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Proper Selection of Branch vs College through JEE Mains


So as you are here now that means you are done with your Board Examination and most probably, with the JEE Mains as well. Now, as we talk about the result of your Board Examination, it has nothing to do with you getting a college as far as B.Tech. course from a Govt. college is concerned, if you are getting a minimum of 75% (Keep checking the eligibility) then you are more than eligible for admission in a repeat Government college through JEE mains but which college you will be getting after applying in the JOSSA/CSAB Counseling will solely depend on the rank you secured in JEE Mains. As soon as the final results of JEE Mains are out and all registered students are allotted a rank, they start searching the last year cutoff of their favorite colleges while others deliberately search for “College Predictors” which display them the colleges they would be getting based on their ranks which are based on the cutoff of the last couple of years. Most probably you are doing the same and if not then definitely you should do that, but even after doing all the research for days, one question that troubles everyone the most is “ What should I choose between a Good College or a Good Branch?”. So your search is finally over and today, you will be getting a clear insight on Branch vs College.

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    First of all, we will try to understand what do we mean by a “Good” college and a “Good” branch because if we understood these terms then surely we will be able to figure out what we are looking for, So –

    What is a “GOOD” COLLEGE?

    A college can be labeled as “GOOD” if it has the following :

    1. It has a decent alumni network. (Most important)
    2. It is reputed and popular all across the country.
    3. It intakes “Quality” students, based on a certain academic qualification, like securing a good rank in JEE mains.
    4. It has all sorts of clubs and activity centers along with decent infrastructure
    5. The academics are well organized, nicely taught, and not too much overloaded for students.
    6. It has different graduation, master’s, and post-graduation courses.
    7. It should not be located in remote areas or areas where there is no proper transportation facility.

    Now passing of the above criteria are either impossible or if possible then that college might not be in or reach as per our rank, but even if a satisfies 3-4 points out of these including the first point then yes, that will probably satisfy the definition of a “Good” college.

    What is a “GOOD” Branch?

    The definition of a “GOOD” Branch is quite simple:

    1. The branch is equipping us with the skills so that we can get a high pay job.
    2. Branch has contents that force us to think in all directions.
    3. The branch has subjects that are not too difficult to understand.
    4. Branch has subjects that can give us the knowledge related to current and future technology.

    Now, you have the right to label a branch as “Good” or “Bad” based on your interest but on a General basis and based on what the majority chooses, these 3 branches are considered to “Good” branches:

    1. Computer Science Engineering (CSE)
    2. Information Technology(I.T.)
    3. Electronics and Communication Engineering (E.C.E.)

    The reason is quite simple as they not only satisfy the above definition but they can also get you a Tech job

    relatively easier than other branches and the combination of a “Good College” and a “Good branch” is undoubtedly going to land you in a high pay opportunity, if only you are inclined to and put the needed work in that. Now, after going through all the basic but necessary things, let’s talk about our main topic.

    Branch vs College

    Good College over Good Branch-

    If you prefer a Good college over a good Branch :

    1. You will find yourself in a territory where people of your age are much more skilled than you in different fields, here is your chance to learn and grow with them.
    2. You will be getting a chance to explore yourself more. A good college will have more clubs and different activity centers where you can participate as per your interests to find out what truly drives you.
    3. Good college will be having a diversified alumni network, so whatever it is that you want to pursue, you will find that many of you seniors have already achieved it, and thus you can seek guidance and support from them.
    4. A good college has its own reputation, so you will be getting recognition and different opportunities in various fields through your college tag.
    5. If after exploring yourself and finding your interest, you may even get the opportunity to leave the standard tech jobs like all others and you can make your interest your full-time carrier by seeking proper help and support from the seniors and peer network.
    6. Even if you stay focused on placements only, then also you will have 2 different opportunities and that is to either go for the Tech job or to apply for the core jobs related to your branch. You can even go for the govt job preparation, in good colleges you are bound to find seniors that have already cracked them.

    Now talking about the cons of a Good college over a Good Branch :

    1. If you are inclined towards the tech jobs, then managing the syllabus for tech placements along with your branch can be too hectic.
    2. Not all Tech companies allow students from branches other than CS, IT, ECE for their tech job roles.
    3. Even if you want a job related to your branch only then not all companies visit all colleges with job offers related to the core branch students. If at all they do, it is less in number so competition is very high.

    Good Branch over Good College-

    A good branch facilitates you with the following things :

    1. It will unlock more opportunities for you in terms of Tech job roles.
    2. The syllabus of CSE/IT is relatively easy from other branches so you will be getting enough time to study this as well as do other things that cater to your interests.
    3. Things usually don’t become hectic, Engineering life will run smooth and if you put in the required work then you will definitely be getting a good job.

    Now talking about cons :

    1. Due to the poor alumni network won’t be getting that many opportunities.
    2. Usually high paying product-based companies might not be visiting your college, So you will have to apply off-campus for that.
    3. Either the Clubs and activity centers would be limited to some general activities only like sports, Acting, and Singing or if there are many clubs then they might not be that active, so you won’t be able to explore ourselves that much and this would ultimately not be good for you College life.
    4. In some cases, the college campus is located in remote areas so the students are completely cut off, and even traveling home to college and vice versa becomes difficult due to lack of proper transportation.


    In the end, it doesn’t really matter which college you are in or what branch you have. The internet is filled with countless examples of people who belonged to the so-called ”Bad “ colleges and “Bad” branches but still, they have made remarkable achievements in multiple domains, on the other side there also exists many guys who pass out from the top reputed colleges but remain unemployed. It finally comes down to you and your dedication towards being extraordinary and that will require hard work and persistence all along your journey.


    Q.1. Top NIT lower branch vs Lower NIT top branch?

    Ans. Check your interest and comfortability with the branches you are getting if the branch is not too bad then you may go for Top NIT otherwise take the Top branch in Lower NIT.

    Q.2 Do IIIT’s come after NIT in the ranking?

    Ans. Not at all, IIIT colleges like IIIT Hyderabad, Allahabad, Banglore are so good in terms of placement and alumni network that they lie at power with the IIT’s while other NIT’s are better or equivalent to some NIT’s as well.

    Q.3.Lower branch in lower NIT vs Top branch in lower IIIT vs Top branch in Top GFTI?

    Ans. Kindly go through the above article for deep clarity on this question.


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