BlogIIT-JEEHow Sri Chaitanya is Guiding Students Towards Crack JEE 2024 in First Attempt?

How Sri Chaitanya is Guiding Students Towards Crack JEE 2024 in First Attempt?

Crack in the JEE 2024 exam is tough, but Infinity Learn’s teachers have great strategies to help students. Getting a high score in JEE 2024 is super important for entering India’s best engineering colleges. To do well, you need to know your stuff and be good at solving tricky JEE questions. That’s where Infinity Learn experts step in to guide and support you.

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    Around 11 lakh students aim for engineering glory in JEE each year. With so much competition for limited spots, it’s a real challenge. Infinity Learn’s classes prepare students really well for this tough exam.

    Infinity Learn’s Teaching Methods Can Help You Crack JEE 2024

    Crack JEE 2024: Setting Realistic Goals

    The JEE syllabus is massive, and you need a good plan to cover it all. Infinity Learn has a schedule that gives you enough time for each topic. This plan tells you what to study each day. Following this plan helps you focus on the important JEE topics during your prep. Plus, having a realistic goal helps teachers explain each topic better.

    To make the most of this plan, Infinity Learn’s JEE coaching tells students to:

    • Finish their tasks on time.
    • Practice test series or previous year’s papers in three hours. This helps you stay focused during the real exam.
    • Take short breaks during long study sessions to stay alert.

    Winning in JEE 2024: Good Study Materials

    NCERT textbooks are great for understanding the basics of the JEE syllabus. But you also need reference books to get better at solving problems.

    There are many JEE prep books out there, but it’s hard to pick the right ones. That’s why Infinity Learn gives you carefully prepared study materials, including:

    • Textbooks
    • Sample papers
    • Previous years’ papers
    • Practice papers
    • Notes

    These materials cover everything you need:

    • Thorough explanations of topics.
    • Practice to get faster at solving problems.
    • Self-assessment to know what you’re good at and what needs work.
    • Regular revision to remember what you’ve learned.

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    Winning in JEE 2024: Managing Your Time

    JEE is a timed exam, so you need to finish it in the given time. Infinity Learn knows how important this is. They tell students to stick to deadlines for all their tasks. Teachers also check on students’ progress every ten days to help them manage their time better.

    Students are encouraged to balance their JEE prep with their regular studies. This helps them learn the importance of being on time in everything they do. It also teaches them how to finish the JEE paper on time.

    Winning in JEE 2024: Recorded Classes and Solutions

    Sometimes, you can’t attend classes in person. That’s when Infinity Learn recorded classes come in handy. You can watch these video lectures to catch up on what you missed. You also get video solutions for practice papers to improve your accuracy.

    These videos help in many ways:

    • You understand complex concepts better.
    • You can revise before the exam.
    • You don’t miss important points from class.
    • You get better at solving problems.
    • You learn different strategies for quick problem-solving.

    Winning in JEE 2024: Mock Tests

    Infinity Learn conducts mock tests to make you familiar with the real exam conditions. Experienced teachers create these tests by studying previous JEE questions. So, the mock tests are similar in difficulty to the actual JEE.

    After the test, you get a report that shows how well you did. This helps you figure out your strengths and areas where you need improvement. Infinity Learn’s teachers then guide you to prepare better and focus on your weak spots.

    Winning in JEE 2024: Regular Revisits

    To do well in JEE 2024, you need to review what you’ve learned regularly. This helps you understand better, remember more, and apply what you know to solve problems.

    Infinity Learn’s teachers recommend a strategic approach to revising:

    • Revisit what you learned on the same day and the next day.
    • Go over the topics again after a week, a month, three months, six months, and a year.
    • Spacing out your revision helps you see how well you understand the concepts. It also helps you remember specific ideas when solving JEE questions quickly.

    Winning in JEE 2024: Staying Positive

    JEE is tough, and many students get stressed during preparation. Anxiety and fear can lower your confidence and affect your score.

    To boost your morale during JEE prep, Infinity Learn offers counseling sessions. Here, you learn how to live a healthy life and get a chance to talk about your worries. Counselors guide you on how to approach JEE prep with a positive attitude.

    All these steps help you stay positive and increase your chances of success in JEE Exam 2024.

    Crack JEE 2024 in First Attempt FAQs

    How to crack JEE Mains in the first attempt?

    To crack JEE Mains in your first attempt, focus on a strong study plan, clear concepts, and practice solving a variety of problems. Join a good coaching institute if possible, and stay consistent with your efforts.

    How to crack IIT JEE in the first attempt?

    Cracking IIT JEE on your first attempt requires dedication. Follow a structured study schedule, use quality study materials, and seek help when needed. Practice previous years' papers and take mock tests to assess your progress.

    How to crack JEE Advanced in the first attempt?

    To crack JEE Advanced on your first attempt, build a deep understanding of concepts, solve challenging problems, and manage your time well during the exam. Consider joining an advanced coaching program for guidance.

    How many students crack IIT in the first attempt?

    The entrance exam for the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of candidates who successfully cleared the demanding test on their initial attempt. This year, an impressive 88% of candidates achieved qualification on their first try. In contrast, the previous year saw 69.6% of hopefuls securing their spot after taking the IIT-JEE (advanced) for the first time.

    Is 150 a bad score in JEE Mains?

    Scoring 150 in JEE Mains is not necessarily a bad score. The cutoff scores vary each year, and your score's competitiveness depends on the difficulty of the paper and the number of test-takers. It's important to check the cutoff for the specific college or course you are interested in to assess your chances.

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