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Christmas Day 2023

Christmas is a joyful and widely celebrated holiday around the world. In India, people from various regions join in to celebrate the birth of Lord Jesus. Christians decorate their homes and go to nearby churches. Children sing Christmas songs, while grown-ups listen to the story of Jesus at the church. Many people also get Christmas trees, which are thought to bring good fortune, and decorate them with stars and lights.

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    Christmas in India involves a lot of family gatherings, late-night parties, gift exchanges, and spending quality time with loved ones. It has become an important part of the annual festivities. During this time, families come together and show kindness to others, inspired by the selfless nature of Jesus Christ, who sacrificed himself to cleanse the sins of humanity. During Christmas Day, Children also draw Santa Claus and Christmas trees. In this Article we will learn how to create santa claus drawings and christmas tree for kids:

    How to Draw Santa Claus and Christmas Tree for Kids

    The Christmas season is a fantastic time that we all eagerly look forward to, especially children. It’s a time when we can decorate a Christmas tree with our grandparents and enjoy the beautiful Christmas lights that make our homes sparkle. However, it can be a bit disappointing when January arrives, and all the Christmas decorations are put away. So, why not consider learning how to create Santa Claus drawings? This way, you can keep the Christmas spirit alive all year round.

    Drawing is a fantastic indoor activity for Christmas Day 2022. It’s a wonderful way for parents to spend quality time with their kids and create special memories together. During the Christmas holiday, we often have plenty of free time to relax and enjoy our hobbies.

    Whether you’re searching for fun and festive drawing ideas to do with your children or planning an art session for young students, you’ve come to the right place. Here, you can discover simple Santa Claus drawing ideas.

    Easy Simple Santa Claus Drawings:

    Santa Claus is a very famous and beloved character, especially among kids. He’s a legendary figure associated with Christmas who is thought to visit houses on Christmas Eve and leave gifts for children. He travels in a sleigh pulled by reindeer. Because of his immense popularity, many people want to learn how to draw a simple picture of Santa Claus.

    • Step 1: Draw the Head

    Begin by drawing a circular shape at the top of your paper. This will be Santa’s head. If you’re not great at drawing perfect circles, you can use a compass or simply freehand it. To make sure the circle is centred, you can draw a horizontal and a vertical line across the paper as a guide.

    • Step 2: Add Ears

    On each side of the face, draw a half-circle shape to make Santa’s ears. Make sure they are the same size and level with each other.

    • Step 3: Outline the Face

    Now, let’s start shaping Santa’s face. Draw a Christmas hat right above his head. In the middle of the head, create a curved line for the nose with a moustache just below it. Then, draw a beard at the bottom of the face using curved lines to make it look thick and fluffy.

    • Step 4: Draw the Body

    Underneath the beard, outline Santa’s upper body. Make it a bit chubby to give him that jolly appearance.

    • Step 5: Add the Jacket Hem

    Draw a rectangular shape at the bottom of Santa’s upper body to create the hem of his jacket.

    • Step 6: Draw the Legs

    Now, let’s create Santa’s legs. Draw two diagonal lines that slant toward each other. Make sure the legs are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom.

    • Step 7: Create a Belt

    Draw a belt right above the jacket’s hem. Then, draw the shoes beneath the cuffs at the end of each leg.

    • Step 8: Draw Hands

    On each side of Santa, outline two upward diagonal lines with cuffs at the bottom to represent his hands. Draw gloves on his hands below the cuffs.

    Step 9: Add Facial Features

    To complete Santa’s face, start by drawing thick eyebrows. Just below the eyebrows, draw two small circles for his eyes. Shade the eyes with a small dot in the centre. Give Santa a rosy-cheeked look by adding tiny circles on each cheek.

    • Step 10: Add Colour

    Now that you’ve finished the outline of Santa Claus, you can add colour. Use red, white, and black to colour his clothing and accessories. This is the fun part where you can get creative and customise your Santa with your favourite colours.

    Now that your Santa Claus drawing is finished, it’s time to add colour to it using different shades like red, white, and black. This is the fun part where kids can use their artistic skills. You can combine and use various colours to make your artwork unique or change it as you like.

    Easy Christmas Tree Drawing:

    Drawing a Christmas tree can be done in various ways. You can start with a basic triangle and add decorations, or create a more detailed tree with curvy lines for a realistic touch. To make it easy, follow these steps to draw a Christmas tree quickly.

    • Start with the Basic Shape: To begin, you’ll want to draw the basic shape of your Christmas tree. Think of it like an upside-down letter “V” or an incomplete “A” shape. This will be the outline of your tree.
    • Add Some Curves: Underneath the V or A shape, draw a curved line that extends from one edge to the other. This curve will represent the bottom of the tree’s branches.
    • Build the Tree’s Layers: Now, create additional layers for your tree. Draw another shape that looks like the first one, but make it slightly larger. This forms the second layer of your tree. Repeat this process, adding one more layer that’s larger than the previous one. This gives your tree a natural, layered appearance.
    • Top it Off: At the very top of your tree, draw a star. This is a classic symbol of Christmas and will make your tree look festive.
    • Don’t Forget the Trunk: To make your tree look grounded, draw a trunk at the bottom. This is a straight line that connects the tree to the ground.
    • Time to Decorate: Now, the fun part! You can decorate your tree with vibrant colours, ornaments, tinsel, strings of lights, and any other Christmas crafts you like. Get creative and make your tree as festive as you desire.

    Celebrating Christmas in India is a heartwarming and cherished tradition that brings families and communities together to commemorate the birth of Lord Jesus. While Christmas trees and decorations adorn homes, the true essence of the holiday lies in the act of giving, kindness, and spending quality time with loved ones, inspired by the selfless nature of Jesus Christ.

    Christmas Day 2023 FAQs

    How does Christmas fall in 2023?

    Christmas Eve will be on December 24th, and Christmas Day on December 25th in 2023. In the past, January 6th is when the wise men reached Bethlehem, and the time between December 25th and January 6th is known as the 12 Days of Christmas.

    How long is Christmas celebrated?

    In Western Christianity, the Christmas season is called Christmastide. It starts on December 25 (Christmas Day) and goes on until January 5 (Twelfth Night or Epiphany Eve). This period is often known as the 12 Days of Christmas.

    Who observes Christmas?

    Christmas originally started as a Christian holiday to celebrate the birth of Jesus. However, in the early 1900s, it also became a non-religious family holiday that is enjoyed by both Christians and people of other faiths.

    What is Merry Christmas?

    Right before Christmas and on Christmas Day, people greet each other with Merry Christmas to wish everyone a joyful and happy time.

    Why is Christmas celebrated?

    The most important holiday for Christians all over the world is Christmas. It's a special day when they remember the birth of Jesus Christ, who they believe is the Son of God. On Christmas Day 2022, people celebrated with their family, friends, and loved ones, spreading joy and love.

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