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Difficulty Level of NEET 2022

Difficulty Level of NEET 2022

Difficulty Level of NEET 2022: On September 12, the National Testing Agency (NTA) held the NEET 2021 exam. The hardness level of the NEET 2021 paper was moderate to difficult. The NEET 2021 exam was held in a pen and paper -offline mode from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Students shared their experiences on the NEET difficulty level 2021. Based on the NEET 2021 analysis, we shall learn about the difficulty level of NEET 2022 and what to expect.

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    The NEET exam was postponed three times last year. The NEET-UG exam was moderately difficult overall. Last year, the NEET Physics section was the toughest of the three, while NEET Biology was the easiest. Last year, the NEET Chemistry section was easy to moderately difficult. The questions were simple to answer and were based on NCERT textbooks.

    Exam format for NEET in 2021

    Let us look at the exam pattern of the NEET 2021. The exam mode and language, the number of questions asked, the type of questions, and the marking scheme are all part of the NEET 2021 exam pattern.

    1. Exam mode: The NEET exam was administered in an offline, pen-and-paper format.
    2. NEET 2021 was held in a total of 11 languages, including Hindi, English, and nine other regional languages.
    3. Number and type of questions: NEET 2021 had a total of 20 multiple choice questions, but aspirants will only had to attempt 180 of their own choice.
    4. Total marks: The NEET exam had a total of 720 points.
    5. For NEET 2021, the marking scheme was as follows: For each correct answer, four marks were awarded, and one mark was deducted for each incorrect answer.

    NEET 2021 Exam Analysis

    Biology NEET difficulty level 2021

    In the NEET 2021 exam, biology has the highest weightage. In NEET-UG, 90 questions from class 11 and 12 biology were asked for 360 points; the overall difficulty level of NEET Biology was easy to moderate, and questions are scoring. Questions in the Biology section of the NEET exam were in the form of tables, and you must match the following. In the NEET Biology portion, the number of questions from Botany and Zoology is roughly similar.

    • Total difficult questions – 33
    • Total medium questions – 31
    • Total easy questions – 26


    • Botany – Topics with the maximum number of questions

    9 questions from Plant Physiology (3 easy, 2 medium, 4 difficult)

    • Botany – Topic with less number of questions

    2 questions from the chapter Biology in human welfare

    2 questions from Reproduction In Plants

    • Zoology – Topics with the maximum number of questions

    12 questions from Human Physiology (1 easy, 7 medium, 4 difficult)

    • Zoology – Topics with less number of questions

    2 questions from Structural organization in animals

    Tip for NEET 2022 aspirants: Students should read the NCERT Biology books for classes 11 and 12 from cover to cover. Human physiology, plant physiology, reproduction, genetics, and ecology are high-weighted topics in the NEET Biology syllabus that should be given more attention and prepared properly. While studying for the NEET Biology 2022 exam, students should pay special attention to diagrams and charts.

    NEET 2021 – difficult level of chemistry.

    NEET Chemistry is a moderately difficult subject. The NEET Chemistry section has the highest scoring questions. In the NEET 2021 question paper, the Chemistry part had 45 questions worth 180 points, similar to the Physics section. NCERTs help to answer a large number of questions in the Chemistry segment of the NEET test. Candidates can do well in the Chemistry part of NEET 2022 if they prepare carefully.

    • Difficult problems – 9
    • The number of moderately difficult questions – 22
    • Simple questions – 14
    • The chapter with the most questions is

    10 questions about inorganic chemistry (3 easy, 4 moderate, 3 difficult )

    • Topic with the fewest inquiries

    4 questions from organic chemistry (2 easy, 2 medium questions)

    Students should use NCERT Chemistry books from grades 11 and 12 to cover the NEET Chemistry syllabus in 2022. NCERT explains the fundamentals of physical chemistry. Make formula charts for inorganic and organic chemistry, just like you did for physics, and learn the formulas and reactions on a daily basis. If a topic requires extra effort or time, skip it and start with the easier sections.

    Physics NEET difficulty level 2021

    The Physics part of the NEET exam was thought to be the toughest. The NEET Physics subject contained 45 questions for 180 points. Physics questions were lengthy and require complex computations. On average, 85 percent of the questions asked in NEET had an easy or moderate difficulty level. Students should study hard for the Physics section of the NEET 2022 question paper since it can determine their NEET rank.

    • Total number of difficult questions – 4
    • The total number of moderate questions – 16
    • Total number of easy questions – 25
    • The topic with the most questions
    • The chapter with the fewest questions

    Tip for NEET aspirants 2022: NCERTs must be covered in order to prepare for the NEET Physics syllabus in 2022. The NEET Physics component has traditionally been a strong suit for medical entrance exam winners. “Students these days tend to skip Physics NCERT, thinking that it is not essential,” stated NEET 2019 topper Bhavik Bansal, who scored 180/180 in NEET Physics. “However, it is well-written and tough to comprehend.”


    The information shared in this article should give you an understanding of the NEET 2021 question paper. Additionally, it should give you an idea of the difficulty level of NEET 2022 and how one should prepare accordingly.

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    Which agency conducts NEET-UG?

    National Testing Agency.

    How many times does the NTA conduct NEET in a year?


    What was the mode of the NEET-UG 2021 exam?

    Pen and paper mode.

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