EnglishCBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English 2016 Term 1

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English 2016 Term 1

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English 2016 Term I

Time allowed : 3 hours
Maximum marks: 70


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    Question 1.
    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow : [8] The ozone level in Delhi, is more than twice the safe standard and falls in the ‘poor’ category of the National Air Quality Index (NAQI). Centre for Science and Environment’s (CSE) recent analysis of ozone levels, recorded by Delhi Pollution Control Committee’s (DPCC) real-time air quality monitoring stations in April and May, reveals a strong build-up of the toxic gas in certain areas.

    Ground-level ozone is not emitted by ’ vehicles or industries but forms when oxides of nitrogen (NOX) and a range of other gases—primarily from vehicles and other sources, are exposed to each other in sunlight. High temperature and still air increase the formation of ozone. “Unlike particulate matter which can be contributed by vehicles as are a primary source of NOX. We need to control vehicular emissions urgently to address ozone as well as particulate matter levels,” said head of CSE’s clean air programme. CSE also said ozone hasn’t spared neighbourhoods of the ‘rich and powerful’ such as Lutyens’ Delhi and Civil Lines.

    In Delhi, Civil lines had the maximum number of days when the ozone standard was breached. The eight-hour average peaked at 250 micrograms per cubic metre—2.5 times the safe standard. In April and May, the gas exceeded the safe limit on 92% and 97% of the days, respectively. Its concentration was very high in RK Puram, Punjabi Bagh and Mandir Marg. In RK Puram, the eight-hour average touched 240 . micrograms per cubic metre.

    In Lutyens’ Delhi and around AIIMS, where DPCC doesn’t have monitoring station, CSE analyzed the air with protable equipment. At Lodhi Estate, the ozone level frequently breached the one-hour standard, while near AIIMS the peak one-hour average was 266 micrograms per cubic metre between 12 noon and 1 pm. CSE researchers said DPCC should carry out regular monitoring in sensitive areas as well as in Lutyens’ Delhi. According to CSE, ozone is included in the daily smog and health alert programmes in countries like Mexico, the US and China. In Mexico City, the elderly, children and levels go up. The US-based National Research Council, part of National Academies of Science, has recommended that local health authorities keep the harmful effects of ozone in mind when advising people on polluted days. The US is also tightening its ozone standards. CSE researchers quoted a study by the University of Southern California published in The Lancet which found that children who played were at greater risks of developing asthma in high-ozone areas.
    (a) Why is the ozone level in Delhi poor?
    (b) How is ground level ozone formed?
    (c) What is a source of NOX?
    (d) In which area was the ozone standard breached most of the days?
    (e) What was the average of ozone level at AIIMS between 12 noon to 1 p.m.?
    (f) Which countries are the most alert about ozone level?
    (g) What advisory is given to the heart patients?
    (h) What is the shocking research of CSE Researchers?
    (a) The ozone level in Delhi is poor because the records reveal a strong build-up of the toxic gas in certain areas.
    (b) When gases from vehicles and other sources are exposed to each other in sunlight, the ground level ozone is formed. High temperature and still air increases the formation of ozone.
    (c) Vehicles are the source of NOX.
    (d) Civil Lines in Delhi was the ares in which the ozone standard breached most of the days.
    (e) 266 microgram per cubic meter
    (f) Mexico, the Us and China are the most alert about ozone level.
    (g) Heart patients are advised to stay indoors when ozone levels go up.
    (h) As per the research of CSE, the children who played were at greater risk of developing asthma.

    Question 2.
    Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: [12] Believe it or not, the sewage-filled Yamuna is playing a major role in keeping Delhi’s temperatures under control.

    If the Yamuna had a healthy flow, it could help check the urban heat island (UHI) phenomenon in the city. The surface termperature in and around Yamuna is about half of what’s recorded in build-up or open areas in summer. According to a recent study by the Department of Geography of Delhi School of Economics, the Yamuna, avenue trees and the Ridge, which is an outcrop of the Aravalis, have also ensured that the UHI effect in Delhi is lower that that of Mumbai.

    A series of studies by department of geography, reveals that parts of Delhi, especially, open areas of western and south-western Delhi, traffic nodes, open concrete stretches like the airport and the area around it as well as built-up urban areas record the are obviously the coolest. But the difference in surface temperatures of these areas is massive, to say the least. For instance, in summer (April-May) the surface temperature where Yamuna’s depth is the maximum, records about 23 degrees Celsius compared to the surface temperature of built-up, agricultural areas or open concrete areas such as the airport, which records 43 to 45 degrees. In parts of Yamuna where the water quality is poor and scanty, the surface termperature increases to 25 degrees. This gives scientists reason to believe that if Yamuna had a flow; it could help maintain Delhi’s extreme heat.

    “The river has relatively high heat storing and transfer capacity. It passes through six districts of Delhi and acts as a heat moderator for the city. Lakes and drains in the city also play a similar role. Even though there is a small proportion of area covered with water bodies, the spatial location of these features has a vital role in UHI creation. The temperature of the drains ranges from 28 to 29°C, “says the study. The built-up or highly urbanized pockets in both Delhi and Mumbai have experienced a two degree rise in average temperature. In Delhi, these areas include Janakpuri, Okhla industrial area, Jahangirpuri, Shahdara and other. “We have been trying to say vegetation and land use have a very close relationship with each other. It’s apparent in these studies,” added the researcher. The study published in “Environments” journal concludes: “In Mumbai, there exists strong UHI, but this is weak for Delhi… Delhi has a larger area under green cover, and hence, the UHI effect is diminished. In Mumbai, the absence of tree cover, along with other factors, has led to increased surface temperature. In this scenario, it becomes imperative to focus on a stricter implementation of urban planning.”

    But Delhi’s UHI effect is definitely increasing, say scientists. According to a recent study by Centre for Atmospheric Sciences at IIT-Delhi, the diurnal temperature range (difference between the maximum and minimum temperature) is decreasing rapidly. The DTR for Delhi that was 12.48 degrees in 2001 has reduced to 10.34 degrees in 2011, indicating that the minimum temperature at night time or early morning is steadily increasing.
    (a) Why does scientists believe that Yamuna play a role in making Delhi cool? [2 × 4 = 8] (b) Which area have experienced a two degree rise in average temperature?
    (c) Why is UHI effect weak in Delhi?
    (d) Why should there be stricter implementation of urban planning?
    (e) Choose the appropriate answer : [1 × 4 = 8] 1. A synonym for ‘city’ is :
    (i) major
    (ii) urban
    (iii) avenue
    (iv) Ridge
    2. A synonym for ‘discloses’ is :
    (i) concrete
    (ii) effect
    (iii) reveal
    (iv) stretches
    3. The opposite of Tight/weightless’:
    (i) radiate
    (ii) least
    (iii) massive
    (iv) concrete
    4. The antonym of ‘plenty’ here is :
    (i) poor
    (ii) enough
    (iii) massive
    (iv) scanty
    (a) Scientists believe that Yamuna plays a role in making Delhi cool because the surface temperature in and around Yamuna is about half of what is recorded in built-up or open areas in summer.
    (b) The built-up or highly urbanized pockets have experienced a two degree rise in the average temperature.
    (c) The UHI effect is weak because Delhi has larger area under green cover.
    (d) There should be stricter implementation of urban planning so that the temperature does not rise high.
    (e) 1. (ii) urban
    2. (iii) reveal
    3. (iii) massive
    4. (iv) scanty


    Question 3.
    Write a letter to the editor of a newspaper in 100-120 words complaining against the schools that hire bus drivers who indulge in rash and drunken driving and cause risk to the lives of the innocent school children. You are Akash of Rajdhani Public School Delhi. [5 marks] OR
    Write an article in 100-120 wrods on ‘The International Day of Yoga’ describing how the Yoga events were organizsed all over the world and the impact it has created on people.
    E-15, Surya Nagar
    New Delhi
    17 November 20XX
    The Editor
    The Hindustan Times
    K.G. Marg, Delhi
    Sub: Expressing Views About Rash Driving
    I wish to express my views about rash and drunken driving of school bus drivers through your newspaper.

    It is very painful and alarming that the drivers of school buses are neither trained for this particular job, nor do they feel responsible towards the children. They drive so rashly that they cause accidents and injure the innocent children and the people around. The school authorities and parents seem to be confident about the safety of their children after hiring the drivers. Many young children lose their lives due to careless attitude of the drivers towards the safety of the school children.

    It is suggested that the drivers of school buses should be given a special training and there should be regular updating of their skills. They should be scrutinized by giving them tough personality tests, only then we can safeguard our school children.

    I hope you would agree with me and give my article a suitable space in your newspaper. Thanking You Yours truly Akash
    The International Day of Yoga
    21 June 20XX was celebrated as The International Day of Yoga. People all over the world celebrated the Yoga Day. In India, various programmes of yoga were organised in all the states and offices. In Delhi, the four yoga geniuses including Ram Devji displayed various asanas which were followed by around 40,000 volunteers. The four gurus were present at Rajpath to exhibit asanas which were projected through 28 big screents. About 80-100 foreigners from around 50 countries were also present in the function. A 1400 meter stretch on Rajpath had about 40,000 yoga mats laid out for the participants, many of whom were government officers and staff.

    Each of the officer was given a bag which contained a white T-shirt, a booklet, a DVD and an entry pass. The yoga got worldwide endorsement as a preventive health care measure.

    The Prime Minister himself was there to perform yoga on the stage. The international acclaim of our yoga asanas would certainly help us lead a peaceful and healthy life.

    Question 4.
    Complete the following story given below in about 150-200 words : [10] Harish was getting late for the station. He picked up his bag and started running, somehow he crossed the market. Then suddenly somebody hit him and he fell down. He got up and ran to the station. He saw the train leaving the platform. He started crying. An old man came there and he ……..
    Harish was getting late for the station. He picked up his bag and started running, somehow he crossed the market. Then suddenly somebody hit him and he fell down. He got up and ran to the station. He saw the train leaving the platfrom. He started crying. An old man came there and he quickly got inside the train and pulled emergency brakes. The train suddenly stopped. Harish got inside the train. He was very happy to catch the train which he almost had missed. After some time, two policemen came and started searching his bag. He was unable to know why they were suspecting him. They searched his bag more thoroughly and found a small packet of white powder.

    Harish was surprised to see the packet. The policemen were very strict with Harish. He started crying as he was taken to the police station at the platfrom. The police inspector sitting there seemed to be a familiar face to Harish. He tried to recognise him and asked him to narrate the whole story from the beginning. When Harish was telling about his story he did not forget to mention about the old man. Mr. Gupta asked him to recollect anything worth mentioning. Then Harish remembered that the old man had taken his bag to help him catch the train. Now Mr. Gupta realised that who was the real criminal. He showed Harish some photographs of the criminals and Harish at once, recognised the old man and realised that the packet was kept by the old man in his bag. Finally, Mr. Gupta sent him back to his home.

    Question 5.
    Fill in the blanks with suitable words: [1 × 3 = 3] Conversation in indeed (a) ….. most easily teachable of all arts. All you need (b) ……… (do) in order to become a good conversationist (c) …….. (be) to find a subject that interests you and your listener.
    (a) the
    (b) to do
    (c) is

    Question 6.
    In the passage given below one word has been omitted in each line. Write the missing word along with the word that comes before and the word that comes after it in your answer sheet. Ensure that the word that forms your answer in underlined as shown in the example: [1 × 4 = 4] CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English 2016 Term 1 1
    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English 2016 Term 1 2

    Question 7.
    Rearrange the following words and phrases into meaningful sentences: [1 × 3 = 3] Example: was / on / 21 June / Day / Yoga / of / International / celebrated.
    (a) 40,000 / participated / about / volunteers / the/ celebrations / in
    (b) taken / measures / safely / strict / event / the/ manage / were / to
    (c) the / Yoga /100 countries / than / celebrated / Day / was / in / more
    (a) About 40,000 volunteers participated in the celebrations.
    (b) Strict measures were taken to manage the event safely.
    (c) The Yoga Day was celebrated in more than 100 countries.


    Question 8.
    Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow :
    I am an orphan, roaming the street. I pattern soft dust with my hushed bare feet. The silence is golden, the freedom is sweet.
    (a) Who is T referred to here?
    (b) Why does she want to be an orphan?
    (c) Identity the figure of speech used here.
    The moment the letter fell into the mail-box the postmaster went to open it. It said, God: Of the money that I asked for, only seventy pesos reached me. Send me the rest. Since I need it very much. But don’t send it to me through the mail, because the post office employees are a bunch of crooks. Lencho.
    (a) Why did Lencho write this letter?
    (b) Why was Lencho angry with the post office employees?
    (c) Find out a word from the passage which means, Dishonest people’.
    (a) ‘I’ is referred to Amanda
    (b) She wants to be an orphan in order to be able to roam freely.
    (c) Alliteration: A pattern soft dust with my hushed feet, is used here.
    (a) Lencho wrote his letter because he thought that out of the hundred pesos which God had sent him to help, thirty were stolen by the post office employees.
    (b) Lencho was angry because he thought that they had stolen thirty pesos.
    (c) The word which means ‘dishonest people’ is crooks.

    Question 9.
    Answer the following questions briefly in 30-40 words each: [2 × 4 = 8)] (a) Why did the theif Hari Singh change his name every month?
    (b) Why did Horace Danby feel sure of his success in that year’s robbery?
    (c) Why did Lencho write a letter to God?
    (d) How were Peggy and Maddie different from Wanda?
    (a) Hari Singh changed his name every month so that he could not be recognized and caught by the people whose money had stolen earlier.
    (b) Horace Danby felt sure of his success in that year’s robbery because he had made his plan meticulously to catch the robbers.
    (c) Lencho’s crop was destroyed and he felt that no one but God could hel him. So, he had written a letter to God.
    (d) Peggy and Maddie were rich and had lots of dresses. On the other hand, Wanda was very poor and she used to wear shabby clothes to the school duet to which, Peggy and Maddie made fun of her.

    Question 10.
    Answer the following question in 80-100 words: [4 marks] Describe the experience of the landlord and his wife in the bedroom of the strange scientist?
    Give the character sketch of Hari Singh.
    When the landlord and his wife woke up early one morning, they were shocked to see the scientist’s door open. They could not believe it because usually it was closed at that time. They peeped inside the room but were taken aback to see that there was no one inside the room. The clothes and bandages were lying scattered on the bed. Griffin did not like this intursion to his privacy. He hit the Landlord’s wife, Mrs. Hall on her head. Then he threw a chair at her. Mrs. Hall was terrified.

    Both of them fled from the scene as they were pushed out of the room by the flying chair. They panicked and left the room.
    Hari Singh was just 15 years old, but he was already an experienced and fairly successful theif. He used to change his name frequently so not to get caught by his former employees, whom he must have cheated.

    He even cheated Anil when he went to buy the daily supplies of groceries. However, he wished to get an education so that he could become a big and a respected man, who would be able to achieve a lot.

    He stole a large sum of money from Anil but regretted it when he realised that in doing so, he had lost his only chance of getting an education. He was courageous enough to return the money, even though he knew that he may get caught in the process.

    However, his desire to change himself was so great that it motivated him and gave him the courage to return to Anil.

    Question 11.
    Answer the following questions in 100-120 words: [10] Write in brief about Helen’s ancestry and her early childhood before she was afflicted with a mysterious disease.**
    Describe in brief Helen’s relationship with Martha. What were some of the activities that Martha and Helen would do together?
    Give a brief description about the location of the Secret Annex? How was it changed into a hiding place for eight people from different families?**
    How were the jews treated in area captured by Germany?**

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