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Self-care Tips For Students To Deal With The Third Wave

For the last 2 years, the world was being engulfed by the pandemic. The adverse impact it had on personal, physical, financial, and economical fronts, has left the entire nation shattered. When things seemed to settle down a bit after the cruel second wave, the new variant Omicron cases started climbing rapidly.

Every industry across the globe was affected by the pandemic, and the educational field was no exception to it. Not to mention, the first two waves of pandemics took a heavy toll on students and schools. The closure of schools built a void in learning that was difficult to bridge. Although digital learning became the sought-after solution, the majority of the schools, teachers, and students were not prepared for the transition. Now, as the third wave starts to surge, panic can colonize the hearts of students and parents alike.

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    After dealing with the two previous waves, we must be better prepared this time. We will discuss some tips in this article that will help the students to chart their way forward.

    1. Maintain a Routine.

    The one thing you need to develop in the first place is to have a routine and maintain it. Here are a few suggestions to help you with:

    • Get up and sleep at a regular time.
    • After you wake up, start your day with a positive mindset.
    • Dress up like you would when it was during the regular school days.
    • Maintain consistency in your eating and sleeping habits. Allow your body to adjust to this routine.

    2. Organize Everything.

    The next thing you have to do is focus on organizing.

    • Make sure you have a dedicated learning space.
    • Organize the space and maintain separate folders for your classwork and homework.
    • Clear the clutter to keep your space clean.

    3. Maintain your Relationships by Talking to your Friends and Family.

    It is important to maintain relationships at this time. Although you cannot meet or talk to your friends in person, you can still connect virtually with them.

    • Communicate with your friends regularly. You can even plan for virtual group studies with them.
    • Talk to your family after a long day of sitting in front of your computer or smartphone for online classes.
    • Carve out some time to play some fun activity with your family members or siblings.
    • Doing so, will nourish your spirit and soul and keep you refreshed.

    4. Your Physical Well-being Matters.

    You need to take care of your physical health. During the pandemic, it is inevitable to stay glued to your laptop and mobile phone screens for longer hours. It is harmful to both your mental and physical health. Have a proper schedule for the entire day. Eat a balanced diet and have some physical activities to keep yourself fit and healthy.

    5. Take Regular Breaks.

    It is okay to take as many breaks as required. Sticking to your chair all through the day might have an impact on your physical and mental health. If you feel like taking breaks in between, just do it. Listen to some music or do your favourite things during the breaks. It is essential to nourish your mind, body, and soul.

    6. Mental Health is a Must

    The worst outcome of the pandemic is that it makes people experience depressive moments and emotional rollercoasters. Seek help if needed. Sympathize yourself. Know that you are not alone in this.

    Do not spend a lot of time on social media. It will only lead to procrastination in your studies. Instead, spend time with yourself. Work on your passion and do those things that bring you joy.

    Final Words

    The third wave is a fresh concern and it is easy to get saddened thinking about the ongoing crisis. While online academic support seems to be the only solution, try to make the best use of it. Less panic and more confidence is the only mantra you can follow now.

    Whether one likes it or not, COVID-19 is here to stay. No one knows when it will end. So, the best thing you can do is to be prepared for it, adapt, and adjust yourself to the new norm. Do not hesitate to seek the help of your dear ones if you need any support.

    Remember, we are all in this together. And, this too shall pass.

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