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Brief Concept of COB


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    COBOL is a programming language that was designed for business use. It is one of the oldest programming languages, and is still in use today.

    What is COB?

    COB stands for “close of business.” It generally refers to the time at which a company’s accounting department is done for the day and all financial transactions are finalized.

    Key Differences between COB and EOD

    The key difference between COB and EOD is that COB is a more generalized term while EOD is an acronym that refers to a specific type of organization. COB may refer to any type of organization that is composed of elements from different branches of the military, while EOD refers to a specific branch of the military that is responsible for disposal of explosive ordnance.

    Dependable Guideline for utilizing EOD

    1. If you are uncertain about the level of danger related to an explosive ordnance, or if there is any doubt about whether or not it is safe to approach, do not approach it. Instead, contact the nearest EOD unit for assistance.

    2. If you encounter an explosive ordnance, do not touch it, move it, or try to disarm it.

    3. Keep a safe distance from the explosive ordnance, and ensure that all bystanders are also kept at a safe distance.

    4. If possible, mark the location of the explosive ordnance so that it can be easily identified.

    5. Contact the nearest EOD unit for assistance.

    A General Guideline for utilizing COB


    COBRA continuation coverage is a health insurance option for individuals who have lost their health insurance coverage due to certain qualifying events. COBRA continuation coverage allows individuals to maintain their health insurance coverage for a limited time period.

    The following provides a general guideline for utilizing COBRA:

    1. Determine if you are eligible for COBRA continuation coverage.

    2. Notify your employer of your intent to elect COBRA continuation coverage.

    3. Enroll in COBRA continuation coverage.

    4. Pay the required COBRA continuation coverage premiums.

    When should I use COB?

    COB can be used in a number of ways, depending on the needs of your project. Some common applications include:

    – In a spot light to create a focused beam of light
    – As a reading light
    – To light up a work area
    – In a display light to create an attractive effect
    – In a flood light to provide general illumination

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