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Various Online Platforms for Online Teaching

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    Today, we have more than enough applications that we use for collecting data/ information for studies. Every course, training, or say syllabus is available at various online platforms, say for medical courses, high school courses, various art forms, etc. It provides great options and access to expertise. You can choose anything according to your needs. It increases interaction skills and provides clear discussions. You can grab and hold attention with multimedia resources and authentic learning. You can learn according to your speed. Therefore, it doesn’t matter whether you are a fast learner or a slow learner.

    Advantages of Learning Online :

    • The most beneficial advantage that we get from online studies is that we can learn from anywhere. Either indoor or outdoor, at home or at the workplace, in your city or in a different country or city, etc. So, basically, this gives you flexibility.
    • Another advantage is that people or students of any age can learn online. Today, because of growing technology and the information available on a particular platform any age group is free to study and learn.
    • Online studies can be beneficial also when you are facing any problem in an offline way. This can be a direct solution to any kind of problem.

    Types of Online Learning Platforms :

    There is not only a single type or form of learning on online platforms. People in our community have worked very hard in this field in designing websites, applications, etc. We have multiple options such as:

    • Live sessions – Tutors or teachers use many applications for teaching online. These applications have functions such as screen sharing, presentation, etc. Either it’s a single person or a group of people learning together.
    • Recordings – Videos of every particular study material that we may have to buy or either they are free, available on various websites.

    People even study in groups by making online calls and meetings. This also has different applications where people join each other online to study and discuss things.

    Other Properties of Online Study Platforms:

    • Platforms like YouTube have information and study material of almost all grades. They either need a premium subscription or they are totally free to watch.
    • There are also some specific applications and websites which provide both text-based and video study materials.
    • On online platforms, you can get professionals with good experience and teaching skills.
    • There are special training and packages for students appearing for various entrance examinations like NEET, UPSC, JEE, etc. These examinations need special focus and a lot of hard work. Therefore, this facility is also very helpful for students all around the nation.
    • Online studies on these platforms have increased the ease of extraction of knowledge and have also given many choices to students. For example, there’s not only one teacher available to teach but there are choices of teachers, languages, subjects, etc.

    The Objective of Teachers and Educators:

    Educators have extracted a lot from this. They can provide knowledge to students even virtually. They take a lot of effort to make students understand various concepts. Therefore, they require a lot of experience, knowledge, and skills to teach students online successfully. Cooperation of both students and educators is required for a successful teaching session. The objective of educators is to convene the learning style and needs of students through online education. They try to develop the quality of learning and teaching.

    The aim is also to develop the efficiency and effectiveness of teaching and developing via online education and platforms.

    They try and develop their technical skills day by day to provide sufficient ease to students and explore more ways of teaching.

    The Specialty of Online Learning:

    1. Learning or studying on an online platform is way more convenient than offline mode.
    2. It requires responsibility for your own learning.
    3. Teaches us utilization of time in a proper way.
    4. Various online study platforms make it easier to procrastinate.
    5. It offers individual attention and teaches you to be self-disciplined.
    6. Some students find online classes more affordable. Therefore, it creates a financial benefit. This helps in opening a path for everyone who wants to study or learn.
    7. Students may get tired and lose interest in offline classes, maybe due to some distractions. But in online mode, if you concentrate and provide yourself a proper surrounding it’s very easy to focus. Therefore, the online mode optimizes more focus.
    8. Refines critical thinking and technical skills.
    9. Increases our creativity and organization.

    There may be some back draws:

    1. As in online learning methods we need to be isolated to concentrate. Therefore, it may create a sense of isolation.
    2. Sometimes there are a lot of technical issues we face during classes and sessions such as audio, video, connection, etc. So, online platforms are prone to technical issues.
    3. Continuous usage of the screen may damage our eyes due to radiation. It may also cause headaches in many cases.
    4. Internet connection for learning online is a must. But it can sometimes distract people in different ways.


    By learning online we may build up a huge network across the nation and also different countries. Various platforms enhance networks with peers who may be in the same grade or in the same profession. It gives a good exposure and teaches qualities to fit in a different environment. This network provides a broader perspective and also makes us culturally aware.

    We become socially active building up confidence with improved virtual communication and collaboration.

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    Que1. How old do I have to be to take an online class?

    Ans- It depends on what you wish to learn and achieve. Though there is everything available on various online platforms you just need to be eligible and sure about it.

    Que2. How to enroll or register?

    Ans- Every platform has its own procedure regarding enrollments and registrations. You just need to follow the instructions, pay for the particular course, and then you are ready to start.

    Que3. What qualities are required in a student who does well with online classes?

    Ans- A student must be self-disciplined, focused, and well-motivated. He/she must know how to adjust and communicate.

    Que4. May I begin the class early or maybe late sometimes?

    Ans- A student needs to be particular on time for the classes. But yes, online classes do provide flexibility of time if the sessions are recorded and if the classes are live, students should attend it at the given time.

    Que5. How much does an online class cost?

    Ans- Online classes are much cheaper than the offline fee in various institutes. Some online platforms also provide offers for a limited duration. The cost depends upon the course or the grade for which you opt.


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