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Google Scholarship 2024

Google Scholarships, offered by Google Inc., aim to help people who want to pursue a career in technology. These scholarships cover a range of opportunities and competitions available to candidates worldwide. Each year, Google provides support for students, women in tech, developers, and anyone looking to make a mark in the tech world.

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    Through Google Scholarships, candidates not only receive financial aid but also get the chance to learn through workshops and training. It’s a fantastic opportunity to kickstart a career in the tech industry.

    Google Scholarship Dates

    If you’re interested in Google scholarships and want to know when to apply, here’s the information. Google offers various scholarships and contests for candidates in India. Each of these programs has its own application timeline, which means when you can apply varies. Please note that the specific application deadlines can differ depending on the scholarship you choose. Below, you’ll find a list of Google scholarships and contests available for Indian candidates, along with a rough estimate of when you can apply. Keep in mind that the exact application deadlines might change, so be sure to check with the Google Scholarship dates.

    Name of the Scholarship Application Time Duration
    Udacity-Google Developer Scholarship January – February
    Women Techmakers Scholars Program April – May
    Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship May – July
    Google Conference and Travel Scholarships NA
    Doodle 4 Google India Contest September – October
    Google India Code to Learn Contest May – September

    The application period for the Generation Google Scholarship is expected to take place in November and December, although the exact dates are not finalised yet. During this time, interested students can apply for the scholarship.

    Google Scholarship Eligibility Criteria

    Google offers various scholarships, and each one has specific eligibility criteria. If you’re from India, you can apply for these scholarships, but there are other requirements you need to know as well. These particular scholarships are designed for students in classes 1 to 10. To find out the detailed eligibility criteria, read the given below scholarships:

    Udacity-Google Developer Scholarship

    • This scholarship is open for Indian Residents.
    • To apply, you need to be at least 18 years old.

    Women Techmakers Scholars Program (formerly known as Google Anita Borg Memorial Scholarship Program)

    • This scholarship is for women only, whether you’re an undergraduate or graduate student.
    • You need to be enrolled at a recognized university for the current academic year.
    • If you’ve graduated in 2022, you can apply for the 2023-24 academic year.
    • Your studies should be focused on computer science, computer engineering, or a related technical field.
    • You should have a strong academic record and show a passion for promoting women’s involvement in computer science.

    Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship

    • This scholarship is open to both undergraduate and graduate students who are currently studying at a college or university in India.
    • To be eligible, students should be pursuing a degree in subjects like computer engineering, computer science, or closely related fields.

    Google Conference and Travel Scholarships

    • This scholarship is available to applicants from all around the world.
    • To attend a conference in India, you need to be a student at a recognized university.
    • You should have a genuine need for financial support for your travel expenses.
    • Your paper should be accepted by a top-tier computer science organisation.
    • Preference is given to conferences that align well with Google’s areas of interest.
    • You must be the primary author of the accepted paper.

    Doodle 4 Google India Contest

    • Who can enter: Students in classes 1 to 10 can participate.
    • Permission needed: You must get permission from your parents, guardians, or school teachers to join.
    • Who can’t participate: Employees, contractors, interns, officials, representatives, or affiliates are not allowed to enter.

    Google India Code to Learn Contest

    The contest is open to students from India in classes 5 to 10.

    There are three groups based on class levels

    • Class 5 and 6
    • Class 7 and 8
    • Class 9 and 10

    Generation Google Scholarship

    • Female students studying Computer Science or related fields are eligible.
    • You should be in your 1st or 2nd year of a bachelor’s program at an accredited university.
    • You must have a solid academic record.
    • Apply online through the official Google website.

    Google Scholarships Application Procedure

    Applying for Google scholarships is a straightforward process, and it’s all done online. While the specific application requirements may vary depending on the scholarship or contest you’re interested in, the general process remains the same.

    Here’s a simple procedure of how to apply for Google scholarships:

    • Keep an Eye on Deadlines: The first step is to be aware of the application timelines for each scholarship. These timelines are limited, so it’s essential to stay updated and apply before the deadlines.
    • Find the Scholarship: Identify the specific Google scholarship or contest you’re interested in. There are various scholarships available for different fields and purposes.
    • Online Application: Once you’ve found the scholarship you want to apply for, visit the respective scholarship’s website or portal. You’ll find the online application form easily.
    • Fill out the Form: Complete the application form by providing all the required information. The details you need to provide may vary, so be sure to read the instructions carefully and double-check your information before submitting.
    • Submit Before the Deadline: After filling out the application form, make sure to submit it before the application deadline. If you miss the deadline, they can disqualify you from consideration.
    Scholarship Name How To Apply?
    Google Scholarship Udacity Developer Apply online via the Udacity official website.
    Women Techmakers Scholars Program Apply online via official notification of Women Techmakers Scholars Program.
    Google Venkat Panchapakesan Memorial Scholarship Eligible applicants can apply online via official scholarship notification.
    Google Conference and Travel Scholarships Apply online via official scholarship notification.
    Doodle 4 Google India Contest The candidates can submit their applications both online and offline.

    For online application: refer to the official notification of the contest.
    For offline application: download the entry form and submit it by post to
    Doodle for Google 2018,
    Google India Private Limited,
    Signature Tower 2, Tower B,
    Delhi – Jaipur Expressway,
    Sector 15 – Part 2, Gurugram,
    Haryana, 122001.

    Google India Code to Learn Contest All applications to the competitions should be made online by the computer teachers via the official contest notification.

    Google Scholarship Rewards

    Google Scholarships offer various benefits to candidates who apply through the Google scholarship portal. These scholarships aim to support students in achieving their educational goals. The rewards provided to candidates may include financial assistance to cover educational expenses and access to valuable learning resources.

    Here’s a list of the rewards candidates can receive under different Google scholarships:

    • Financial Support: Some scholarships provide monetary assistance to help candidates pay for their education. This financial aid can cover tuition fees, textbooks, and other academic costs.
    • Learning Materials: In addition to financial support, some scholarships offer access to educational materials. These resources can help candidates enhance their knowledge and skills in their chosen field.
    • Networking Opportunities: Google scholarships often come with the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals and professionals in the industry. This networking can be beneficial for future career advancement.
    • Career Development: Certain scholarships may include career development programs or workshops, which can help candidates prepare for their future careers.
    • Recognition: Receiving a Google scholarship is a significant achievement that can enhance a candidate’s resume and increase their chances of future success.

    FAQs on Google Scholarship 2024

    What is the Google Generation Scholarship 2024?

    The Generation Google Scholarship is for women studying computer science. It's designed to support students in their computer science studies and help them become leaders in the field of technology. If you're chosen, you'll get $2,500 for the 2023-2024 school year.

    How can I get a Google Scholarship?

    To be eligible for this scholarship, you should be studying something like computer science, computer engineering, or a closely related technical field. You should also be doing well in your studies, meaning you have good grades. If you need financial help for your education, that's a plus.

    How many people get Google Scholarships?

    These students really love technology, do great in their studies, and are awesome leaders and role models. They're going to be part of a group of more than 3,000 people who've received scholarships from Google.

    What is the huge scholarship by Google?

    Google Inc. has introduced a new scholarship program for students in India. The goal is to help these students access education and opportunities so they can pursue careers in fields like technology and development.

    Which scholarship gives the most money?

    The Gates Cambridge Scholarship started in 2000 when Bill and Melinda Gates gave a very big donation of $210 million to a university in the UK. It was the largest donation of its kind at that time.

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