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Practising Questions with the help of Videos

How Online Learning Has Become The Future Of Education!

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    Life is a mesh of questions. The more we seek an answer for one question, the more we are faced with other ones. It’s a never-ending process. You ask one question to get the information to ask another question. It is not solutions that provide us with a lead to gain knowledge, but the questions. Questioning is a crucial skill fueled by curiosity. You must have noticed children asking questions about things we often ignore. What is it that makes them so inquisitive? It is curiosity and so comes the questions and a thrilling opportunity to chase and find solutions.

    Questions are questions whether philosophical, mathematical, societal, or any other type. The exhilaration lies in solving these riddles and paving the way for the goal to be achieved that is creating and not just finding solutions. The best part of answering a question is to create a solution. As a student, you try hard to create your solutions, trying to comprehend concepts and paraphrasing them at your ease. But you do not have your whole life to conceptualize theories and concepts. You need assistance. Be it from a tuition teacher, a subject teacher, a professor, or educational videos available on the internet, you cannot cram concepts, at some point you are compelled to seek guidance from an experienced person or the available resources on the internet.

    Technical aspect:

    Technical development has led to numerous tutors being available at the click of a button. There were times when education was restricted to classrooms or coaching classes, then came the internet and knowledge was available in form of web pages, then came video teaching methods. Currently, due to the pandemic surge, the online platforms have made the whole learning process easier especially with the help of study material available in the form of videos.

    Practice is the key to success

    Practice is the key to mastering a skill and critical knowledge. Practicing questions reduce the anxiety that thwarts you to think clearly in the exam hall. Practicing questions boost confidence and familiarity with the types of questions, therefore helping to reduce anxiety issues. Doing a practice test will help you to differentiate between the topics you understand and what areas you need to focus on. Questions will help you to demystify the concepts to the core, as they are the application of the theory you’ve studied.

    Practice with the help of videos

    With the undeniable influence of digital videos on everyday culture, one can also practice questions with the help of educational videos. Students today use educational videos as a tool for learning everything they need to. Abstract topics that once were even difficult to teach on blackboards are now more easily accessible and understandable with the help of online educational platforms. Short video clips allow students to efficiently process and recall concepts. The visual and auditory nature of videos appeases and appeals to a wide range of audiences. They allow the user to filter information in a manner that is comfortable to them.

    The asynchronous nature of videos allows them to be shared all across the globe unrestricted of the time zones. Educational institutes can spread their reach beyond time zone constraints.

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    Advantage of using videos to practice questions

    • Videos create a more interesting sensory experience than the available printed sheets alone. When learners get to see and hear the concepts being taught, they can better understand and process them in the same way as that of offline interaction.
    • Videos become a go-to resource to be retracted from anywhere, thus helping to practice and solve a variety of questions. Videos are accessible on abundant devices like laptops, tablets, and smartphones, allowing generous viewership.
    • Practicing problems while watching videos help to retain knowledge proficiently since they can be stopped and replayed as many times as needed.
    • They extensively encourage learning of all subjects, even as boring as history. In particular, they greatly help in comprehending complex topics with detailed step-by-step explanations, especially while applying mathematical formulas.
    • Videos increase proficiency in digital literacy and communication, which are significant and demanding 21st-century skills.

    No source can beat learning and practicing problems available in books, but the graphic explanation available in form of videos has made it to the hearts of the learners. The biggest advantage of video learning over traditional methods is that it is similar to the traditional teaching style. The biggest disadvantage of video learning and practicing is that we get used to consuming content passively.

    Advantages of video learning and online questions:

    • Video learning is less monotonous than traditional reading materials.
    • It operates on multiple devices. It takes lesser energy to watch a video, comprehends the concepts, and solve questions than to sit in class and do the same with a whole bunch of distractions coming from various sources, like the sound of the bell, friends sitting across, and having fun cracking jokes of all kinds, either on the subject or the subject teacher. No such distractions exist in the case of video learning. Complete focus can be laid on the subject matter and the concepts.
    • Videos are now available in all languages, so that is not a barrier anymore in the learning process.

    Importance of practicing questions on pen and paper:

    1. But with advantages come certain disadvantages as well. Learners have lesser control over the content. Video learning is linked with sluggish and skimmed learning.

    2. The amalgamation of virtual and standard learning methods forms the foundation of modern days education. The pandemic has nudged us to find a balance between online and offline learning and working methods providing an ocean of opportunities to explore online and making it happen offline in our lives.

    3. No compromise can be made when it comes to education. You can stick to books and comprehend the details hidden between the lines or you can choose to adapt to the graphical world of better teaching and learning strategies or you can balance both by revising and getting ideas and types of questions from the video lectures and solving and applying the studied concepts in the offline world of pen and paper.

    4. Adaptation is the only best possible strategy to survive in the competitive world of daily updates. Make the best use of the resources at your disposal and learn from the everyday challenges, for they bring practical riddles to be deciphered so that you can apply your learnings better.

    5. Practice as many questions as possible, no matter what the source is. Browse the web or the books, what is crucial is the ability to find ways to create solutions.

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    Frequently asked questions

    1. Is practicing questions the only way forward?

    Answer. Yes. We all know, practice makes a man perfect. So why not develop concept application strategies, that is, practicing more questions. It is beneficial for faster calculations and better memory retention.

    2. Is it that the brain cannot understand concepts better if we don’t practice?

    Answer. Yes. The brain is more likely to automate tasks that it gets to perform on a regular basis. So practicing will help the brain to automate calculations and memorize faster.

    3. What to do when the study material is neither available in educational videos nor on web pages?

    Answer. How about creating it? Reach out to subject teachers and subject matter experts to understand the challenging concepts. And create your solutions and explanation for people.

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