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Class 8 English It So Happened Summaries



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    English is one of the most critical subjects for class 8 students. Learning a language is fun and challenging at the same time. The English subject does a brilliant job for students by covering all the key elements of the language that a child must learn at this age. The English textbook for class 8, It So Happened, is a beautiful collection of short stories and different extracts. The book is designed keeping in mind the level and age of students who would be reading it.


    The different stories and extracts are challenging and interesting as they help stimulate the child’s imagination and creative skills. One of the important things while reading the class 8 book, It So Happened, is to understand what the author is trying to say and explain through all the references and deeper meanings. Once the student starts reading the chapters, they will be able to interpret the meaning and apply the lessons to their own life. That is the beauty of the language.


    There are ten chapters in the book, and each of them is unique. They make sure the students end up learning something new from every chapter.

    Class 8 It So Happened Summaries

    Chapter 1: How the Camel Got His Hump


    The famous author Rudyard Kipling wrote this story about how a camel got his hump. He weaves a tale about how different animals started working for humans with a focus on the camel.


    Chapter 2: Children at Work


    The second chapter of the English Class 8 book is titled ‘Children at Work.’ It revolves around a child named Velu who ran away from home.


    Chapter 3: The Selfish Giant


    The third chapter of the English class 8 book revolves around a giant and his pride in his beautiful garden.


    Chapter 4: The Treasure Within


    The fourth chapter of English class 8, The Treasure Within a Story, is based on an interview between Ms. Bela Raja, the editor, and Mr. Hafeez, the contractor, one of India’s leading architects.


    Chapter 5: Princess September


    The fifth chapter of English class 8 revolves around Princess September, who was the youngest daughter of the king and queen of siam.


    Chapter 6: The Fight


    The sixth chapter of English class 8 is about a fight between Ranji and Suraj, followed by their journey of becoming friends.


    Chapter 7: The Open Window


    In the seventh chapter of English class 8, The Open Window, Mr. Framton Nuttel has a conversation with Vera, his friend’s niece. She nearly scares him to death by spinning a web of lies, which only sets his nerves on edge even more.


    Chapter 8: Jalebi


    The eighth chapter of English class 8, Jalebi, revolves around a boy who spends his school fees on some delicious jalebi.


    Chapter 9: The Comet I


    The ninth chapter of English class 8 is divided into two parts. The first part is about Mr. Manoj Dutta and his ambition towards the discovery of a comet.


    Chapter 10: The Comet II


    The tenth chapter of English class 8 is about a secret project to prevent the comet from hitting the earth.


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