EnglishCBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Delhi – 2015

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Delhi – 2015

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 10 English SA2 Delhi – 2015

Time allowed: 3 hours Maximum marks: 70
The Question Paper is divided into three Sections:
Section A – Reading 20 Marks
Section B Writing & Grammar 25 Marks
Section C – Literature 25 Marks

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    General Instructions:

    1. All questions are compulsory.
    2. You may attempt any Section at a time.
    3. All questions of that particular Section must be attempted in the correct order.

    SET I

    Question.1. Read the following passage:
    The hopping kangaroo is a familiar sight in every snapshot relating to Australia. Members of the kangaroo family can be as small as a rat or as big as a man. Kangaroos are found mainly in Australia, Tasmania and New Guinea. Kangaroos which are big-footed marsupials that evolved in Australia use their short front legs like arms. The man-sized kangaroos of Australia are capable of speeding up to 88 km/hr for short distances, their means of locomotion being their powerful hind legs, which carry them over the ground in jumps of 9 m or more at a time.
    2. Weighing around 70 kg they have an average life-span of around six to eight years and a maximum lifetime of 20 years. When bothered by predators kangaroos often head for the water, standing submerged to the chest, and attempting to drown the attacker by holding him under water. Another defensive technique is to get their back to a tree and kick at their adversary with their clawed hind feet, sometimes with sufficient force to kill a man. Normally shy animals, they alert other kangaroos to danger by beating on the ground with their hind feet. This loud alarm signal carries over a long distance.
    3. The tail is important for kangaroos. It holds them in balance and supports them when they sit or fight against other kangaroos. The kangaroo uses its short legs as arms. With them it scratches itself, cleans its fur and holds branches when it eats leaves. Kangaroos are marsupials and the females carry newborns in a pouch in front of their abdomens. The babies are bom small and climb up into the safety of the pouch. There for the next 225 days or so, they eat, sleep and grow. Once they reach full development they leave the pouch. A young kangaroo that leaves the pouch is called a ‘Joey’. To keep from getting too hot the kangaroos take naps in the afternoon and do most of their grazing at night. But the best stay-cool secret of these creatures is the spit bath! Kangaroos drool and lick saliva all over their faces and bodies to cool down.

    Question.1.1. On the basis of your reading of the above passage, complete the following sentences with appropriate words/phrases.
    (a) When followed by predators kangaroos submerge …………….. and ……………..
    (b) The powerful hind legs help kangaroos to ……………….
    (c) Kangaroos are mainly found in Australia and are…………………
    (d) They use their front legs to ……………
    (e) Kangaroos warn others of danger by …………
    (f) The secret of kangaroos to stay cool is ……………..
    (h) Before becoming ‘Joeys’ the young ones stay in the ………….. and …………………..
    (g) They use their tails to ……………..
    Answer. (a) chest-deep in water and attempt to drown the attacker by holding him under water.
    (b) kick at their adversary as a defensive technique.
    (c) big-footed marsupials who use their short front legs like arms.
    (d) scratch themselves, clean their fur and hold branches when they eat leaves.
    (e) by beating on the ground with their hind feet.
    (f) is the spit bath wherein they drool and lick saliva all over their faces and bodies to cool down.
    (g) balance and support them when they sit or fight against other kangaroos.
    (h) safety of the pouch of their mothers and eat sleep and grow there, for the next 225 days.

    Question.2. Read the passage given below:
    1. It is rare to find someone with good technical and communication skills. You can get far ahead of your colleagues if you combine the two early in your career. People will judge, evaluate, promote or block you based on your communication skills. Since habits form by repeating both good and bad forms of communication, learn to observe great communicators and adopt their styles and traits—in written and verbal forms. The art of listening and learning from each and every interaction, is another secret recipe. Develop the subconscious habit of listening to yourself as you speak and know when to pause.
    2. Learning what not to say is probably more important than learning what to say. As your career develops, you will realize that the wise speak less. Speak when you have value to add, else refrain. Poorly constructed e-mails with grammatical errors are acceptable between friends, but they should be seriously avoided while communicating formally with your seniors. Avoid any communication in an emotional state when you might say things you will regret later. One unnecessary word uttered at the wrong time or place can ruin a relationship, career or even your life. Such is the power of words. If such a thing happens, you should immediately apologise, else it may haunt you for life.
    3. Another problem to overcome is speaking too fast. Since our minds are working faster than our speech, we are inclined to speak fast. This does not necessarily mean that the person hearing it will get it any faster. On the contrary, it is always the reverse. So slow down, think before you speak. “When I get ready to speak to people,” Abraham Lincoln said, ” I spend two-thirds of the time thinking what they want to hear and one-third thinking what I want to say
    ” Adding humour and wit is also essentia}. But realize that not all jokes are funny and observe certain boundaries. Never say anything that could offend. Remember you are not a comedian who must offend as many people as you can to be witty.

    Question.2.1. Answer the following questions briefly.
    (a) Why is it necessary to have good communication skills?
    (b) How can communication skills be developed?
    (c) What according to the writer should be avoided while communicating?
    (d) Why should you be careful when you tend to be humorous?
    Answer. (a) It is necessary to have good communication skills because they are the basis for
    people to judge, evaluate, promote or block you.
    (b) Communication skills can be developed by learning to observe great communicators and adopting their styles and traits and by the art of listening and learning from each and every interaction.
    (c) According to the writer learning what not to say is more important than learning
    what to say. One must speak only when he has value to add or else one should refrain from speaking. .
    (d) You should be careful when you tend to be humorous because you need to observe certain boundaries as not all jokes are funny and certain jokes can be offensive.

    Question.2.2. Choose the most appropriate meanings of the given words from the options provided:
    (a) evaluate
    (i) estimate (ii) assume (iii) punish (iv) evolve
    (b) trait
    (i) treaty (ii) trail (iii) quality (iv) liberty
    (c) utter
    (i) flatter (ii) speak (iii) rot (iv) unique
    (d) haunt
    (i) hunt (ii) chant (iii) trouble (iv) avoid
    Answer. (a) (i) estimate
    (b) (iii) quality
    (c) (ii) speak
    (d) (iii) trouble

    Question.3. The tourism industry can bring valuable income to the country. Using your ideas along with ideas from the MCB unit, Travel and Tourism, write a letter to the editor of a popular daily on how the government and the public can boost the development of this industry. Write the letter in 100-120 words. You are Rama/Ram, 4 Rani Road, Ranchi.
    The youth of different states should be given a chance to meet one another through national meets and other programmes. Taking ideas from the MCB unit, National Integration and your own ideas write an article in 100-120 words on the topic, Youth and National Integration. You are Ram/Rama.
    Answer. Rani Road Ranchi
    22nd December, 20xx The Editor The Daily Times Ranchi
    Subject: How the government and the public can boost the development of the tourism industry.
    As we all are aware the tourism industry can bring valuable income to the country. Through the medium of your esteemed newspaper I wish to suggest ways on how the government and the public can boost the development of this industry.
    The government needs to keep initiating new schemes for the continuous development of the tourism industry. The tourism industry which includes the government at a higher scale and the public at a personal level need to manipulate tourist destinations as not just sightseeing places but as experiences.
    So steps need to be taken to make tourist spots replete with tour guides, culinary tours, inter activities for tourists with the cultural heritage of the place. Our country has the privilege of encashing on customized experiences, rare animal sanctuaries, religious pilgrimage places and exotic locations. With this kind of available diversity, the government should focus on how it has something on offer for everyone in all budgets.
    I hope you will publish my letter in your newspaper so that the concerned authorities can take up necessary steps to boost the further development of the tourism industry.
    Your Sincerely,
    Youth and National Integration
    By: Rama
    National integration is the urgent need of the hour. Every effort should be made to create emotional integration and a sense of unity especially among the youth so that the very thought process of the youngsters changes.
    Schools and colleges should conduct interactive national meets and other such programmes to bring together the youth different states of the country. The youth can do wonders for national integration provided their enthusiasm is harnessed for development in this direction. The youth, who are the future of a country have a pivotal role to play in national integration.
    Spirited youngsters can play a great role in the socio-economic regeneration of the society. By channelising the idealism of youngsters in the proper way the task of national integration will become easy and the face and future of our country will become brighter. The youth are the hope of tomorrow and the beacon of future for a nation. So, every nation gives a lot of importance for promoting the value of national integration in them.

    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided.
    Ratan was in Goa on a school trip. The teacher asked everyone to play and remain on the seashore ……………….
    Hari drove fast. He was already late for office. He had got up late and it was his first day of work …………………..
    Answer. ….But for Ratan who was living his dream of fifteen years of being at the sea beach, this
    was easier said than done. Despite the teacher’s warning Ratan decided that he had to venture a little further into the sea. It was as if the enthralling sea waves were beckoning him and he kept walking towards the sea to a point where he suddenly realized that he had come quite far and now had to recede without any delay. Just as he turned a huge wave came up from as if nowhere, caught him totally unaware and engulfed him completely. Ratan gasped for breath. He tried to scream but could not. He was being dragged into the sea and there was absolutely nothing he could do to prevent himself from it. He lost consciousness immediately thereafter. He was in a state of oblivion. When he did regain consciousness he felt just too happy to see himself surrounded by concerned but familiar faces. The lifeguard on the beach had rescued him on being alerted by his classmates. He was just too glad to be alive and his teachers and friends were equally happy and relieved to see the faint smile on his face.
    …..He could not afford to be late on the first day of his new job. He decided he would drive fast to make up for the time he had lost due to waking up late. But the heavy traffic made it seemingly impossible for him to drive even at an average speed. As he helplessly waited at the over-busy traffic signal he spotted a small girl standing at the pavement with an old woman. They both looked absolutely lost as they waited to cross the very busy road. Hari knew he had to help them. He managed to park his car on one side, got off it and hurriedly went over the other side of the road to assist the ladies. Carefully manoeuvering through the heavy traffic he helped them to cross the road: In return for his assistance he received both gratitude and blessings. He reached office almost an hour late and his anxiety grew ten-fold as his boss summoned him. Awaiting to receive his quota of some unkind remarks, Hari was perplexed when his boss smiled at him and appreciated the kind and thoughtful act he had witnessed him performing that morning at the traffic signal. Hari then remembered the words which his mother always said “No act of kindness no matter how small, is ever wasted.”

    Question.5. Fill in the blanks choosing the most appropriate options from the ones given below. Write the answers in your answer-sheet against the correct blank numbers.
    There are four trees in the garden, (a) branches sway in the breeze. The children
    play (b) the trees. Some of the girls (c) sleeping in the shade of the trees.
    (a) (i) There (ii) Their (iii) Every (iv) An
    (b) (i) under (ii) over (iii) above (iv) in
    (c) (i) is (ii) was (iii) are (iv) have
    Answer. (a) (ii) Their
    (b) (i) under
    (c) (iii) are

    Question.6. The following paragraph has not been edited. There is one error in each marked line. Write the error and its correction as shown in the example.
    Error Correction
    I went to the pool then no one e.g. then when
    was there. The place being quiet. (a)——- ——-
    A water was still, and the tiled (b)——- ——-
    bottom was so white and clean (c)——- ——-
    as a bathtub. I was timid for going in alone. (d)——- ——-
    Answer. (a) being … was
    (b) A … the
    (c) so … as
    (d) for … of

    Question.7. Read the dialogue given below and complete the paragraph that follows. Write the correct answer in your answer-sheet against the correct blank numbers.
    Doctor Have you got the tests done?
    Kama : No, I have not.
    Doctor : Get them done today itself.
    The doctor asked Kama (a) ……………… He replied that (b) ………………. The doctor asked (c) ………………..
    Answer. (a) if he had got the tests done
    (b) that he had not
    (c) him to get them done that day itself

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    ‘Were these people pulling his leg? Was the whole thing a gigantic hoax? A meek harmless man like him and they had to drag him into the middle of the city to make a laughing stock out of him.
    (a) Who is the speaker?
    (b) Why does he think that he is being made a ‘laughing stock’?
    (c) What does the word ‘hoax’ mean?
    Caesar shall forth; the things that threaten’d me Ne’er look’d on my back; when they shall see The face of Caesar, they are vanished.
    (a) Where is Caesar planning to go?
    (b) What are the ‘things’ that threaten him?
    (c) What does the word ‘vanished’ mean?
    Answer. (a) Patol Babu is the speaker.
    (b) Patol Babu thinks he is being made a ‘laughing stock’ because his so-called dialogue ,Oh!, was so negligible that he felt insulted and cheated as an actor.
    (c) The word ‘hoax’ means ‘deceive or dupe’.
    (a) Caesar is planning to go to attend the senate house.
    (b) The things that threaten him are the upheavals in heaven and earth and his wife’s nightmares which she considers bad omens.
    (c) The word ‘vanished’ means to ‘disappear’.

    Question.9. Answer any four cf the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a) Why did the poet have to wait near the water trough? (Snake)
    (b) What did Sebastian write in the final e-mail he sent to Michael?
    (c) Why did the wedding guest beat his breast?
    (d) What quality of King Ozymandias does the poem reflect?
    (e) Why did Cassius tell Brutus not to allow Antony to speak on Caesar’s funeral?
    Answer. (a) The poet had to wait near the water trough to let the snake quench his thirst as he had
    arrived there before the poet. In all his gentlemanliness, the poet steps aside giving a glimpse of his generosity and consideration.
    (b) In the final e-mail that Sebastian sent to Michael he thanked him for saving his life though he said he was not sure how it had happened. He also said they would meet up soon and told him to keep the games as he had earned them.
    (c) The Wedding-Guest could hear the sound of the bassoon which signalled the arrival of the bride and meant that the wedding ceremony would begin soon. But he was not able to attend the celebrations and was forced to listen to the mariner’s tale so he beat his breast in utter desperation.
    (d) Ozymandias was a conceited king who considered himself to be the greatest of all. He was very proud of his power, glory and position. He refers to himself as ‘king of kings’ thus revealing his arrogance and pretentiousness.
    (e) Cassius tells Brutus not to allow Antony to speak on Caesar’s funeral as Cassius knows that Antony is a powerful orator and through his words he can damage their cause and incite the mob against them.

    Question.10. How does the lesson, ‘A Shady Plot’ remind us that man has no right to invoke
    supernatural powers through Ouija boards, Tarot cards etc. to solve his problems and that one should face life boldly and overcome difficulties using wit and intelligence. Write in 80-100 words.
    Respect for all forms of life is an essential value. Unmindful destruction of nature and its creatures deserves just punishment. Write in 80-100 words this essential value as brought out in the poem, ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’.
    Answer. There is no doubt that man should use his wit and intelligence to solve his problems and should face life boldly. Resorting to supernatural powers through Ouija boards, Tarot cards is just not correct. ‘A Shady Plot shows us how using such supernatural means can backfire as one has no control over such powers’. Only the weak and meek people resort to these means. These means weaken one’s self confidence and makes him incapable of thinking in a reasonable way, paralyzing will power under their influence. People who do not have confidence and trust in their ability to do hard work, prefer to take the easier way. Invoking of supernatural powers is thus considered a chain reaction that affects people with weak will power.
    Respecting all forms of life is an essential value and unmindful and careless destruction of nature and its creatures deserves just punishment. This essential value is aptly brought out in the poem ‘The Rime of the Ancient Mariner’. The old mariner continues to be haunted by a lifetime of guilt on’killing the innocent albatross. His feeling of guilt makes him so restless and uneasy that he is forced to resort to ways like narrating his tale of woe to relieve his guilty conscious. He is also punished by his fellow mariners who remove the cross and hang the albatross around his neck.

    Question.11. Attempt the following in 150-200 words.
    Bring out the importance of the diary in Anne’s life.
    Why does Anne call herself ‘a bundle of contradictions’?
    What was the incident of the Frost King? How did it affect Helen?
    Write a character sketch of Bishop Brooks as he appears in Helen Keller’s—The Story of My life.
    Answer. Anne was given her diary on her thirteenth birthday. She explains that she never had any real friends and her diary named “Kitty” would be her friend in whom she could confide all her thoughts and feelings. Anne’s diary is a journal, a recording of her fears, anxieties, hatred and hopes during her stay at the Secret Annexe. It provides an avenue for Anne to vent her feelings, a friend in whom she can confide. This diary is extremely important to Anne in her long days of isolation and confinement. It relates to the journey of a young girl trying to survive adolescence. It is a chronicle of Anne’s feelings as she tries to make sense of the world around her. Anne matures considerably through the course of her diary entries, moving from detailed account of basic activities to deeper, more profound thoughts about humanity and her own personal nature. Anne’s diary describes her struggles to define herself within a climate of oppression and aggression.
    Anne refers to herself as a ‘bundle of contradictions’ only a few days before she and her family are betrayed and deported to concentration camps. These contradictions include the difference between the little girl she is and the adult this horrible situation forces her to be. There is a contradiction between the young and innocent girl, and the beginnings of a young woman who is starting to ask questions as adults would. Then there is the contradiction between the two sides of her personality; the side that is young, joyful and happy which appreciates flirting, a kiss, an embrace and the other pensive, sullen deeper side to herself. Anne thus describes this split within herself. She examines her own psychology thoroughly and finds evidence of an internal contradiction or split personality. She says no one knows about it and that it is her own secret. Her so-called bad side makes others find her ‘insufferable’ and her pure, good and quiet side never appears in public.
    Helen wrote the story ‘The Frost King’ which was published by Mr. Anagnos of the Perkins Institution. However, it was discovered that a story similar to it ‘Frost Fairies’ had already been written by Margaret to T. Canby before Helen was bom. The two stories were so much alike in thought and language that it was evident that Margaret Canby’s story had been read to Helen and her story was plagiarism. When Helen was made to understand this she was astonished and grieved and thought she had disgraced herself. She had brought suspicion upon those she loved best. Fear lingered in Helen’s mind after the ‘Frost King’ incident and made her consciously very careful that whatever she wrote was originally hers. She became exceedingly scrupulous about everything she wrote. The thought that what she wrote might not be absolutely her own tormented her. Even later in the midst of writing a paragraph, Helen would say to herself what would happen if it was found that all that she was writing had been written by someone long before. An impish fear clutched her hand and prevented her from writing any more on that day.

    SET II

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I.
    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided.
    Raghav walked fast. It was getting dark. He then realised that he had lost his way ………………
    It was late night. Anjali was about to switch off the light and go to bed when she saw a light outside the window. On close observation she realised that it was a fire …………………
    Answer. ……and had probably reached the same spot from where he had started. It had not been
    such a great idea to be adventurous and venture alone into the woods leaving behind all his friends and disobeying his teachers who had forewarned all the students not to go into the nearby woods, not far away from their guest house where their school had brought them on a botanical trip. But at that moment Raghav was not really scared of the punishment that would be meted out to him once he reached the guest house. He was scared because if he did not find his way back soon it would get dark and there were no lights to guide him in the darkness. Just then he felt a slight pat on his shoulder and on turning around he saw an old man carrying a lantern. He asked Raghav where he wanted to go and then asked him to follow him. Raghav was apprehensive but decided he had no choice in this matter. In a matter of ten minutes he found himself standing in front of the guest house. He was so happy and as he turned to thank the old man, he was not there. It seemed he had just vanished and Raghav did not even know where to. Totally perplexed and confused Raghav ran to the guest house without wasting any time.
    ……in the opposite building which seemed to be quite dangerous and massive. She ran out
    of her room to look for her parents who were already outside the house and had even informed the fire brigade authorities. Within a matter of a few minutes sirens resounded in the air and four fire engines reached the spot. The firemen almost immediately got into action to control the fire. Anjali had never seen such a sight of total devastation and destruction before. She stood transfixed, as if in stupor, as she witnessed the panic and chaos that heightened with each passing moment. It distressed her to see the lives of so many people in danger, many of whom would be rendered homeless. She then realized how in a matter of a few minutes one’s whole life can change and one does not know what the future has in store for him. As she came back to her room an hour later, she reflected on man’s selfish desire for material things which, if God disposes, can turn to ash. She also understood the importance of leading a good and selfless life, free from ego and greed. One’s whole life can turn upside down in a matter of few minutes.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    Patol Babu suddenly felt that he could write a whole thesis on that monosyllabic exclamation. Why had he felt so disheartened when this single word contained a gold-mine of meaning?
    (a) Wftiy was Patol Babu disheartened?
    (b) Which was the word that contained a ‘gold-mine’?
    (c) What does the word ‘monosyllabic’ mean?
    How foolish do your fears seem now, Calpumia I am ashamed. I did yield to them.
    Give me my robe, for I will go.
    (a) Why was Calpurnia afraid?
    (b) Where did Caesar decide to go?
    (c) What does the word ‘yield’ mean?
    Answer. (a) Patol Babu was disheartened when he got to know that all he had got to say as a
    dialogue was the monosyllabic expression “Oh”.
    (b) The word that contained a gold mine was the monosyllabic expression “Oh”.
    (c) The word ‘monosyllabic’ means ‘word with a single sound’.
    (a) Calpurnia was afraid because she had witnessed certain ill-omens in her dreams due to which she feared Caesar’s life was in danger.
    (b) Caesar decided to go to the senate house.
    (c) The word ‘yield’ means ‘concede’ or ‘relent’.

    Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a) Why did the poet try to harm the snake?
    (b) How did Michael in the last game save Sebastian?
    (c) How did the mariners reach the land of ice and snow?
    (d) “The hand that mocked them, and the heart that fed”. Whose hand and heart are referred to in this line? Why?
    (e) Why did Caesar’s will infuriate the Romans?
    Answer. (a) The poet tries to harm the snake because education and social conventions make him
    think that the golden brown poisonous snake must be killed and that as a brave man he must undertake the task of killing the snake.
    (b) In the last game ‘Warzone’, Michael and Sebastian had to make it to the helicopter to escape. But Sebastian got stuck in a jeep into which a tank crashed. Tumbling Sebastian landed with a thud below the helicopter hatch from where Michael scooped him up and the helicopter safely soared into the sky.
    (c) The sea which had earlier been calm turned tyrannous and wild after a storm and the strong winds forced the ship to sail southwards ultimately leading them to the land of the ice and snow. They were surrounded by large masts of ice and their ship could hardly move in the frozen sea.
    (d) The hand is of the sculptor and the heart belongs to Ozymandias The sculptor’s hand refers to his skill of reproducing king Ozymandias’ facial expression in stone. Ozymandias’ heart refers to the arrogance of the conceited king who thought himself to be above everyone else.
    (e) Caesar’s will infuriates the Romans because Brutus misinterprets it saying that Caesar had become overambitious and had started placing his own interest before that of the country. He was a tyrant who wanted to treat the countrymen as slaves.


    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in Set-I and Set-II.
    Question.4. Write a short story in 150-200 words on the basis of the hints provided.
    It was Saturday. Veena got up late. Her parents had gone to office. Veena remembered that she had planned
    On reaching back home the old lady opened the door and realised that her house had been
    burgled. She immediately called the police
    Answer. …….to go for a movie with her friends and had not informed her parents about her plans
    the previous night as their outing had been confirmed quite late at night. She had thought she would inform them in the morning but as always she had got up late and they had left for office. She immediately went to call her mother but her phone was not reachable. Her father’s phone was switched off probably because he was attending a meeting scheduled for that morning. Veena was in a fix. She decided she would call her parents on her way to the theatre. She left the house and on her way to the movie hall kept calling her parents persistently. Finally, almost an hour later she was able to speak to her mother. Veena felt so relieved and happy after informing her mother of her plans. At that moment she realized the importance of rising early which she had never been able to because she slept very late at night. The internet and social networking sites kept her awake till late and so she was never able to rise early. Now she had decided that she would make a whole hearted effort to sleep and wake up on time.
    ….. and on further inspection she realized that the burglar had very cleverly targeted not only her valuable items but had also broken open her secret safe where she kept all her cash and jewellery. She was quite sure that someone who knew the house well was responsible for the theft. When the police arrived she gave them her statement and also told them about her secret safe about which practically no one except her servant Ram Singh knew. The police launched a search for Ram Singh who had not reported for work that day. On reaching his residence they got to know that he had left for his village that very morning as his father was unwell. The police continued their search fof Ram Singh after receiving details about his native place from the ‘servant verification form’ which the old lady had submitted in her local police station when she had appointed Ram Singh. This provided valuable help to the police officials who were able to nab the culprit in a matter of just two days. The old lady was grateful to the police for their help. They in turn appreciated the fact that she had done her duty as a responsible citizen.

    Question.8. Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow:
    It is true that he needed money very badly, but what was twenty rupees when measured against the intense satisfaction of a small job done with perfection and dedication?
    (a) Why was Patol Babu badly in need of money?
    (b) What was the small job which gave him intense satisfaction?
    (c) What does the word ‘measured’ mean in the above context?
    This was the most unkindest cut of all;
    For when the noble Caesar saw him stab,
    Ingratitude, more strong than traitors’ arms,
    Quite vanquish’d him: then burst his mighty heart;
    (a) Who speaks these words?
    (b) Whose ingratitude was he referring to?
    (c) Why did it break Caesar’s heart?
    Answer. (a) Patol Babu badly needed the money because he was jobless and was struggling to make a living.
    (b) The small job which gave him intense satisfaction was his negligible role for which he had put in his best and given a wonderful performance.
    (c) The word ‘measured’ in the above context means ‘compared to’.
    (a) These words are spoken by Mark Antony.
    (b) He is referring to Marcus Brutus’ ingratitude.
    (c) It broke Caesar’s heart because Marcus Brutus was Caesar’s great friend who had joined hands with the conspirators and betrayed Caesar.

    Question.9. Answer any four of the following questions in 30-40 words each:
    (a) What were the conflicting thoughts in the poet’s mind on seeing the snake?
    (b) Why did Michael arid his father go to the computer fair?
    (c) How were the mariners saved from the land of ice and snow?
    (d) What did the traveller see in the desert?
    (e) How did Antony prove that Caesar was not ambitious?
    Answer.(a)The poet experiences conflicting emotions and a dilemma when he sees the snake. The snake’s grace and dignity fascinate him. But education and social conventions tell him that the poisonous snake should be killed, whereas his instinct tells him not to kill that creature which was not harming him.
    (b) Michael’s father was crazy about computers. Technology was advancing every day
    and his father could not resist any of the new gadgets and mechanical devices that came on the market. He had bought the latest computer which could do anything: paint, play music, create displays. He had also bought many latest psycho-drive games and a virtual reality visor and glove. That is why both of them had gone to the Computer Fair.
    (c) After the albatross arrived on their ship the big icebergs surrounding the mariners’ ship cracked and split enabling the helmsman to steer them out of the ice. Then a favourable southwind began to blow and the weather improved considerably. The mariners welcomed the albatross as a good Christian soul who had come to their rescue.
    (d) The traveller saw a dilapidated statue in the vast expanse of the desert. Only two legs stood mounted on a very huge and high’ pedestal. The trunk of the statue was nowhere to be seen. Just below the statue he saw its half buried face.
    (e) Antony reminds the people that the public treasury was full of wealth charged for the release of slaves whom Caesar brought to Rome as captives. Caesar shared the sorrows of the poor and wept with them and refused the Roman Crown thrice thus proving to the people that Caesar was not ambitious.

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