EnglishEventsNational Energy Conservation Day 2022

National Energy Conservation Day 2022

National Energy Conservation Day in India

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    National energy conservation day is celebrated every year by the people all over the India on 14th of December. The Energy Conservation Act in India was executed by the Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE) in the year 2001. The Bureau of Energy Efficiency is a constitutional body which comes under Government of India and helps in the development of policies and strategies in order to reduce the energy use.

    The Energy Conservation Act in India act aims to employ the professional, qualified and energetic managers as well as auditors who are with expertise in managing the energy, projects, policy analysis, finance or implementing the energy efficiency projects.

    National Energy Conservation Day 2022

    National Energy Conservation Day 2019 will be celebrated on Saturday, the 14th of December.

    Many seminars and discussion were organised across the country to spread the awareness on the conservation of energy. The Institution of Engineers, Chennai organised a programme on ‘Energy Conservation Day’. The name of the programme was ‘Minimum Energy…Maximum Results’. The event mainly focused on how we can get the maximum utilization by minimal energy consumption.

    The institution also held a technical talk on the topic ‘Importance of Conservation of Energy’ on 15th December at IEI Mysore center. The talk was hosted by the Senior Executive –Facilities (Energy), Infosys Ltd, Mysore.

    Odisha State Energy Conservation Award 2018 was given to Kalinga Institute of Social Science (KISS) for best educational institution for energy conservation by the Odisha government.

    People across the country also reiterated their pledge on the occasion to conserve energy wherever possible for a better tomorrow.

    What is the Energy Conservation?

    National energy conservation day in India is celebrated to aware people about the importance of energy as well as saving or conserving the more energy by using less energy. The exact means of energy conservation is using less energy by avoiding the unnecessary uses of energy. Using energy efficiently is very necessary to save it for the future usage. Energy conservation should be rooted in the behavior of every human being to get more effect towards the plan of energy conservation.

    One can save the energy by deeply taking care of it such as turning off the unnecessarily running fans, lights, submersible, heater, combining car trips or other electric things of daily usage. These are the more easier and efficient way to save extra uses of energy thus playing the great role towards the campaign of national energy conservation.

    Fossil fuels, Crude oil, Coal, natural gas and etc generate sufficient energy for the use in daily life but increasing the demands of it day by day creates the fear of reducing or diminishing the natural resources. Energy conservation is the only way which helps in replacing the non-renewable resources of energy with the renewable energy.

    In order to aware the energy users for less energy consumption as well as to make efficient energy conservation, energy or carbon taxes has been employed by the government in different countries. Tax on high energy consumption reduces the energy use by the users as well as promotes limited energy use among users.

    People must aware that bright lighting at their work places leads to the variety of problems like stress, headache, blood pressure, fatigue and reduces work efficiency of workers. Whereas, natural day lighting enhances the productivity level of workers and reduces the energy consumption.

    Petroleum Conservation Research Association was established by the Indian government in India in the year 1977 to promote energy efficiency and conservation among Indian people in their every walk of life. This is a big step taken by the government of India for energy conservation to a great level. Another government organization in India, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, has also been set up in 2001 for better energy efficiency and conservation.

    What are the Energy Conservation Measures

    > Windows are the big energy conservation contributing factors other than thermal curtains, Smart windows or films.

    > A big amount of energy can be saved by the natural lightings and compact fluorescent lamp or CFL (15W and consumes only 1/4th of the energy consumed by other means), Fluorescent bulbs, Linear fluorescent retrofit, Solar charged flashlight, Sky lights, Smart windows, LED lighting and Solar lights.

    > Water conservation also leads to the better energy conservation. There is wastage of around thousands of gallons water per year by the people which can be prevented through various means of water saving solutions like 1.6 GPM or less low flow showerheads, Ultra low flush toilet, Faucet aerator, Composting toilets and etc.

    > Insulation also plays big role in energy conservation by decreasing the thermal losses in winter seasons as well as thermal gains in summer seasons. For example; natural wool insulation, house insulation, cotton insulation, VOCs in fiberglass insulation, thermal insulation, cellulose insulation and etc.

    How National Energy Conservation Day is Celebrated

    To make the campaign of national energy conservation more effective and special all over the India, variety of energy conservation competitions are organized by the government or other organizations around the living areas of normal people as they are the main target of the campaign. At many places the various painting competitions on energy conservation day is held by the student or member of the organizations at school, state, regional or national level.

    The campaign of the national energy conservation is the national awareness campaign launched by the Ministry of Power to facilitate the process of energy conservation in India. Painting competitions organized for the students at many levels is one of the main activities of this campaign which helps in increasing the awareness of children about the importance of conserving energy as well as educating and involving their parents in the campaign. This competition helps the people of domestic sectors to be aware.

    Every participant is provided a theme Topic such as the “More stars, more savings”, “Today’s energy wastage is tomorrow’s energy shortage”, “Energy saved is future save” and many more. Participants can make their painting more effective by using the Pencil Color, Crayons, Water Color and etc.

    Students, who take part in the competition and win, get participation certificate, merit certificate or cash prizes which worth Rs 33,000 per State. This amount is distributed among all the winners of a state and awarded by the Ministry of Power at 14th of December at the celebration event of National Energy Conservation day.

    Objectives of National Energy Conservation Day

    National energy conservation day is celebrated every year using particular theme of the year by keeping in mind some goals and objectives to make more effective all over the country among people. Some of the important goals are:

    > It is celebrated to send the message of importance of conserving energy in the every walk of life among people.

    > Promoting the way of process of energy conservation by organizing a lot of events such as discussions, conferences, debates, workshops, competitions and etc all through the country.

    > Promote people for less energy usage by neglecting the excessive and wasteful uses.

    > Encourage people for efficient energy use in order to decrease the energy consumption and prevent the energy loss.

    Significant Roles of Indian Citizens in Energy Security

    Each and every citizens of the India must aware about how to use efficient energy, how to save the energy for their own future safety and many more ways. They should follow all the rules, regulations and policies implemented by the Government of India in order to support the energy efficiency. Citizens of India can pay their direct contribution to the campaign of reduce energy use throughout the 11th Five Year Plan period. Children are the big expectation and hope for the country to bring positive changes as well as to enhance the economic condition of the country.

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