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Child Labour Essay

Children: The Greatest Gifts to Mankind

The foundation of a building is considered the base and is of utmost importance. Similarly, a child is the foundation of humanity. A lot of attention is paid to the rearing of a child because it is the future of the nation. While their academic training and education are of supreme importance, they are also taught high values of truth, non-violence, empathy, and justice. All of this is done because today’s children are the future of tomorrow. One compromise made at an early stage can lead to catastrophe in the future. Each step is taken wisely by the parents and guardians.

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    However, not all children get to face life in pleasing hues. So many of them pass through life without getting educated. Not only this, but they are made to work at an immature age and are robbed of the golden time of childhood that most of us fondly look back at. They are forced to work in extreme and unhealthy conditions to make matters worse.


    Essay on Child Labour

    Child labour, as the term literally suggests, is the employment of children in work. This work can be anything such as cleaning, agricultural labour, slavery in the form of maids and caretakers, etc. Children are often made to work in cold mines, firecracker industries, etc. that also worsen their health. Child labour is illegal as it takes away a child’s basic rights of education and offers him a life he does not deserve. Child labour deprives these innocent children of their childhood and education without giving them a choice.

    As a result, the child not only suffers physical but mental setbacks too. They constantly feel caught up and torn from inside because of the situations that life presents them with. However, everything is not gloomy. There is still hope as long as humanity and empathy exist.

    Child Labour Essay: What are the factors that lead to Child Labour

    In India, when so many people are still living under the poverty line, several factors make it compulsory for children to work at an early age, giving up their dreams and passion. Some of the significant factors contributing to child labour are poverty, illiteracy, orthodox mindset, etc.

    Poverty is one of the gravest problems of our country that we still haven’t been able to cope with. There are so many families that sleep without eating a single bite of food in a day. When such a situation comes, the children are seen as a source of income by their parents. They are forced to earn and work.

    Unemployment is another problem that supplements poverty. Born in a low-income family, the importance of education is diminished. All such families wish for is to earn a day’s money, eat and wake up into another day with the same atrocities. For them, earning becomes a do-or-die situation. As a result, they are willing to work in unethical ways and resort to unhealthy work conditions to make a living.

    Illiteracy is another factor that leaves children with no choice but to work and earn their livelihood. Most illiterate parents also tend to evade the right to education from their children. It is a natural behaviour. They cannot think long term- they believe educating their children will be a waste of money because the chance of getting a job through a degree will still be bleak. For them, it is way better to start earning from the age of 10-11 or even before.

    Moreover, many industries and employers consider hiring children over hiring adult men. There are many reasons behind that, and the towering one is cheap labour. They make children work extra hours, pay them less or nil and take advantage just because they are innocent and meek.

    Child Labour Essay: Role of Government and Citizens

    The government plays a significant role in curbing these issues by making specific laws favoring children. A lot can be changed if the government takes strict action against the people indulging in the menace of child labour. People will be aware and not sign up their children for such work. With more NGOs and government organizations, the children will get the education they deserve and a better lifestyle.

    As the nation’s citizens, we should never rob a young boy or girl of their education. We should tell the negligent parents why their child’s education is necessary and sometimes even help them monetarily. All these little initiatives count because if we want to see a change, we have to be the first ones to bring it about.


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