Study MaterialsRTE Rajasthan Admission 2019 | Application Form (Released), Eligibility Criteria

RTE Rajasthan Admission 2019 | Application Form (Released), Eligibility Criteria

RTE Rajasthan Admission 2019: RTE Rajasthan admission 2019 has released the results for this year admission process. The right to free and compulsory education came into effect on 1st April 2019. Based on this rule, it is compulsory for non-governmental classes at the entry level to ensure that they reserve 25 percent free seats till 8th class. This endeavor is being carried out by the Rajasthan government in order to provide equal opportunities for education of the children belonging to the weaker section. As per this rule, the children are being admitted for compulsory and free education.

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    RTE Rajasthan Admission 2019

    The parents or guardians who want to admit their children into the entry-level classes should check this article for all the details related to the schedule of this year’s exam. You can find all the details related to RTE Rajasthan admission process, age criteria, eligibility, reporting time, certificates required for the selection and admission process.

    RTE Rajasthan Admission 2019 Important Dates

    RTE Rajasthan Admission Events Dates
    Application form availability 05th March
    Last date for filing application form online 22nd March
    Lottery to determine the priority of children (online) 27th March
    After the lottery, reported by parents in desired schools 04th April
    Child’s entry into school 08th April
    25 percent free seats and rest admitted from the web portal 31st July
    Training and formation of physical verification teams 31st July
    Physical verification in the schools 30th August
    Schools uploads physical verification on the RTE portal 11th September
    Physical verification by matching at the office level 20th September


    RTE Rajasthan Admission 2019 Eligibility Criteria

    The candidate applying should be a resident of the catchment area. As per the rule stated in RTI, the range of the school will be given as per the space available in Nagar Parishad/ Nagar Nigam/ Nagar Palika. During the time of admission, the candidate from th3 village schools or living in the village area will be given preference. The candidates from the city schools will not be given admission in any case.

    Categories coming under weak section

    As the per the state rules, the candidates will be considered under the weaker section if he/she belongs to one of the categories given below

    • SC/ST category students
    • Orphan children
    • Candidates whose parent’s yearly income is less than Rs. 1 lakh
    • Students that are suffering from cancer/HIV or students whose parents are suffering from the same disease
    • PWD candidates
    • Those candidates whose parents are included in the list of the BPL category as per the list prepared by the state authority
    • War Widows
    • Students from the special backward class or backward class category and whose parent’s income is less than Rs. 1 lakh yearly.

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Age Criteria

    For admissions of the candidates into the entry less class, age eligibility criteria are based on the two options provided by the school

    Entry Level Class Age for Admission (as of 31st March 2019)
    Pre-primary 3+ More than 3 years but less than 4 years of age
    Pre-primary 4+ More than 3 years and 6 months but less than 5 years of age
    Pre-primary 5+ More than 4 years and 6 months but less than 6 years of age
    First More than 5 years but less than 7 years of age

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Valid Certificates for The Candidates

    Candidates taking part in the admission process should submit a residential certificate which is issued by the tehsildar. For the residential proof, below certificates will be considered as valid: Aadhaar card/Ration card/Voter ID card/Electricity bill/Driving license/Water bill. The certificate which is issued should mention the name of the ward or village clearly. Candidates that are applying from weak section or uncomfortable section should provide a certificate which is from an authorized officer. Parent’s or students suffering from cancer or HIV should issue the report from a registered diagnostic center.

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Application Process

    To apply for RTE Rajasthan admission, candidates have to make the application online at the registered portal which is The candidates can reach out this portal as per the time frame mentioned in the schedule above.

    • Application form filling: Candidates need to to fill the application online for the admission into the school that comes in the range of their village area. Application forms will require the student’s details in a legit and clear format. Also, it is mandatory for candidates to provide an active mobile number. After furnishing a few details, the parent or guardian will receive a unique password and application ID which should be kept safe.
    • Login: Once the process of application is over, candidates need to login into their RTE Rajasthan admission account to complete their form. On the form, clearly, mention the details of the child. Enter details like date of birth of student, the income of parents, class in which the candidate is seeking the admission, etc. You will be able to select the school out of the given list of 15 schools that come under the catchment area.
    • Printout: After the application form is filled, candidates will be required to lock their information. It is advisable to takeout a print copy of your application form for any future purposes.

    For more Details on RTE Rajasthan Admission Download

    RTE Rajasthan Admission Result

    The result for RTE Rajasthan admission will be declared online. Candidates should follow the steps below to check their result.

    • Log in to the official Rajasthan government website as given in the link above.
    • There are two options that will be visible to you: By name of the school and by the location of the school.
    • To the check using the location of the school, select the right option, then select the district and enter the details.
    • Then enter the captcha visible on the screen and click on discover.
    • If you want to check using the name of the school, select the district, enter the first 3 letters of school name, and enter the captcha visibly, and click on discover.

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Reporting Time In School

    After the lottery is drawn online, the guardian or parent has to report their desired school along with the print out of the required application form and original documents on the given date. The applicants also need to fill an adaptive reporting form and collect a receipt from the school which is related to the form. On the application form, paste a photograph of the child. The applicant should report as per the schedule mentioned. If there is a school that does not allow the applicant to appear for the mentioned process then this matter should be reported as soon as possible to the district officer or pre-primary education officer. Immediate action should be taken against these type of schools.

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Document Verification

    After the lottery is drawn online using the software, the students will be selected randomly and will be admitted to the school. The admission given will be provisional and will only be confirmed after all the documents are verified and have gone through the scrutiny.

    For the weaker section, the certificates to be submitted are

    • Residential proof
    • Age proof
    • Parents or guardian’s annual income proof which should be less than Rs. 1 lakh.

    Certificates to be submitted by people from the non-facilitated section

    • SC/ST certificate, HIV/ cancer report if applicable
    • Residential proof
    • Age proof of the student

    RTE Rajasthan Admission – Selection Procedure

    There are a total of 30 seats for general category and 10 seats for free education. Admission into entry-level class for free and compulsory education act of 2009 has provisionally declared that every non-governmental school in the state should reserve a 25 percent of their seat for children coming from a weaker section. Also, they will be provided free and compulsory education up to 8th class. For the admission of the candidate, work needs to do based on the given time frame. Admission into entry-level classes will be processed based on the order of the state authority. Based on this rule, all the private school should permit direct entry-level class admissions 25 percent to the children from weaker sections.

    For this process, the lottery is drawn based on the random system through software in which all the eligible registrations are received online on the RTE portal. In this process, the children who are the resident of the same village or ward are taken first. Thus, he/she is given priority based on the random process. After the applications are left, for the remaining, the village panchayat resides in which the school is located. The centralized lottery is released on the scheduled date in the education package. Soon after the exit of the lottery, the school wise list which is prepared is displayed online. The priority list provided is not guaranteed admission. Based on the available seats, applications will be ensured after the match of the children and the original documents reports before the date ends.+

    For more details visit the Official Website:

    FAQs on RTE Rajasthan

    1. What are the important dates of RTE Rajasthan Admission?

    Candidates can look at the important dates for RTE Rajasthan Admission from the above-mentioned article.

    2. Where to get RTE Rajasthan Result?

    You can find the RTE Rajasthan Result soon after the officials declare it on the official site.

    3. What is the last date to submit the RTE Rajasthan Application Form?

    You can check for the related info on the RTE Rajasthan Application Form by referring to the aforementioned article.

    4. What is RTE Rajasthan Official Website?

    Official Portal for RTE Rajasthan is and you can check the complete details from this site.

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