. You can rectify the mistakes and work on the weak areas. Make sure that you solve the previous year’s question papers and other sample papers during your preparation process.

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    When sifting through the Previous Year’s Question papers, make a note of the topics that are recurring. Try to understand the weightage of marks these topics and questions carry. Accordingly, study those chapters with more weightage first, and then you can focus on those that carry fewer marks.

    Tip 5: Evaluate Your Performance

    While you keep preparing for the board exams, it is essential to evaluate your progress throughout the process. Analyze your performance levels, your speed, and the time you are taking for answering the questions. Also, identify your weak areas, sections that need improvement and work on them. Know your strengths and where you can score good marks. Keep revising the topics multiple times and clarify all your doubts before you move on to the next topic.

    Final Thoughts

    To achieve a good score in the board exams for classes X and XII, it requires proper planning, strategy, timetable, time management, and self-care. Do not neglect your sleep and food while preparing. Have ample hours of sleep, and take a healthy diet. When you stay fit, you can concentrate on your board exam preparation. Follow the above points to ace your preparation and pursue your dreams. They will surely help in significantly increasing your percentage in class X and XII board exams.


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