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Tips to Improve Your Child’s Verbal Communication

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    Humans have the ability to verbally communicate with other humans. The ability of verbal communication makes humans different from other animals living on the earth. Humans learn communication skills after their birth through their family members, friends, and the people they interact with. Parents can improve their kids’ verbal communication by some easy tricks like a little talk with your kid, playing games that enhance your kid’s verbal communication skills, and reading books with your kids.

    Chat with your Kid

    Chatting with your kid is the important job of parents. With the help of chatting you can know what’s going on in your kid’s life. Chatting will also improve your kids’ communication skills.

    Things to keep in your mind when you communicate with your talk:

    • Listen to everything they want to share with you, even if the things are not important,
    • Ask them to tell you about his or her day.
    • Ask them about their friends and what game they played together.
    • Try to avoid asking questions related to their subjects.
    • Pretend you are interested in what they are saying, do not ignore them.

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    Learn with fun

    Let’s do an experiment with your kid, sit with your kids and dictate to your kids some new words, and tell them to learn these words. Most of the parents know the result of this experiment. Providing educational material to your kid and saying learn from them is not a good way to educate your kids, also in the case of verbal communication, it will not work.

    Make your kids’ vocabulary strong in a fun and interesting way.

    • Adding new words in your own conversation attracts your kids to those new words.
    • Give them words and tell them what other things that mean for you. Like, tell your kid which things remind you of fall word, for a kid fall word can be related to fall of eggs from their hand or falling rain in their playtime. So make your kid try to relate words.
    • Show your kid new words with the help of drawing. Like you can show the word ‘hang’ by drawing a hanger. These will help your child to retain new words for a long time.
    • Play vocabulary games like guessing the word, scrabble, twist the sentence so that they can explore new words in a fun way.

    Stretch the communication

    Try to add your words and questions to your when your kid is talking to you if they are telling you about your friend’s toys, you can ask your kids what is your favourite toy, why do you like that toy, what toy you want to buy on your birthday. Asking questions, stretch your kid’s sentences and your kid will learn how to answer these simple questions and how to do interesting and engaging communication.

    Multitasking is Good for Communication

    Completing 2-3 tasks in a single time not only saves your time but also trains your brain. As we grow we learn or enhance our multitasking ability. You can also use this trick to enhance your child’s communication skill.

    Let us play a conversational chat game;

    Take a ball and start playing a throw and catch a game with your kid and ask them some questions. Like ‘How was your school?’. Try to make your child busy in conversation during the throw and catch a game.

    These will help your child to fluently talk during stressful conditions. Sometimes kids are not able to speak during their presentation and verbal exam, they hesitate and become nervous.

    Above given activity helps your child to fluently talk in this type of conditions.

    Opinion Time

    Kids are always ready to give their opinion, especially in front of their parents. Use this quality of your kids to improve their verbal communication. Do not ignore your kid’s opinion, take your kid’s opinion to improve their verbal communication. Do not judge their opinion, if you feel that they are giving the wrong opinion, direct them so that they can think in the right direction. This will make your communication interesting and your kid will enjoy that you are hearing their opinion actively.

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