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Importance of Strategy


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    Strategies are the ultimate saviors when you have more work and less time. To manage multiple tasks efficiently is what a strategy will teach you. Having a clear and focused strategy will help you to think critically. When you are clear in mind, when you have a clear view, a precise plan, you are more likely to finish a task with utmost efficiency. Strategic thinking helps you as a student when you are surrounded by various distractions. Distractions are more likely to drain your energy, in such cases, you need to have a plan to get out of that trap. You may face criticism, you may face obstacles on your way but remember your strategy is a way out. Strategies define the success of your plan, be it a business plan, study plan, or career plan. Without a well-defined strategy, your business or any plan may stall or even fail before it grows. Take emotions out of the decision-making process and see the outcomes of strategic planning. Prioritize things in life, make a plan, believe in your strategy, and proceed. No task on this planet is humongous for you. You can cross mountains, you will swim oceans.

    Advantages of a successful strategic plan:

    • Contributes direction and action plans: Strategic thinking orients the mind to work in a focused manner. When you have a well-designed plan, you think in a clear, concise, and strategically sound way. This adds efficiency to your working model in an organization or your personal life as well. How to achieve a task can be done by a successful action plan. To accomplish a task you need to take action and a planned action leads to effectively efficient results.
    • Aligned, prioritized activities: You may feel lazy or unmotivated in your daily life if you don’t have your tasks prioritized. If you don’t know what to do next if you don’t have a plan, you become someone else’s task’s priority. If you have that much guts and time to become someone else’s sword of action, go ahead. If not, then prioritize your day and your activities. Make a choice, where you should be choosing yourself over the world. Establish priorities, allocate resources to strategic initiatives and coordinate to achieve desired results. Align yourself with success and you’ll be transformed professionally and personally. Aligning priorities with success is an effective way to make smart choices. Think differently, think smart, and prioritize making the most of your potential.
    • Defines Accountability: You become more accountable when you have a strategy to follow. Because now the task at hand is your responsibility. To lead a business you need to learn to take responsibility for your actions. If you choose to waste your time, you are the one responsible, if you choose to utilize your time then to complete that task becomes your responsibility as well. When you set timelines for achieving results your efficiency to work increases by multiple folds. Your strategic initiatives get a direction and you work with utmost diligence to make it happen. It makes you accountable.
    • Improves communication and commitment: In elucidating the vision and accountabilities, the strategic plan boosts the alignment of all managerial and executive activities and fosters commitment and obligation at all levels. When you clarify your vision you are able to communicate your plans and ideas better to your colleagues or anyone you are addressing. The commitment from the entire team that is required to accomplish a task can be seen when your strategic plans and initiatives are effectively communicated to them.
    • Framework for decision making: All decisions affect the strategy in some or the other way. You may end up making a decision contrary to your strategy, now you have the responsibility to make another decision that will back your strategy but also will provide a strong structure, a framework to not deviate from the initial plans.

    Having a plan, a strategy is necessary for any sort of business that you do. Have a day-to-day agenda, and strive to get it done before the timeline. Daily targets and an overarching strategy will keep you on track in times of unbalance in the market and will help you to progress further to attain your long-term goals.

    How to make a strategic plan?

    • See where you are now: When you know where you stand now, at this point of time in your life, you are able to devise a better plan to reach where you want to, where you envision yourself to. Work on your current self to emerge as your planned self in the future.
    • Specify what is important to you: Cut the clutter. Invest your energy where you think it is important. Specify things, when you know what is important and what is not, you are able to make better decisions for the future. If you would tag something unimportant along with you, it will be a distraction, an energy-draining activity, and a time-wasting thing for you. To sort the tasks of importance is crucial to effectively and strategically make a plan.
    • Define a purpose: When you know what your purpose is, you work at it more efficiently. You strive to make fulfill your purpose. You must know what you need to do to complete your priorities.
    • Become accountable: Take charge of your decisions and choices if anything goes wrong and be courageous enough to accept your mistakes as well. Hold yourself accountable for any action that you need to take. Responsibility will add to your working performance. The more responsible you are the better you become at decision making, and amazing work efficiency.
    • Review and reflect: When you review your performance, you find areas where you could have performed better or if you need any change of plans. Reviewing tour performances and reflecting on them will help you make yourself better, thus enhancing your working performance and taking your profession to the next level.

    Strategies define the overall thinking ability of a person. You need to be highly competitive to survive in the modern world and the best way to do that is to make amazing and effective strategies to reach your targets.

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    1. How to keep me sorted?

    Ans: Make a to-do list, follow it diligently, and do not procrastinate. This will keep you motivated and sorted and away from most of the distractions.

    2. Is meditation effective when it comes to thinking clearly?

    Ans: Yes. Mediation is a beautiful way to think with utmost depth and clarity of mind. Meditation allows you to focus and concentrate on the task at hand.

    3. What will happen if we stop making plans?

    Ans: Plans help you to offload your brains and move ahead in a systematic manner. If you decide to not make plans and move ahead just like that without thinking, then you’ll end up in a mess. You’ll be stressed, you’ll be doing multiple things at a time which you will not enjoy anyhow.


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