BlogGeneralIs it the end we pursue or the beginning to become Successful in Life?

Is it the end we pursue or the beginning to become Successful in Life?

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    You pursue the end of something when you dislike it, and you pursue something to get started soon that will transform your life completely. This is human nature, we all do that. If you are enrolled in a course that you don’t like or after enrolling you understand that this was something you never wanted to be into, you wish and hope for it to finish as soon as possible. If you are doing something that you had always wanted to do, then that’s the ideal case, you are happy, you are content and you’re enjoying the entire thing. There’s a third case too, where you are loving what you’re doing, but after some time, there isn’t the same motivation as was there before, and you rather feel stuck in a perfect life bubble that you’ve made for yourself. What would you call it now, the end of your life, a waste of time, money, and energy, or the dawn of a new beginning? Would you call this third situation a void in your successful professional life? Or would you rather like to think of it as a boon to explore more than you earlier restricted yourself to?

    What is a successful life?

    • Myth: The thought of success is a magnet. It has attracted almost all of us. The first thought that comes to our minds when it comes to a successful life, is that of a lavish house and a Porsche.

    But it has also very much to do with your happiness, your satisfaction with the profession you are into. A great degree from an amazing institution with a promising job package is not necessarily a successful life. Until and unless you are in a profession, or you are pursuing a career that is satisfactory to you, that gives you the motivation to show up every day with the same enthusiasm that you had on your very first day, it is not effective in the long run. You will spend most of your life working like a robot, you’ll be missing the happiness, passion, contentment, you wished to achieve.

    • Reality: A successful life is one where you’ve outlived every thriving chance of possible failure, by pushing your boundaries and exploring your defined limits. We are the ones who define our limits, it is better to not create them in the first place because limits limit us. They inculcate a sense of fear in the minds to not venture outside the domain of major thoughts which might end you up in a possibility of not trying the opportunity at hand. Success means taking risks, failing, and standing up again. That is the character you need to show to become successful in life. You put a full stop on certain things, that does not mean your career is over, that means that something else is waiting for you to be discovered, tried, and explored.

    What is The End?

    How do you perceive the end of something? As a night with no moon or as a night with stars? The end never means the literal full stop, the end is the full stop before beginning a new sentence. Change your perspective and see the world, it might change your view of yourself. Creativity is somewhere locked in the confines of manmade limitations. Break the shackles, for they require vision more than strength. Look at the end as a new beginning. A new beginning to embark upon an expedition with the lessons you’ve earned from the past. The end is one more chance to try your luck. The end is not the end of everything, it is the start of something.

    How to become successful in life by failing?

    An intriguing question you all need an answer to. You know you can not succeed without failing. You failed 100 times before taking your first steps. To become successful in life, become successful at your failures. How? Let’s see:

    1. By learning lessons: When you fail hard when you fail miserably at something, you are most likely to become the best mentor to guide you through the same journey.
    • Become your mentor: Analyze your past mistakes carefully. Go through them, step by step, and find out where you went wrong. Nobody can do a better analysis of you other than you. You know what your thought process was or is at the moment. Think of it clearly and assure yourself of the encouragement you need.
    • Don’t be too hard on yourself: We all make mistakes, and time and a lost opportunity are enough to give a guilt trip. You realizing your mistake is good enough. Don’t embarrass yourself by constantly reminding yourself of it over and over again. You’ve failed once, you’ll succeed twice. Make it your mantra and proceed, then see the magic. Trust yourself.
    • See your failures as a prized possession: Failure is the new beginning, even if you don’t fail, but you choose to switch to something else, your experience that you earned is a prized possession.
    • Your current choices define you: You made a wrong choice in the past, leave it there, learn from it, and make a correct choice now. Ask yourself what is it that is stopping you from doing so? Make the correct choice now!

    It is a game of Perception

    The truth is not as complicated as we’ve made it to look, it is not hidden somewhere in the depths of age-old dungeons, it is very much there in front of your eyes. Have the courage to see it, to pursue it. The deception of the end and the beginning has a perception to it. See it optimistically and let your imagination and creativity unfold to the dancing lights of perseverance. There’s no point in pursuing the end or the beginning, pursue the process.

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    1. How to feel encouraged after going through a failure?

    Ans: Learn the most out of the failure and change your perspective of the end. After failing at something, make a list of things to not do when you commence on a new task.

    2. What should we pursue, the end, or the beginning?

    Ans: Pursue lessons that led you to reach an end, then kickstart for a new beginning.

    3. Is success relative?

    Ans: Yes, it is. Depending on what you are trying to measure it against. Are you your own competent or the nerd living next door? What is Success for you might be a failure for others who have a different goal.


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