Study MaterialsWhich Is The Best Reference Book For Class 10 Maths?

Which Is The Best Reference Book For Class 10 Maths?

Maths is one of those subjects which is either a dream or a nightmare. For some students, there exists a world within the world where only calculations, heights and distances speak. On the other hand, there are others who live through a battle as long as their maths board exam class 10 Board exams aren’t over. In either case, what is of utmost importance is to make the best use of the time, technique and resources available to you.

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    While time and technique may vary depending upon the preparation of individual students, resources in the form of books, previous year papers and study materials are what can be common between all maths board exam class 10 aspirants. The basic textbook prescribed by any Board remains a must but there are reference books for every subject – the right choice of which can greatly affect the outcome of your exams.

    To answer all queries regarding the best reference books for class 10, this article will be instrumental.

    Why are reference books a must for class 10 Maths?

    In the case of most other subjects pertaining to the class 10 syllabus, the NCERT textbooks are more than sufficient. Both in terms of quantity and quality, the textbook is essential for any student. The same is the case while preparing for your maths board exam class 10. With all the concepts explained in detail with clarity and topics covered within the syllabus range, the Maths NCERT is indeed most of what you need to go through.

    But from the point of view of your exams and inching closer to scoring full marks in this paper, a student might need to take a step ahead. The textbook indeed has enough questions from easy, intermediate to advanced level for students to practice. But that will cover 95% of your question paper. To bridge the gap between 95 and 100, reference books are a must. If you desire to be able to attempt and solve every question on the paper correctly, there will be some extra question solving needed – the questions for which you will need the reference books.

    Additionally, the more conceptual questions you practice for your class 10th, the stronger will be your foundation. This in turn will bring a large-scale impact if you wish to pursue Maths further and sit for any entrance exams.

    Class 10 Maths – Reference Books

    So, the key to scoring the best in any board exam is to go through the length and breadth of your NCERT textbook. Additionally, to be able to solve any HOTS or tricky question in the paper, the reference books that have given desired assistance and outputs, time and again for maths board exam class 10 are by authors RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal. Throughout India and the world, students are seen to use these as the key reference books all through the years.

    Class 10 Maths- Preparation Tips

    The important thing is to solve all your NCERT examples and exercise questions first and then move ahead on the reference book questions. The best thing about books by RD Sharma and RS Aggarwal is the fact that they constantly update their versions as per the question paper trends. Every question in the book will be marked with the year beside if it has been asked in any Board exam. This helps to better prioritize which questions will give you the most benefit.

    All you need is knowledge in the right amount in the right manner and proper practice. If you are someone who has covered the textbook and solved the most important reference book questions thoroughly, most of your job is done. Time management and paper solving bundled with confidence will prepare you in the best possible way no matter how easy or difficult the level of the paper.

    With the right books by your side, you are certain to get the best out of your maths board exam class 10!

    FAQs on class 10 Maths examination

    Q 1.What is the pattern of the class 10 maths exam?

    A.The paper is divided into 4 sections with 1, 2, 3, 4 marks per question and a varying number and difficulty of questions in each section.

    Q 2. Is it possible to score full marks in maths?

    A.With the right strategy and dedication, it is very much possible and many students secure full marks every year.

    Q3. Is there a fixed difficulty level for the paper?

    A.The level of questions may change for every batch but a basic standard is maintained for all students.

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