EnglishAP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 8

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 8

AP SSC 10th class English-1 Model paper 2015-16 English Medium Set 8

Part – A

(1-10) Answer ANY FIVE of the following questions in two or three sentences each.

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    1.What are the exceptional abilities of Nick ? (Attitude Is Altitude)

    2.List the comic elements in the play ‘The Dear Departed’. (The Dear Departed)

    3.What is the point of conflict in the stoiy ‘Jamaican Fragment’? (Jamaican Fragment)

    4.What is the central theme of ‘Maya Bazaar’? How have the Telugu speakers settled abroad looked upon ‘Maya Bazaar’? (Maya Bazaar)

    5.‘The Storeyed House is a powerful symbol of Dalit empowerment in India.’ Comment.(The Storeyed House)

    6.Why is ‘Maya Bazaar’ watched repeatedly? (Maya Bazaar)

    7.What qualities are inherited by Kalam from his parents? (My Childhood)

    8.How did the narrator come to the conclusion that grown-ups are silly?(Jamaican Fragment)

    9.The poet says ‘This could be our last true moment’. Is it true? In what way(s)?(Or will the Dreamer Wake?)

    10.What is the theme of the poem ‘Once upon a Time ? (Once upon a Time)

    11.Read the following stanza.
    Her.e in the centre, four directions gather
    The path ahead leads up or down
    Is this our last bright new world birthing?
    Is this our waving as we drown?
    This could be our last true moment Knowing the truth, our choices make.
    Our grandchild asks “That was the moment!
    And did the dreamer wake?”
    Now answer the following questions.
    (a)What is the centre?
    (b)Where does the path lead?
    (c)What should we do knowing the truth?
    (d)What does it mean by ‘true moment’?
    (e)What do the questions in the stanza suggest?

    12.Read the following lines.
    The walk is pleasant. The road on either side is flanked by red and green-roofed bungalows, green lawns and gardens. The exercise is good for me, and now and then, I learn something from a little incident. One morning, about halfway between my front gate and the tram track, I noticed two little boys playing in the garden of the modest cottages. (Jamaican Fragment)
    Now answer the following questions.
    (a)What does the phrase ‘flanked by’ mean?
    (b)Who does the word T refer to?
    (c)Where were the boys playing?

    13.Read the following lines.
    After the funeral, people returned hanging their heads. All of them were pained at heart to think that having come to celebrate the housewarming, they had the misfor­tune to attend the funeral of the host.(The Storeyed House – IF)
    Now answer the following questions.
    (a)What was the misfortune the people had?
    (b)Who is referred to as ‘the host’?




    16.a) Hari slipped out when the teacher was not looking.
    b) Vamsi slipped when the teacher was not looking.
    Q.Which boy fell ? Ans…………………….
    Report the following into Indirect Speech.
    Hema said to Hari, ‘What are you going to do today?’

    17.This is a famous engineering college. It is popular all over Andhra Pradesh.(Combine using ‘which’)
    Ans: ________________________________________________________

    18.The farmer is ploughing the field with a tractor.(Change into ‘passive voice’)
    Ans: _______________________________________________________

    19. Balakrishna won the M.L.A seat. He has been a popular hero.(Combine using ‘who’)

    20.Fill in the blanks with the forms of the verbs given in brackets.
    (a)I ……………………….. (see) Raju this week. Ans:_____________________
    (b)I ………………..(see) the film, Gandhi last March. Ans:_____________________

    21.Fill in the blanks choosing the right words from those given in the brackets.
    (a)I am sure I am sorry ………………………it (for / to / in)
    (b)You’ve been waiting…………………..me to begin tea. (for / to / in)
    (c)I see the little trifles that belonged…………………….father lying around, (for/ to / in)
    (d)This always appealed………………….me(for / to / in)


    23.Fill in the blanks with the words opposite in meaning to those underlined.
    (a)Veeresalingam was born in a religious, orthodox As grew up he became________________
    (b)The erstwhile Andhra Pradesh had 23 districts. The________________ state has 13 districts.
    (c)Teachers usually pay attention to front benchers. They ignore __________________benchers.
    (d)The smell of rose is pleasant. It can never be ________________

    24.Fill in the blanks with the appropriate forms of the underlined words.
    (a) R,K Narayan had a sense of matchless humour. His sense is reflected in his_________stories.
    (b)We don’t know where Fatima resides. We have to check her______________
    (c)Though he comes from a farmer family, our father appreciates classical music. We don’t know how he got the sense of__________________ .
    (d)Pavan’s elegance is well- known in the society. He always behaves __________________ .


    26.Complete the following words by using ea, /e, ai, ia or ae.
    (a) L_ _ gue (b) senator_ _ l

    27.Complete the following words with the letters given in brackets.
    (a) ambi______ (ence / ance) (b) compli______________ (ment / mant)

    28.One word in each set is wrongly spelt. Rewrite it correctly in the space provided.
    (a)village cottage shortage messege _________
    (b)pleasant radiant truant incidant _________

    29.Look at the two sets of words given below. In each set, the letters underlined in the two words are pronounced in the same way. Find the words and copy them out.
    (a)bluntly group century refuge _________
    (b)childhood country science match _________


    31.Your cousin is rather fat and wants to lose weight. Advise him to exercise every day.
    Ans. _________


    33.Change the following into a polite request.
    A passenger to the conductor : “What is the bus fare to Tirupathi ?”
    Ans: __________________



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