BlogGeneralIs it dreams that we pursue or the burden to be Financially stable?

Is it dreams that we pursue or the burden to be Financially stable?

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    Humans and dreams have the most intimate connection, not because dreams come mostly at night but because a person’s life revolves around his/her dream. Here, dreams do not refer to the series of random events which happen in your mind while you are asleep. By dreams, we mean ambition, goal, or wish (something you want to happen but is not likely to happen, not easy to achieve). You must have heard a very famous quote “Where there is will there is a way”, but have you ever thought that “Do we have free will?”. In simple words – We are not free in what we do because we are not free in what we want. So, it is true that wherever our will lies we will find a way to reach there, but we don’t have control over where our will lies. So, you can choose what you want, but your wants are chosen for you. This was a philosophical view of our dreams but let us talk about its effects on our lives. So, we are not going to draw any rigid conclusion about this but we will leave you with solid points and opinions that will help you to draw a conclusion regarding this question.

    The eyes of every little kid are filled with big dreams. When we are kids we often dream of pursuing what we truly love, “I want to be an astronaut because outer space fascinates me”, “I want to be a painter because I love painting”, “I want to be a dancer”, “I want to be a popular singer” all these dreams are a common sight in small children. As we grow older and become aware of the harsh reality of the world, we start worrying about other things. Specifically, we start worrying about earning money and becoming financially stable. The kid that once dreamt of becoming a painter or a dancer is lost somewhere. Yet there are some people who continue to pursue their dreams despite the odds or simply because they have a strong financial background and have more freedom to choose what they want to do. So this is a natural question in today’s world, what is it that we really pursue? Our dreams or financial independence?

    Is it dreams or the burden of being financially stable?

    This question cannot have an absolute answer as it is different for different people depending on a lot of factors like family background, financial conditions, clarity of goals, and many more. These can be divided into categories:

    1. Those who despite adversities aim to accomplish their dreams- There are a lot of people who are wildly passionate about their dreams and ready to take any risk to accomplish them. For them it is a do-or-die situation, they have nothing to lose because they are already doing very badly in their lives, taking a step towards a dream instead of becoming financially stable is not an option for them because they do not have enough resources for that. So, they tend to pursue their dreams even if it is risky. Many famous actors, singers, sportspeople, etc. have really humble financial backgrounds. Yet they continued to pursue their dreams just because of sheer passion and because they believed in themselves. What we can certainly take away from this is, if you have great passion and belief in yourself, you can get much ahead in the direction of your dream. So, one should not stop believing and should not give up despite the odds.
    2. Those whose dream is making money- On the other side of the spectrum, there are some people who are passionate only about earning money, interest doesn’t matter to them, in fact, their very interest lies in making money. So, for those people making money is a passion. These people keep experimenting until they don’t find a field of their interest that helps them make a lot of money. These people will also be called to be pursuing their dreams as they are not burdened to choose a path that they don’t want to be on for earning money but they choose the path of their choice to earn money. One can say that this kind of philosophy is not morally correct. But are they really wrong, given the state of today’s society? It is the harsh reality of today’s world that living a good lifestyle requires a lot of money. If you have money then you also have power and respect in society. The mindset of the people that just want to earn money, is nothing but a practical reflection of today’s society. In this case, owning a business, making the right investments in the market, real estate, all these are good possible options.
    3. Those who belong to the middle class and have financial issues – These people generally choose financial stability over their dreams. They have to take up the responsibility of their family so they avoid taking risks and choose to be financially stable first. So, for them, it is the burden to be financially stable over their dreams. Such people are happy if they are able to find a way to combine their dreams and financial stability, but the burden of achieving financial stability takes priority.
    4. Those who have all boxes ticked but are afraid of taking the risk and losing – These people have no financial issue, no lack of family support but they do not want to get out of their comfort zones and take a risk, so they generally opt for safer paths. Sometimes it is important to get out of your comfort zone to realize your true potential.

    Regardless of whether or not you belong to this category, if you have seen a dream you must pursue it. There are so many people out there who don’t even realize what their dream is, for them ignorance is bliss. They keep doing things that others tell them to do. So, you are fortunate if you have realized what your dream is, at least you are aware of what is the thing that will make you happy while pursuing it. But the path that will take you to your dream is never going to be easy, you have to be ready to do a lot of hard work, cope with the failures and rejections, most importantly you have to learn to be patient and never give up. Most of the time situations will not be favourable, there will be no support, no money, you have to be ready to take up those challenges. But the best part is that even amidst all of these difficulties you will face while pursuing your dream, you will enjoy them and won’t feel burdened by doing something you didn’t want to. If your financial condition is not good, then become financially stable first and then pursue your dream, you won’t feel burdened to be financially stable then, because this was one step towards the dream.

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    1. Should we give preference to dreams or earning money?

    Ans: There is no right answer here. You need to introspect and choose what is right for you and what is more suitable based on your situation.

    2. Is it wrong to put money over our dreams?

    Ans: No, the world is a cruel place and money is essential to survive in this world. You should do what is more appropriate according to your situation.

    3. What should we do if our passion does not pay well?

    Ans: You can try to find a job which has a good balance of both the things, your passion, and money. Nowadays, in this digital era, the number of opportunities is very large.

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