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Ultimate Study Tips for CBSE Class X Board Exam 2021-22

CBSE class X board exams are very crucial in the life of any student. Accomplishing good results in these exams will help navigate the academic and career path of the students in the right way. Being the first board exams, students may find them a bit challenging. Some of them might even have nightmares fearing how to achieve good marks in the exam. In this article, we will talk about the ultimate study tips for students that will help them in gearing up their preparation for the CBSE Class X Board Exam 2021-22.

1. Start Early

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    I hope you have heard of the popular quote, “Winners begin early”. You must start your preparation early, i.e., at the beginning of the academic year only. Most students take it for granted that they have a lot of time to embark on their preparation. Consequently, they neglect their studies and pile up all the topics for last-minute preparation. It is advisable to start the preparation well in advance as the new academic year or new term begins.

    2. Design a Proper Study Plan

    It must become a routine for every student to design and implement a proper study plan that aids their preparation. You must give equal importance to all the subjects and allocate time to each one. Any subject or topic that you feel is difficult to read or understand, you can allocate extra time for it. Make sure that this daily timetable should not make you feel hectic.

    3. Make the Study Plan look Colourful

    Here is a fun thing you can try. Instead of giving names to each subject in your timetable, try using different colours to mark them. It will make your study plan look colourful and attractive to look at.

    4. Set Smaller and Achievable Targets

    We all know that the syllabus of class X is vast. Let us agree to the fact that you cannot complete it in one go. It is essential to let this sink in our heads and plan for smaller targets that are easily achievable. Try setting a daily or weekly target and do your best to achieve it. This process boosts your confidence and pushes you further in your daily preparation.

    5. Familiarize with the Syllabus and Exam Pattern

    Even before you start your preparation, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the syllabus and also the exam pattern. Getting a clear idea of the same helps make your preparation easier.

    Here is one more thing you can do. After you become completely aware of the syllabus, try to list down the topics that are easy to study and those that are tough. It helps you to divide your time accordingly for all those topics in your study plan.

    6. Take Regular Intervals

    A common mistake that most of the students tend to commit is not taking required breaks in between their study periods. Studying continuously without taking any breaks is not recommended. Make sure you take frequent breaks, i.e., about 5-10 minutes every hour. Also, ensure that you eat well and sleep well.

    7. Combine 2 to 3 Subjects in the Period for Studying

    Studying a single subject continuously for hours together is something not possible and not recommended, too. Although you love to read it, you cannot sit with a single subject. Instead, try combining two or more subjects in those stipulated hours.

    Let us assume you have a period of six hours. Instead of spending all those hours on a single subject, give 2 hours each for three subjects. This way, you will not have a complex study plan and you can easily achieve your target.

    Remember, it is always important to have a simpler study plan for CBSE class X board exams.

    8. Change your Study Plan based on your Improvement

    You do not have to stick with the study plan during your preparation process. If you feel that you are improving well in your speed, and can manage your time properly, you can change your plan, accordingly.

    Be wise in preparing the study plan for CBSE Class 10.

    9. Stay Away from Distractions

    It is very easy for a student to get distracted while studying. It is a thumb rule to avoid distractions and stay focused through their preparation process. Using mobile phones, or electric gadgets or social media is a strict no-no.

    10. Solve Previous Year’s Papers

    Try solving some of the previous year’s question papers of class 10. You can even take up some online practice tests to check your credibility and evaluate your performance.


    These are some of the ultimate study tips of CBSE class X board exam 2021-22. While you follow these tips, you can join the live sessions at Infinity Learn and get taught by experts. You can join our customized courses to enhance your preparation.

    Above all, believe in yourself and keep delivering your best.

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