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Brain Offloading Easily Makes You a Topper

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    An empty cup can be filled, but a filled cup cannot. To acquire more knowledge, a sense of clarification, we clear things or set aside tasks in mind to start fresh, to start new. Each day when you wake up in the morning, do you carry the load of yesterday, or do you start fresh? This is a question you should ask yourself often because it will help you reflect better on your day-to-day activities. We all have dreamed about being on top of the world, we want to excel in whatever we do, provided we are putting in the required effort. To do that, can we afford the regrets of the past to intervene? No, we cannot, because if we do so, we are not enjoying the present moment. We are not living what we had always dreamed of. In this way, we do not do justice to the task at hand, to the dreams we always wished to accomplish. Students wish to become toppers of the exams they appear in but do all of them become toppers? No. Why? Because they do not carry the past along. They’ve learned the art of so be it, the art of offloading the brain with unnecessary content, that is Brain Offloading.

    What is Brain Offloading?

    Brain offloading or Cognitive offloading is the use of a manual, bodily activity to reduce the cognitive demands of a task. To finish a particular task, we have a lot of things circulating in our heads, so to reduce the mental pressure, we make a to-do list and at the end of the day, we check what we have done and what is there to be done. Whatever is to be done or completed, is scheduled for the next day. So, we offload our brains, sort the mess, and acquire clarity of mindset. This is brain offloading. Reduced the number of tasks clubbed in the heads, better the focus. It helps us to find a direction and prepare us for our next task. When you commence a task with a clean slate, you feel motivated, energetic, and more concentrated. Brain offloading will allow you to be better prepared for what is next to come. The sense of relieving stress boosts confidence.

    How will Brain Offloading help you to become a topper?

    Toppers don’t become toppers by just studying. They become topper with the correct implementation of strategies. They stay cool, calm, and composed by reducing brain load. That is they offload their brains. Have a look at the awesome strategies to offload your brains:

    1. Write what you have to do. By writing your upcoming tasks, or making a to-do list, you will be precise about what you have to do and what not. Your actions will be aligned in the direction of your task completion. You don’t have to keep the task in your mind, you can imprint it on a piece of paper and always come back to it. You can make room for better thinking and solutions to the current challenges you’re facing, thus, having clarity and focus on addressing the problem and finding or creating solutions.
    2. Meditate. Meditation enhances critical thinking abilities. It will keep you calm and composed, further adding to deeper levels of reaching out to the problems and finding creative solutions. For example, if you are not getting a concept clarified you are most likely to feel anxious about not understanding the concept, meditation will not let that happen. A meditative mind will maintain the clarity of thinking even in times of crisis. A calm mind can focus better, thus helping you to offload worries and think better.
    3. Commit to the task at hand and do not waste your time doing things that consume your energy. Focus on conserving energy, and not on spending it uselessly. Because when we move our attention to unnecessary things, we are collecting the clutter which is not going to help us anyways. So, clear the clutter to keep your brain focused on what you have to do, and give your best effort to what you wish to accomplish. Your best efforts come out only when you have the ingredients for task completion. Emphasize more on efficient task completion, and your brain will have itself offloaded.
    4. Set timely targets. This method is best when it comes to meeting deadlines. Deadlines create a mental aura of pressure, which is responsible for making irresponsible errors, which are highly disguised in the professional world. So, timely targets will not let clutter accumulate and will help you to do the task efficiently and productively. When you will have the work done on time, your brain will have more free space to think and make good decisions.

    How to become a topper by offloading your brains?

    Offloading is less about removing the thought completely from your brain, and more about rewiring and redefining the thought pattern. The way you think determines the way you behave and respond to daily problems. To become a topper, first, learn to organize your thoughts. The better you get at it, the more efficiently you will be reading your thought patterns and finding solutions to efficiently address your brain. Toppers offload their brains. They do not carry their mistakes along but only the lessons. They are clear on what they do not have to do, this allows them free space for considering and acting on available options efficiently. They get proper sleep. Sleep is what refreshes us the most. You can sleep appropriately only when you don’t think of what has happened, for you it should be water under the bridge. Only then could you think and act like a topper and give your 100% to the task at hand, thus excelling in your domain. Offload worries, offload jealousy, stay optimistic and happy and you will find your brain working better than ever before.

    No thought can be completely removed without addressing. Learn to address your thought patterns, and find critical solutions to efficiently address them, only then could you offload what troubles you and your brain the most.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Que 1: Does brain offloading mean, offloading the learned concepts?

    Ans: No. Brain offloading is offloading the worries and anything that hampers your growth.

    Que 2: Is brain offloading a skill? Can we develop it over time?

    Ans: Yes. Brain offloading is a skill and can be developed by making a to-do list, meditating, commuting to the task at hand, and setting clearly defined time-bound goals.

    Que 3:What is the need to offload the brain?

    Ans: To develop better-thinking abilities to think more clearly and remain focused we need to offload the brain so that we can start fresh from a clean slate.

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