EnglishGeneralUltimate Study Tips for CBSE Class X Term 2.

Ultimate Study Tips for CBSE Class X Term 2.

Are you ready to give your 2nd term board? Is your preparation started? Your board preparation can be boosted if you start your preparation in the right direction. Here are some healthy tips that make your board preparation better.

  • Aware yourself

There are some changes occurring in the board exam pattern. If you clearly know these changes, then it is good.

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    The board have two-phase, the syllabus is divided between these two phases

    CBSE is planning to arrange X term 2 board March-April.

    The X term 2 board exam pattern is different, in the X term 1 board exam. In the board term 2 paper, descriptive questions will come like open-ended questions and case-based questions. Open-ended questions can be short-type questions or long-type questions.

    • Sword of time

    Your time is like a sword. If you handle this in the right manner, it will protect you from failure in your plan.

    Every student has their own targeted marks that they want to achieve on boards.

    Anyone can easily achieve their target if they know how to handle their time.

    Time management is a very important skill for a student. A student should know where he or she should spend their time.

    • Study Plan

    You can manage your time in a fruitful manner by making your study plan for your board exam. A study plan will give you an idea of how to manage your time.

    When you make your study plan try to divide your subject into two categories:

    • Weak subject
    • Strong subject

    When you divide your subject you get some idea of which subject you should be first and in which subject you have to put more effort into. By dividing your subject in the above given you get an idea of how much time you should dedicate to your study and which subject needs a lot of time and you can divide your time efficiently.

    • Stick to Ncert

    Many students ignore NCERT books and start solving other books. Solving another book is not a wrong step, but not solving NCERT first can turn your preparation in the wrong direction.

    NCERT covers the whole board syllabus in an easy and simple manner, it helps to clear your concepts, so first stick to NCERT.

    • Piles of Books

    After doing NCERT, solving other books is good, but try to avoid doing a pile of books. Doing 2-3 books that follow the new CBSE pattern is sufficient for the board exam. Don’t think only striking piles of books will increase your marks.

    If you solve more and more books, there is a chance that you will get confused, because every book is written by different authors and not all authors use the same method to solve the same question. Sometimes some books are not covering the syllabus completely and correctly.

    • Bonus Points

    Don’t think that now the pattern is changed in CBSE, so you don’t need to solve previous year papers. Previous year’s papers are like bonus points.

    Solving previous year’s papers will give you an idea about the types of questions that can come in the exam.

    Try to solve 1-2 papers daily to train your brain according to the CBSE pattern.

    • Target Need Energy

    Do not forget that your decided target needs energy and humans get energy from the food we eat. Do not avoid or leave your single meal.

    Many students forget to take their meal because they are so busy with their board preparations. Yes, we need to focus on our board exam preparation but this does not mean that we should lose our focus on our health. During board exam preparation we should remind ourselves of the old saying that ‘Health is Wealth’ so that we do not ignore meals on time.

    Try to avoid junk food and eat nutritional food. Nutritional food not only gives you protection against disease but also makes you feel positive.

    • Rest time

    After doing all the hard work the whole day, your brain and body need rest. If you do preparation for your X term 2 board without proper rest then there is a maximum chance that you will get sick. Most students during the exam get sick because of not doing proper rest. If you want to do your best in your class X term 2 board, a lot of hours for your rest in your study plan.

    The last but not least tip is always to stay motivated. There are lots of activities you can do to make yourself energetic and motivated. Add your favourite activity that makes you happy with your study plan.

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