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JEE Mains 2022: Physics Preparation Tips

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    The subject of physics is a branch of science that gives information about the fundamentals of how the universe works. In the atmospheric environment, the applications of physics can be observed everywhere. If you focus carefully on the IIT JEE mains physics syllabus, you will definitely be able to score well in the JEE Mains 2022.

    Now let’s see some of the topics from the JEE mains physics syllabus:

    Motion in Translation:

    These topics are important parts of the IIT JEE mains physics syllabus that will help the student to solve any kinematics or dynamic problems in Newtonian Mechanics. Additionally, as we know the JEE physics syllabus is vast. To cover all the topics with a deep understanding of this topic is very important.

    Newton’s 2nd law of motion:

    Newton’s law of motion states that the change in the linear momentum is equal to the net externally applied force. For example, when a fielder catches a ball in the mid-air his hands will automatically apply a pseudo force and further reduce the impact of the ball by going along with the ball’s trajectory. These topics of the IIT JEE mains physics syllabus will be very useful when you will solve numerical on the motion of an object in JEE mains 2022.

    Moment of Inertia:

    The moment of inertia gives information about the distribution of masses about a fixed axis. It can be used while solving the sums which are related to the circular cylinder, hollow cylinder, solid cylinder, spheres, and regular plate. Students need to study these topics of the IIT JEE physics syllabus in detail as these numericals hold a good amount of marks.

    Equilibrium of bodies:

    The equilibrium of bodies is a part of the IIT JEE mains physics syllabus and it can be divided into three main types, such as stable, unstable, and neutral. To understand each type properly you need to draw a free body diagram. This practice will not only help you to solve the numerical easily but it will also keep you ready for any type of question twist during the JEE mains 2022 examination.

    While preparing for the JEE mains physics below mention books will be helpful and beneficial:

    • D.C Pandey (all volumes)
    • Cengage Learning Publications
    • Concepts of Physics by H.C Verma
    • Halliday and Resnick
    • Problems on general Physics by I.E Irodov
    • Conceptual Physics by Paul G Hewitt

    Some frequently Asked Questions in the IIT JEE Physics examination are:

    1. Which publication books are ideal for JEE main Physics?

    Ans. So first try to go through the NCERT books as we saw more questions coming from this. And then later you can move to any of the reference books. You can go to any other publications like H.C. Verma, D.C. Pandey, and more.

    2. How can I score better in JEE main Physics?

    Ans. By practice can be the straight and clear answer to this question. Just practice as many numericals as you can. The students sometimes only read the concepts instead of solving numerical problems.

    3. How tough is the Physics section in the JEE mains exam?

    Ans. As we know JEE mains is a challenging exam. During this entrance test, all your preparation and skills are put to test. Yes, solving JEE main physics questions can be tough if not you go without proper preparation.

    The above-mentioned pointers are very important tips from the IIT JEE mains physics syllabus. This will definitely improve your chances to score better in the JEE main exams.


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