ConvertElectric charge conversionNanocoulombs to coulombs conversion

Nanocoulombs to coulombs conversion

Nanocoulombs and coulombs are units of electric charge used to measure the amount of electric charge carried by particles or objects.

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    Coulomb (C)

    The coulomb is the SI unit of electric charge. One coulomb is defined as the amount of electric charge that passes through a conductor in one second when a current of one ampere (1 A) flows through it. In other words, it’s the basic unit of charge in the International System of Units (SI).

    Nanocoulomb (nC)

    The nanocoulomb is a subunit of the coulomb, and it’s equal to one billionth (1/1,000,000,000) of a coulomb. It’s often used to measure small amounts of electric charge, especially in situations where the full coulomb would be too large a unit.

    How to convert nanocoulombs to coulombs

    1C = 109nC


    1nC = 10-9C

    Nanocoulombs to coulombs conversion formula

    Q(C) = Q(nC) / 109

    Example – Convert 3 nanocoulombs to coulombs:

    Ans. Q(C) = 3nC / 109 = 3⋅10-9C

    Nanocoulomb to coulombs conversion table

    Charge (nanocoulomb) Charge (coulomb)
    0 nC 0 C
    1 nC 10-9 C
    10 nC 10-8 C
    100 nC 10-7 C
    1000 nC 10-6 C
    10000 nC 10-5 C
    100000 nC 10-4 C
    1000000 nC 10-3 C
    10000000 nC 10-2 C
    100000000 nC 10-1 C
    1000000000 nC 1 C

    FAQs on Nanocoulombs to coulombs conversion

    How to convert from nC to C?

    To convert from nanocoulombs (nC) to coulombs (C), divide the value in nanocoulombs by 1 billion (10^9).

    What is 1 nC in C?

    1 nanocoulomb (1 nC) is equal to 1 × 10^-9 coulombs (1 × 10^-9 C).

    What is 50 nC?

    50 nanocoulombs (50 nC) is equivalent to 5 × 10^-8 coulombs (5 × 10^-8 C).

    What is Nanocoulomb equivalent to?

    Nanocoulomb (nC) is equivalent to 10^-9 coulombs (C).

    How do I convert NC to CSV?

    Converting nanocoulombs (nC) to CSV (Comma-Separated Values) is not a valid conversion. Nanocoulombs are units of electric charge, while CSV is a format used to represent data in a spreadsheet.

    What is 1 microcoulomb?

    1 microcoulomb (1 µC) is equal to 1 × 10^-6 coulombs (1 × 10^-6 C).

    What is the value of UC?

    The notation UC is not a standard unit of electric charge. Please provide more context or use the proper units like coulombs (C) or its subunits.

    What is 1 unit of coulomb?

    1 unit of coulomb (1 C) is the amount of electric charge carried by a current of 1 ampere (1 A) flowing for 1 second (1 s). It is a fundamental SI unit for electric charge.

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