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JEE Mathematics Important Topics

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    Math is a crucial component of the IIT JEE test, and it also acts as a foundation for other science subjects. As a result, a potential applicant should pay close attention to this subject. To score well, however, a candidate must first recall the IIT JEE Maths essential topics. Once candidates are familiar with it, they may be able to correctly frame their strategy.

    Students should first examine the weightage of each topic to determine which are the most important topics in Math for IIT JEE. They might either look through past years’ documents or seek assistance from reputable web sources.

    Important Mathematical Topics for IIT JEE (Mains)

    You must devise a proper approach in order to pass IIT JEE Mains. This exam has a large syllabus, and completing it completely is difficult. However, if you plan ahead, you should be able to pass this exam with ease. You should concentrate on the topics that are more important in this exam. You can achieve this by looking at prior years’ papers and determining the importance of each topic. The following are the most important Maths topics for IIT JEE (Mains) in general:

    1. Geometry of Coordinates

    Coordinate geometry is used in trigonometry, 3D geometry, calculus, statistics, and other fields of mathematics. There are three types of topics in this category:

    • Geometry in Two Dimensions (Geometry in Two Dimensions) –

    It has subdivisions such as the distance and sections formula, axis transformation, triangle area, and locus.

    • Lines that are straight –

    You should examine ideas linked to straight lines in this section.

    • Section Conic –

    This material necessitates a comprehensive comprehension. It consists of a circle, a parabola, an ellipse, a hyperbola, and two straight lines.

    2. Calculus

    The importance of calculus in this exam cannot be overstated. This subject receives about 40% of the total weighting. As a result, a pupil must adequately practise this part. Differential and Integral Calculus are the two types of Calculus. They’re further classified into the following categories:

    3. Vectors and 3D Geometry

    Make sure you have a solid understanding of coordinate geometry before diving into this topic. This topic focuses on the following sections:

    • The separation between two points
    • cosines in one direction
    • Ratios of direction
    • The formula for the section
    • The angle is formed by two intersecting lines.
    • Skew line equation and shortest distance
    • Lines that are parallel to each other

    4. Algebra

    It is one of the most significant math topics for the IIT JEE exam. This topic, like most others in the IIT JEE, necessitates conceptual clarity. There are numerous sections under this topic that can be classified as follows:

    • Equations with Quadratic Functions
    • Progressions and Series
    • Combinations and permutations
    • Theorem of Binomials
    • Determinants and Matrices
    • Number with a lot of variables

    5. Trigonometry

    This is a topic that is based on formulas. As a result, you must make it a point to review the key formulas on a frequent basis. You should expect questions about standard trigonometric identities in this part, and answering them will require a strong grasp of the formulas.

    If you wish to pass the Mains, you should focus on the topics listed above. However, you should always check over prior years’ papers to have a better idea of how each topic is weighted.

    Important Topics in IIT JEE Mathematics (Advanced)

    Except for a few sections, the JEE Mains and JEE Advanced syllabuses are nearly identical. If you are already studying for the Mains, it will be much easier for you to cover the Advanced syllabus. However, when studying for Advanced, you should go over each material thoroughly. Because the exam’s questions are conceptual in nature, you should concentrate on quality rather than number when studying.

    The most significant Maths topics for IIT JEE are very similar to the ones covered in the Mains. It contains the following items:

    • Section of a Conic
    • Circle
    • Calculus
    • Geometry in 2D and 3D
    • Equations Using Trigonometric Functions
    • Sequence and Series are terms that are used interchangeably.
    • Triangles and Their Characteristics
    • Equations with Quadratic Functions
    • Combination and permutation
    • Numbers That Are Complicated
    • Probability

    You should read over previous years’ examinations when selecting which topics in Maths are relevant for IIT JEE. When you examine these papers, you will gain an understanding of the importance of each issue. The tables below will aid you in this endeavour.


    What are the most crucial JEE Main maths topics to focus on?

    Focus on the Most Important Topics in JEE Main Mathematics 1 Triangle Solution a pair of circles 3 Theorem of Binomials 4 P and C 5 Distinctiveness 6 Relationships, Sets, and Functions There are seven quadratic equations in total. a total of eight logarithms 9th-grade trigonometry 10 Series and Sequence 12 Quadratic Equation 11 Integral Calculus Geometry of Coordinates (Coordinate Geometry).

    What are the most crucial differential equations topics for JEE Mains?

    Functions, Limits & Continuity, and Derivatives are all important topics. The two-section Differential and Integral deals with the study of changes and how to use them to solve problems. The concepts of integration, application of integration, and differential equations are all required reading. For JEE Mains and Advanced, it is the most significant unit.


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