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Board Examinations; Dos and Don’ts


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    We all know that clearing the board examination is an important step in every student’s life. Given below are some dos and don’ts for better preparation for the board exam. The board examination is very important in a student’s life for further college admission and for securing a good job in the future. Hence the students take this very seriously and thus become anxious about scoring well in the board exams. To score good marks in the exams is sometimes stressful for the students as they have to perform several activities at the same time such as assignment completion, test preparation, and other curricular activities. Here are some dos and don’ts for better exam preparation.

    Do’s During Exam :

    Answering easy questions first

    Try to answer easy questions first after reading the question paper during the exam. The board examinations give the flexibility of answering the sections in sequence as you are comfortable. The students need to take advantage of this since it will help you to save time for the harder sections. You need to complete all the answers in a section before going to the next section.

    Make your personal notes

    Making the note by yourself makes revision easy and also increases the capacity to recall the important concepts in the examination hall. Also notes become so useful and easy to understand if you write them in your own words. Preparing notes gives you more clarity of the concepts and makes them easier to understand and recall when you revise them later. At the time of making notes make sure to add information and key facts from the other reference material as suggested by your teachers.

    Take tests

    By regular practice, you can ace your examinations. Try to solve as many question papers and mock tests as you can. In the board examinations every year a few questions are repeated. Therefore taking tests will help you to identify the important topics. Strictly attempt at least four to five mock tests for each subject before the examination.

    The Don’ts:

    Don’t study continuously for long hours without taking a Break-

    After some time the brain gets saturated with the information and it is necessary to give a break. During this, your brain will tire out and there is a possibility that you will forget most of the concepts or mix up the information. If you want to avoid this try to take a frequent break during your study sessions. You can take 5 to 10 minutes to break after every two hours of study.

    Don’t forget to practice the diagram

    Most of the time the students only go through the diagrams and do not practice them because of this you’ll find it difficult to recall the diagram during your exam. To avoid this and to score well in your board examinations you need to practice the diagrams well. Try to draw the important diagrams at least two to three times without referring to the textbook. And don’t forget to neatly label the drawing diagram.

    Don’t forget to carry your stationery and documents on exam day

    We know that the board examination authorities have made strict rules against sharing stationery. Therefore don’t forget to carry everything you will need during the exam. A day before the examination make sure that you have prepared a list of all things that you will need on an exam day. And also make sure that you pack everything according to the list.

    The board examinations are one of the most important examinations of your life. Make sure to give your 100%.

    Believe in yourself and start preparing for the exams.

    Best of Luck!

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