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Limits Exist Only in the Minds

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    Limits are the frontiers beyond which nothing can pass. We are not talking about country borders here. We are concerned with the limits that are imposed on our imagination. Who does that? Maybe the situations for some time might end you up in a state of complete blackout, but otherwise, most of the time the blockade to the mental expansion of visions and imaginations are worries and tensions about things that are out of our control. Most of the time we think about the future or regret past activities which can not be changed. Worries drain our energy and cost our precious time. So why waste time and energy on something that is not going to help anyhow? Why not utilize the available time to create, visualize, and imagine something that can help you personally and professionally? What is it that is stopping you from stepping out of your comfort zone? The mind has no limits. Whatever you can imagine or see in the mind, you are capable of making it happen. For that, you need to have faith in yourself and a tendency to not fall prey to the limits society or other people have to impose. Break the limits and let your boundless horizon expand.

    How to break the limits?

    Trust yourself: Sometimes we are too critical and doubtful of ourselves. And this might happen due to the constant affirmations we tend to hear from other people of us being of no use. The commentary that you come across everyday affects your beliefs of yourself. Either do not take them too seriously or stop listening to them by cutting them off from your life. You have to maintain your mental sanity. You cannot function on the limits that some other person has in his mind. Who is the other person to decide what you are capable of? So cut the clutter that disturbs your mental sanity. Trust your inner potential and make decisions based on how and what you feel.

    Think big: You’re not taxed on thinking of heavenly things you want to achieve in your life. So why doubt that? Think big, think better. Why settle for mediocrity if that is not your choice? Put up with small steps to accomplish what you’ve set your eyes on. Set high goals and define a vision of yourself. Limits are just another thought. Don’t let them stay in for too long. Make your brain inhospitable for limits. Imagination is the weapon that you have that you should use as much as you want to. Don’t pressure yourself to climb the mountain, rather start taking small steps first, and slowly and steadily you’ll reach the top.

    Face fears: Be courageous enough to take one step ahead toward your fears. Fears are the limits that we’ve set for ourselves and we think that on the other side of the limit is an unwelcoming ghost ready to eat us alive. Maybe that’s not the case at all. Maybe all that the ghost wants is a friend. Why not erase the lines you’ve stretched and welcome the ghost to your garden? It is the fear, the limitations that stop us from doing things. Don’t let that happen. Face your fears, address them, and try to make peace with them and that’s how you’ll be able to break the limit of fear.

    Take a break: You can’t learn to do something new if you keep doing the same thing over and over again. A break is a must to think beyond the habitual thinking process. The moment you stop thinking beyond, the moment you restrict yourself to look beyond, you are setting a limit for yourself to continue with the flow of the routine. That’s when curiosity gives up. The moment curiosity is exhausted or made to shut down, a limit is set. So, take a break to break the limit. Allow curiosity to enlighten your thoughts and break the limits.

    Trust the process: Do not try to control things that are out of your control to set another barrier. When you do so, you’re not trusting the process. When you don’t trust the process, you’re doubting yourself with the thoughts that shouldn’t have come. Your process will find creativity and will never give in to the limitations.

    Try to do new things: Agree to do things to pursue options you would not actually consider. Because when you don’t consider an option you are limiting yourself to not exploring that dimension. But my friend, you are here to break the limits. So go ahead and indulge in new activities you generally don’t prefer doing. If you remain stuck with your work and do not go for some outing or anything, you might end up shortening your limits. The boundary line would come even closer to you. So, never hesitate to venture into a new activity. Break the limits!

    Ask questions: Ask as many questions as you can because it is questions that motivate you to move forward and see beyond. The curiosity that drives questions must always be there. Limits can be broken by desiring to break them and explore other possibilities. Questions will help you to do so. Don’t be afraid of asking questions no matter how challenging or uncomfortable they are. Questions are your gateway ticket to a realm where not everyone has been to. Dare to stand out, raise your hand and ask for it takes courage to ask questions that can break your limits of the mind.

    Follow your passion: If you know your passion, do follow it. If you don’t know your passion yet, try and explore new things and reflect on how you feel after doing them. What is that one thing that is giving you energy and enthusiasm to do over and over again? If you get the answer, you have your passion discovered, if not keep exploring because that is how you are breaking the limits. By following your passion, you will ultimately be doing what you’ve always wanted to and that takes a lot of courage.

    Limits exist in the minds who entertain them. Annihilate limits and experience the beautiful wonders of life.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Ques 1. Does talking to strangers also help us break the limits of minding our own business?

    Ans 1. Talking to strangers will definitely break the limit and help you know and understand the thoughts of a person well. But don’t go intentionally to disturb a person. You should mind your own business and let the other person also do the same. Timing and occasion are of importance here.

    Ques 2. Should we be self-aware to not let limits exist?

    Ans 2. Absolutely! Self-awareness and mindfulness will help you to immediately identify the limit and take actions accordingly and immediately to break it.

    Ques 3. Does society impose limits on the creativity of a person?

    Ans 3. Yes. Society has generalized almost everything. It has established judgments for you too. The fear of becoming a victim of society kills our imagination and creativity to think beyond. You should break such norms and do what you think is right. That’s how you’ll be breaking the societal influential loop.

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