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How to Become Confident?


Confidence is the key to success. It is the confidence that sets us apart from the crowd of oblivion. Confidence is that belief that we must have to keep our boats sailing in times of tremendous torrents of skepticism and self-doubt. It is the attitude we possess when it comes to our abilities and skills. It is the trust, the faith that we show in our capacities and capabilities. It provides self-control over our thoughts and not on what others think of us. Confident individuals have clarity of mind. They think clearly and critically without letting the judgment of others surpass them. It is the self-confidence that led to the wonders of the world, be it in the context of science, social science, or even mathematics. It was the self-confidence that made Ramanujan, the great mathematician, with no formal training in pure mathematics, he made substantial contributions to the subject. It was his belief in himself and his theories that motivated him to present it to the world, even when people were saying that it is impossible. Confidence is a prized possession that turns the tables in one’s life. It is the backbone of our beliefs.

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    What is the need to become Confident?

    1. Confidence is what brings our best under stress. Athletes, musicians, and many other artists have faced adversity at some point in their lives, they also feel stressed but do they deteriorate their performance when they get another chance? No. They come up with something that the world has not seen yet. It is because of self-confidence. The belief that they have in themselves. Spectators might come and go, but if their confidence will depend on the number of people cheering for them, then they won’t be able to escape the trap. When you’re confident, you live up to your potential, you execute your best efforts when it counts the most when you’re under stress.
    2. Confident people influence a wide range of people. It is the aura that they transmit that impacts a lot of people. The personality speaks for itself. Such a presence is created by how you think, the thoughts that you possess, the determination you have in influencing others. It is an amazing skill when it comes to marketing and sales. You are more likely to persuade people if you believe in the idea you are selling.
    3. People who are confident have leadership and executive skills. Leadership skills cannot be developed until you’re confident enough to execute the ideas you believe in. It also allows you to revamp the thoughts of your team members. The collective impact that you and your entire team can show on a certain project, is driven by leadership which furthermore comes from confidence. It is reflected in how to walk, how you talk, your tonal shifts, how you act and how firm you are in your beliefs.
    4. Confidence exudes a positive attitude. When you’re confident enough, you serve the purpose of self-belief, which allows you to have a meaningful place and a positive attitude in your mind. This optimism is reflected in your conviction of temperament.
    5. Confidence helps you in the promotion. The more confident you are, the higher your chances to get promoted. The corporate world desperately hunts for confident people. It is, therefore, necessary to develop and have the confidence to survive in the corporate world.
    6. When you are confident enough, you know what you excel at and that you have importance, you’re valued, no matter what you do. It is a mastercard to stay in the game. When you feel valued, you are motivated to accomplish a task efficiently.
    7. Confidence helps to cut the clutter. People say a lot of things when we are not functioning to the best of our abilities and confidence assists us in not paying attention to them. At such times confident people trust themselves and work on honing their skills and proficiency.
    8. Confidence helps us to ameliorate negative thoughts. Confidence means self-belief, and if you have it, there’s no room for negativity to dance in your head.
    9. Confident people are fearless and serene at the same time. They are more willing to take smart risks and move easily out of their comfort zones. Confident people never settle for mediocrity and a comforting environment. They love challenges and enjoy challenging them.
    10. The best thing about confidence is that it challenges the penitentiaries of social anxiety. Complacent and confident people enjoy a greater sense of mental freedom. They are never concerned about what others have to think of them.
    11. Confidence allows you to stay motivated and enthusiastic. It activates the action mode. Confidence will provide you with the right conviction to take steps in the right direction. It empowers action and direction. The more confident and energetic you are, the more immediate and precise your actions will be.
    12. Confidence brings happiness. They are satisfied and happy and get the best out of their lives.

    How to develop confidence?

    After learning the perks of confidence, the immediate question that comes to our mind is how to develop confidence? Here are a few techniques to develop confidence and be who you are!

    1. Look at what you’ve already accomplished and not what you’ve not. You are more likely to lose confidence if you start to believe that you’ve not achieved anything in your life. When you start to compare yourself with others, you feel unmotivated and stressed, and in such situations, you are more likely to get into the loop of satisfying erroneous addictions like wasting your time on social media. We all make mistakes and what is done in the past has gone, focus on the present, and make the best out of it. Believe in your ideas, in yourself, and wait for the magic. Prepare two lists of what you’ve achieved and what you wish to achieve, set your daily goals accordingly and you’ll see in some time, you’ll have what you aim the most. Whenever you feel low, look at the list of what you’ve already achieved and remind yourself of the incredible things you’ve done.
    2. Make daily targets. Plan your day accordingly and achieve them. This will boost your self-confidence and give you the conviction to take planned action.
    3. Talk yourself through. Brief self-talk will allow you to reduce negative thoughts running through your mind. Cheer yourself just the way you would cheer your friend when he or she is feeling low.
    4. Sometimes you just need an optimistic distraction to get rid of the negative most encircling your dreams. Get a hobby and kill the negativity with the light of it.
    5. Listen to TED Talks. They help in boosting our confidence and also help us with motivation. You get to listen to the best people’s experiences and how they overcame the challenges that came along. TED Talk will definitely boost your confidence allowing you with a better and wider direction and action to achieve your goals.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    1. Is it true that one can achieve anything that one wishes to or it is just a filmy dialogue?

    Ans: Yes, one can achieve anything one wishes to achieve, but you need to believe in yourself first. If you’re not confident enough, how in the world would you be able to get where you want to? Dreaming is not everything, it is the belief, the self-confidence that keeps you going.

    2. How to keep me motivated when I am low? I start to doubt myself more at such times.

    Ans: Stay confident, and do not put up with societal gossip. When you’re low, keep doing your work, even when you don’t feel like it. When you remain in action mode, you are more likely to counter self-doubt and negativity.

    3. Is self-confidence helpful to have the right state of mind?

    Ans: Absolutely! Self-confidence will help you to make the right decisions and stay positive about what is to come.


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