EnglishCBSE Previous Year Question Papers – Class 12 English 2016 Delhi

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers – Class 12 English 2016 Delhi

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers

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    Class 12 – English 2016 Delhi

    Time allowed : 3 hours
    Maximum marks: 100

    General instructions:

    • This paper is divided into three sections: A, B, and C. All the sections are compulsory.
    • Separate instructions are given with each section and question, wherever necessary. Read these instructions
    • very carefully and follow them faithfully.
    • Do not exceed the prescribed word limit while answering the questions.

    ** Answer is not given due to change in present syllabus


    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2016 Delhi Set – I

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.

    Section – B

    Question 4.
    Principal, Sunrise Global School, Agra requires a receptionist for her school. Draft a suitable advertisement in about 50 words to be published in the classified columns of a national newspaper giving all the necessary details of qualifications and experience required in the receptionist. [4] OR
    The water supply will be suspended for eight hours (10 am to 6 pm) on the 6th of March for cleaning of the water tank. Write a notice in about 50 words advising the residents to store water for a day. You are Karan Kumar/Karuna Bajaj, Secretary, Janata Group Housing Society, Palam Vihar, Kurnool.


    Smart, graduate, proficient in Hindi and English, having good communication skills, not more than 25 years of age, has two years of experience, can contact the principal with complete resume within seven days.
    Attractive Salary
    Contact: Principal
    Sunrise Global School,



    25thFeb, 20XX


    All the residents of Janta Group Housing Society are hereby informed that on 6“ Mar. 20XX of March from 10 am to 6 pm due to the cleaning of the water tank. So, you are requested to store the water for the day. Karuna Bajaj/Karan Bajaj.
    Janta Group Housing Society,
    PalamVihar, Kurnool


    Question 5.
    Yesterday you went to Sunrise Hospital, Market Road, New Delhi taking with you the victim of a hit and run accident. There were chaotic conditions in the casualty department. The injured was attended to after a lot of precious time had been lost.
    Write a letter of complaint in 120-150 words to the Medical Superintendent. You are Karan/ Karuna, M-114, Mall Road, Delhi. [6] OR
    The lack of job opportunities in rural areas is forcing people to migrate to cities. Every big city thus has a number of slums in it. Life in these slums is miserable.
    Write a letter in 120-150 words to the editor of a national newspaper on how we can improve the living conditions in these slums. You are Karan/ Karuna, M-114, Mall Road, Delhi.
    M-114, Mall Road

    20th March, 20XX

    The Medical Superintendent,
    Sunrise Hospital, Market Road,
    New Delhi.

    Subject: Chaotic conditions in the casualty department
    Dear Sir,
    I saw a person laying in a pool of blood on the side of the road yesterday on my way to work. He was surrounded by people. On further investigation, I discovered that he had been struck by an unknown vehicle and that no one had gone to the trouble of transporting him to Sunrise Hospital. So I took him to the hospital, where I was even more surprised to witness the dreadful state of the casualty department. The corridors were packed with people, the smell of pharmaceuticals pervading, and cotton dabs littered the floor. I begged the on-duty doctor to see the patient right away to avoid any mishaps, but I was told that I needed to submit a police report first.

    The patient was left neglected for about an hour, during which time he lost a significant amount of blood, potentially fatal. The doctor arrived to visit him later, after all the formalities were finished, and by God’s grace, his life was saved. Then, once again, medications were given in an ineffective manner by employees who arrived only after being reminded. I believe that this irresponsibility could one day cost someone their life. As a result, I implore you to be more attentive to the hospital’s operations.
    Yours truly,


    M-114, Mall Road,

    20th March, 20XX

    The Editor,
    Times of India,
    New Delhi.

    Sub: Improvisation of the living conditions in slums
    Dear Sir,
    Through the esteemed columns of your prestigious newspaper, I would like to highlight the quality of life of the people living in slums. Each family has six or seven individuals, all of whom share a single room. Their youngsters can be seen playing on garbage piles and flies, mosquitoes, and cockroach breeding grounds. To ameliorate the physical, social, and economic situations of these slum dwellers, sincere efforts are required. Access to clean drinking water, good health and sanitation facilities, waste management services, and better housing facilities should all be made a priority.

    Slum improvement should be a priority for the government in order to improve people’s living conditions. However, unless the government acts quickly, there will be no long-term solution to the housing crisis. Due to their short-term electoral cycle, the government is not doing much to address this issue, which could include poor incentives, limited financial resources, and a lack of provision of any such reform. However, NGOs, training institutes, local residents, and community groups can work together with the government to alleviate slum dwellers’ suffering.

    Hope my letter would find a place in your newspaper.
    Yours Truly,


    Question 6.
    ‘The policy of reservation of seats for admission to the professional courses is good for the deprived sections of society.
    Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. [10] OR
    Write a speech in 150-200 words on ‘Benefits of early rising’ to be delivered by you in the morning assembly of your school. You are Karuna/Karan, Head Girl/Head Boy.
    Good morning, respected judges and the esteemed audience! The topic of today’s debate is ‘Policy of reservation of seats for professional courses’, is good for the deprived section of the society, I, stand before you to speak against the motion.

    Reservation has been made in all fields, including education, jobs, and other places, according to the Indian constitution, to put impoverished classes on level with privileged or general classes. There are several reservations, such as reservations for women, physically challenged people, economically disadvantaged people, scheduled castes, and so on. However, I believe that this will lead to even more discrimination in society. It began with the noble goal of improving the socially disadvantaged and providing them with equal opportunity. However, with time, its meaning has shifted, and the motivation for starting it has vanished. People have begun to take unfair advantage of it. Since a result, there have been several rallies and counter-protests, as thousands of employment and admissions prospects have been disrupted. Students securing 80 or 90 percent sometimes lag behind the underprivileged who do secure only 40 or 50 percent for taking admission in the vocational or professional courses.

    It denies individuals who do not come from disadvantaged backgrounds equal opportunities. Even though they have a high percentage, they are denied admittance. This would also exacerbate people’s feelings about caste and undermine national unity. In addition, India’s reservation systems produce personnel that is unable to compete on a global scale. India requires people who can contribute to its growth and development, but reservations are promoting undeserving candidates to positions of power. As a result, I believe that a reservation system should be abolished.


    Honorable Principal, respected teachers, and my dear friends, Good Morning! I am Karan/Karuna, Head boy/Head Girl of the school; it is a great opportunity for me to share my views on the topic ‘Benefits of rising early’ in today’s assembly.

    We derive pleasure from many things, people, and places in our life. One of these pleasures is waking up early in the morning. It gets our mood off to a terrific start. The air we breathe is so clean that it energises us throughout the day. The amazing art of nature, as the sun rises from the black colour of midnight and gradually brightens, spreading its vibrant colours throughout the sky, should not be overlooked. This majesty is indescribable. When we hear birds chirping and observe green trees, flowers, and leaves dancing, we are in close contact with nature. Early in the morning, there is no chaos, and we can easily concentrate on our studies.

    It is well said that whatever we study in the early hours of the morning is learned quickly and our mind retains it forever. Early morning meditation helps in keeping our body and soul fit. Breakfast, the most important meal of the day can be taken up timely. Besides, many other things, one may get enough time to exercise which keeps the body energetic and fit throughout the day. Then our productivity and capacity to work also increase. There is no distraction in the morning hours in case we want to indulge in some creative activities.
    To sum up, I can say that I have full faith in the saying, “Early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”


    Question 7.
    India is a land of diversity. One way in which it makes us feel proud of it is the number of festivals we enjoy. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘Festivals of India’. You are Karuna/ Karan. [10] OR
    Rising pollution, fast and competitive lifestyle, lack of nutritious food etc. have caused health woes for a large section of our population. Providing health care used to be a charitable and ethical activity. Today it has become commercialized, a money-spinning business. Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to provide proper health care to the common man. You are Karan/Karuna.
    By Kruna/Kran
    India is a place of vivid colors. It is a country where people of many castes, religions, faiths, communities, languages, and creeds live together. As a result, every year there are numerous festivals, festivities, social and cultural events, and fairs. India is known to be a land full of delights, joys, and celebrations. Many festivals are held throughout the year. They exemplify the country’s splendor. These are the times when families get together in one spot to celebrate joyous occasions. Festivals are held throughout the year, and people look forward to them with great anticipation. These hold a special place in Indian hearts because they feel that fasting on these occasions purifies their souls and allows them to live a life free of problems.

    Some festivals are observed throughout India, and people celebrate them regardless of their social or economic background. Diwali, Holi, and Dusshera are among them. Each event has a religious significance and a mythology associated with it. Dusshera, for example, commemorates the victory of good over evil and the killing of Ravana by Lord Ram. Similarly, Janmashtami has social and theological significance because Lord Krishna was tasked with exterminating all of the world’s demons. As a result, each event has its unique meaning, which teaches people to join together and forget their differences.


    By Karuna/Karan
    Fever, injury, epilepsy, learning difficulty, and other physical and mental issues affect a big portion of our population. Pregnancy and childbirth are difficult for women, and children require immunisation against common infections. The majority of these health problems are the result of our changing lifestyles, growing pollution, and food with low nutritional value. As a result, they require therapy and access to healthcare services. Unfortunately, health services are frequently developed without community input. Community members should be consulted and involved in planning to address the needs of the people for accessible and affordable services. Health-care facilities should be more cautious.

    Most individuals prefer home remedies and only go to the hospital or consult a doctor when they are unable to control the issue. They don’t have to go to a well-qualified doctor; instead, they can go to a neighbourhood pharmacist or a traditional healer. As a result, it is critical that the health sector act and raise public awareness.

    Health-care facilities should be affordable to the average person. The government invests very little on public health care. As a result, many government-run hospitals do not have adequate medical facilities. As a result, changes in this sector are essential, and it is encouraging that the government is now preparing to provide more cash for hospital renovations.


    Section – C

    Question 8.
    Read the extract given below and answer the questions that follow : [4] Its loveliness increases, it will never
    Pass into nothingness, but will keep
    A bower quiet for us, and asleep
    Full of sweet dreams, and health, and quiet breathing.
    (a) Whose loveliness will keep on increasing?
    (b) Identify the phrase which says that ‘it’ is immortal.
    (c) What is a ‘bower’?
    (d) Why do we need sweet dreams, health and quiet breathing in our lives?
    familiar ache, my childhood’s fear,
    but all I said was, see you soon,
    all I did was smile and smile and
    smile ………….
    (a) What does the phrase, ‘familiar ache’ mean?
    (b) What was the poet’s childhood fear?
    (c) What do the first two lines tell us about the poet’s feelings for her mother?
    (d) What does the repeated use of the word, ‘smile’ mean?
    (a) The attractiveness of everything lovely continues to grow. It brings us enormous satisfaction and provides us with an endless supply of pleasure.
    (b) It is immortal because “it will never pass into nothingness,” as the adage goes.
    (c) ‘Bower’ is a literary term that refers to a leafy shelter or a lovely shady spot beneath a tree.
    (d) In our life, we require sweet dreams, good health, and peaceful breathing since they rejuvenate us, provide us eternal delight, and relieve us of our sorrows and sufferings. As a result, we wish to stay connected to the earth.

    (a) The poet refers to the agony she had as a youngster when she uses the words “familiar aching.” The fear of being separated from her mother, as well as the understanding that she had not cared enough for her, caused her agony. She kept it hidden by smiling at her repeatedly and promised to meet her shortly.
    (a) The poet’s childhood concern was that her mother was old and had a pale, colourless face and that she wouldn’t live long enough for the poet to lose her.
    (c)The poet had childhood anxiety of losing her mother too soon. She felt the same fear when she was away from her. But she didn’t say anything to her other than an upbeat see you soon, Amma’. She bid her farewell with a smile.
    (d) The word smile has been repeated to show that she puts on a phony grin to disguise her fear of being separated from her mother. Second, she offers her mother moral support by promising to see her soon. She tries to mask her emotions by smiling often.


    Question 9.
    Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each: [3 × 4 = 12] (a) Describe the irony in Saheb’s name.
    (b) Why was Gandhiji opposed to C.F. Andrews helping him in Champaran?
    (e) When he was only ten days old, a prediction was made about the future of the Tiger King. What was ironic about it?
    (f) What was his father’s chief concern about Dr. Sadao?

    (a) Saheb’s full name was Saheb-E-Alam, which literally means “Lord of the Universe.” His moniker was ironic because he was a poor rag picker who didn’t even own chappals. To make a living, he traversed the streets barefoot and rummaged through the trash for gold coins or other valuables.

    (b) Gandhiji objected to C.F. Andrews assisting him in Champaran because he wanted Indians to be self-sufficient and independent in their fight against injustice. He informed him that Indians were powerful enough to fight their own battles and could win them. As a result, Gandhiji declined his assistance.

    (e) The chief astrologer foretold that The Tiger King’s death would be caused by a tiger when he was just ten days old. As a result, as he grew older, he killed a hundred tigers without realising that the hundredth tiger did not die as a result of his bullet. The King, ironically, perished as a result of a wooden toy tiger.

    (f) Sadao’s father’s primary focus had been his son’s schooling. He sent his son to America at the age of twenty-two to study surgery and medicine. He conformed to his father’s standards. Sadao had established himself as a well-known surgeon and scientist by the time his father died.


    Question 10.
    Answer the following question in 120-150 words: [6] Our language is a part of our culture and we are proud of it. Describe how regretful M. Hamel and the village elders are for having neglected their native language, French.
    Teachers always advise their students to dream big. Yet, the same teachers in your classrooms find fault with Sophie when she dreams. What is wrong with Sophie’s dreams?

    Our language is undeniably a part of our culture, and we are proud of it. However, the true importance of it can only be appreciated when our freedom to speak about it is taken away.

    The narrative ‘The Last Lesson’ portrays the tragedy of the issue, illustrating how individuals feel when they are unable to master their native language and thereby lose an asset. One of the kids, Franz, came to school grudgingly and noted that everything was motionless and quiet as if it were a Sunday morning and that there were elderly individuals sitting quietly in the back of the classroom. Berlin issued an edict that French would no longer be taught in schools and that German would be taught instead. This information astounded everyone. All the villagers gathered in the classroom to attend their last French lesson and to pay their respect to the French teacher, M. Hamel, who was going to deliver his last speech in French, the adults felt sorry that they had not attended the school and thanked Hamel for his faithful service.

    To honor his French lesson, M. Hamel also put on his fine Sunday clothes. His behavior changed to kindness. He even blamed himself for neglecting french as he used to give holidays when he wanted to go fishing or for watering his flowers. He told his students that it was the most beautiful and logical language and they should not forget it.


    Dreaming is a natural part of adolescence. They don’t have many liabilities or responsibilities at that age, so they can dream freely. It is a part of their lives, but sometimes these goals are unrealistic and impractical, causing a great deal of anguish when they are destroyed.

    In the story ‘Going Places,’ the author describes the sentiments and dreams of a girl named Sophie, who is a high school student. She was a daydreamer who imagined herself meeting Danny Casey, an Irish football player. She had a dream about meeting him twice in the arcade. He was a hero to her, and she adored him. She went to the location where she assumed he would meet her and was disappointed when he did not appear. Then she thought of owning a boutique, becoming a manager, a fashion designer, or an actress irrespective of her weak socio-economic status.

    She had not thought about where the money would come from for opening a boutique. She was blind to the bitter truth of life. She dreamt of an imaginary life, full of beautiful things. It can be said that she wanted to lead a lavish and grand life which was not possible. She was over-ambitious. Her dreams were unrealistic in the sense that ultimately she would have to work in a biscuit factory.


    Question 11.
    Answer the following question in 120-150 words: [6] Derry sneaked into Mr. Lamb’s garden and it became a turning point in his life. Comment.
    How did Jo want the Roger Skunk story to end? Why?
    Derry sneaked into Mr. Lamb’s garden and it became a turning point in his life. Before that, Derry used to live an isolated life. He did not like meeting people or socializing. The reason was his acid-burnt face, seeing which people often got terrified. He began leading a secluded life.

    Meeting Mr. Lamb brought a change in his life. His attitude towards life was completely changed. Mr. Lamb gave him confidence and supported him morally as he was too physically impaired like him. He had a tin leg because the original one was blown off in the war. He told Derry that he was not affected by people’s sarcastic remarks. He motivated Derry to face the challenges of life and not to lament over his burnt face. According to him, he was lucky to have two arms, two legs, ears, eyes and tongue. He could do far better than others.

    All these preachings left an impression on Derry and then he started looking at things and the world differently. He began to help Mr. Lamb with crab apples and developed a positive attitude towards life.


    Jack used to tell his little daughter Jo, bedtime stories. As soon as she grew a bit older, she began to ask questions from her father. Once her father told her a story of a little animal called Skunk who smelled bad. He therefore, met with a wizard who solved his problem a magic wand and made him smell like roses. But the Skunk’s mother did not like it and took him back to the wizard to smell bad once again.

    This ending was not acceptable to Jo as she wanted the story to have another ending where the wizard would hit the mommy with his magic wand and shop off her arms ‘forcibly.’ Jo thought that Roger was the hero of the story so he must not look ugly; or stinky. Jo’s perspective on life was different from her father’s. She wanted the wizard to hit mommy on head as a punishment as she imposed her will on her son unnecessarily. According to Jo, Roger should be allowed to choose his own life. Moreover, she didn’t want the story to end sadly.

    She wanted to change the end of the story to assert her views on her father. She had her own ideals and views which she wanted to pursue.


    Question 12.
    Answer the following question in 120-150 words:** [6] What do we learn about Mrs. Hall and Griffin from their first interaction at Coach and Horses inn?
    What kind of life did Silas lead before coming to Raveloe?


    Question 13.
    Answer the following question in 120-150 words:**
    Everyone who comes into contact with Griffin suffers. Attempt a character sketch of Griffin in the light of this remark. [6] OR
    Attempt a character sketch of Nancy Lammeter.


    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2016 Delhi Set – II

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.

    Section – B

    Question 4.
    You need to buy a flat. Draft a suitable advertisement in about 50 words to be published in the classified columns of a local newspaper giving all the necessary details of your requirement. You are Karan/Karuna, M 114, Mall Road, Delhi. [4] OR
    Sunrise Global School, Agra is going to organize a one-act play competition in the school auditorium. You have decided to invite noted stage artist, Nalini to grace the occasion. Draft a formal invitation for her in about 50 words. You are Karuna/Karan, Cultural Secretary.


    A 2 or 3 BHK flat covering in the area of Mall Road, Delhi. Covering area 800-1500 sq. ft. required should be newly-built, ventilated and centrally located: C parking is preferred. Should be accessible to market and metro station. Cost negotiable
    Please contact.
    M114, Mall Road,
    Delhi Ph : xxx xxx xxx

    Sunrise Global School Agra

    15th May, 20XX

    Abhilasha Vihar,

    Subject: Invitation to preside over one-act play competition.
    Dear Ma’am,
    Our school is going to organize a one-act play competition in the school auditorium. A large number of students from classes XI and XII are likely to participate in this inter-school competition. We shall be highly honored if you will grace the occasion with your presence on the 30th of June, 20XX at 2 pm. Kindly confirm your appearance in time.
    Regards Karan/Karuna
    (Cultural Secretary)
    Sunrise Global School Agra

    Question 5.
    Park Lane, Chanakyapuram, Mysore is proud of having four reputed public schools in close proximity to each other. In the morning and afternoon there is a heavy traffic along the road and hundreds of student are put to a lot of inconvenience. [6] Write a letter in 120-150 words to the Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic) describing the problem. Suggest a few measures to regulate the traffic. You are Karuna Shetty/Karan Kumar, Principal, Sunrise Global School.
    Write an application (including a resume) in 120¬150 words for the post of receptionist advertised in a national newspaper by JKL Publishers, Peshwa Road, Pune. You are Karima, M-114 Mall Road, Pune, a graduate from SNDT University and have done a Secretarial Practice Course from YWCA, Mumbai.
    Sunrise Global School,
    Park Lane, Chanakyapuram,

    1st March, 20XX

    The Deputy Commissioner of Police (Traffic)

    Dear Sir/Madam,
    Subject: Traffic congestion on the road surrounding the schools.
    This letter intends to be to your kind the serious problem of traffic mess near the school’s surroqnding which has caused great inconvenience. There are four reputed public schools in the ambit of the area. In the morning, the movement of the school transport, staff vehicles and the vehicles of the parents, who come to drop their children, along with the general traffic, creates a huge chaos on the road. The same chaos could be witnessed in the afternoon when the school gets off. The situation gets worse when the traffic lights don’t work. The children, who come from the nearby areas, find it difficult to cross the roads and face a huge risk.

    The safety of the children is of utmost importance for the schools. Therefore I would request you to appoint traffic police on different points of the roads around the schools, so as to avoid traffic jams. Also, a regular check of the traffic lights would help in reducing inconvenience. The schools are also planning to arrange traffic rules awareness workshop for their respective staff, parents, and children. I request you to look into the matter and solve the issue at the earliest.
    Yours Sincerely
    Karan Kumar/Karuna Shetty
    Sunrise Global School
    M-114, Mall Road

    1st March, 20XX

    JKL Publishers
    Peshwa Road,

    Subject: Application for the post of Receptionist.
    Dear Sir, With reference to your advertisement of the job in the newspaper. I want to apply for the post of a receptionist I am a graduate from SNDT University and have completed a Secretarial Practice Course from YWCA, Mumbai. I have been working as a receptionist with Gupta & Sons Textiles Ltd. since March, 201XX. I have a proven record of meeting my goals by accepting all challenges throughout my professional career.

    My resume has been attached herewith. Please let me know, if any further information regarding my background and qualifications, is needed. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
    Yours faithfully,
    Enclosure: Resume and two passport-size photographs
    Name: Karuna
    Father’s Name : Om Prakash Chauhan
    Date of Birth : 11 – 07 – 1989
    Residential Address : M-14, Mall Road, Pune
    Contact Number: +91-xxxxxxxxxx
    Educational Qualifications : (i) Graduation (SNDT University) (ii) Secretarial Practice Course (YWCA, Mumbai)
    Computer Proficiency: MS Office and Adobe Photoshop
    Experience: Working as Receptionist with Gupta & Sons Textiles Ltd. since March 20XX
    Salary Expected : ₹ 15,000
    Marital Status: Unmarried
    Hobbies : Travelling, reading and socializing
    Languages Known : Hindi and English
    References : (i) Mr. Anil Thackrey Marketing
    Head Mumbai
    (ii) Mrs. Shabha Rana HRM, Surat

    Question 6.
    ‘Rising prices can be controlled only by the government.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either for or against the motion. [10] OR
    Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘Library plays an important role at school’. It is to be delivered in the morning assembly. You are Karuna/Karan, Head Girl/Head Boy.
    A very good morning to jury members, friends and my fellow opponents!! am Karan/Karuna of Head boy/Head girl. Today, I am going to speak against the motion’ Rising prices can be controlled only by the government.’ The role of government in an economy is to announce measures of regulation and control. A government can impose restrictions on hoarding, the export of some items and track prices of limited commodities. However, the execution vests in the custody of the people residing in the nation.

    It would not be correct to put the blame wholly on the government. The consumer is no less to be blamed for inflation. Some consumers allow themselves to be robbed due to the fear of insufficient good supply and adverse price trends. Also, some consumers indulge themselves into hoarding and black marketing of the products. Such practices not only deprive the country of much-needed resources but also serve as bad examples for those who cannot afford to pay such high prices. By reducing the demand of a good, its price can be controlled by the consumers. Thus, I believe, the rising prices or inflation can be controlled by the combined effort of the government and consumers.
    Thank you.
    Good morning everyone!
    Respected Principal, teachers and my dear friends, I am Karan/Karuna, the head boy/ Head Girl of your school, and I am going to give a short speech on how ‘Library plays an important role at school.’ A school library is a place that plays an important role in encouraging innovation and thirst for knowledge. It provides support for learning and teaching throughout the school. The school library exhibits positive impact on the academic achievement of the student, as it helps in developing the mind of the student. It is integral to the teaching and learning process. A library at school not only provides academic references but a wide range of fiction, non-fiction, digital and print resources. It develops the habit of reading in students and helps to to enhance students’ intellectual, cultural and emotional growth. The school library also provides opportunities for teachers to plan, implement and evaluate new learning programs.

    It also plays a critical role in assisting the students in compiling, critically analyzing and organizing information, and then presenting their findings. A school library provides a safe environment that encourages curiosity and imagination. The students become users of information and start to develop a better understanding of the world.
    Thank you


    CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 English 2016 Delhi Set – III

    Note: Except for the following questions, all the remaining questions have been asked in previous sets.

    Section – B

    Question 6.
    ‘The policy of no detention till class VIII is not in the interest of students.’ Write a debate in 150-200 words either in favour of or against the motion.’ [10] OR
    Write a speech in 150-200 words on the topic, ‘A student must know how to manage his time.’ It is to be delivered in the morning assembly. You are Karan/Karuna, Head Boy/Head Girl of the school.
    A very good morning to jury members, friends, and my fellow opponents. Today, I am going to speak for the motion ‘The policy of no detention till class VIII is not in the interest of the students.’ Firstly, let me tell you what the no-detention policy states. The policy states that no child shall be held back in any class or expelled from the school till the completion of elementary education. The step was taken to reduce stress and pressure among students, but the policy has led to poor outcomes, as there has hardly been any improvement in the academic standard. It has encouraged negligence and reluctance in children to study. The student develops a carefree and an easy going attitude, due to an automatic promotion system up to class VIII, and in class IX, he is unable to change his attitude. Suddenly, they fail to cope up with the academic pressure and end up performing badly in board exams.

    I, therefore, firmly agree that the policy of no detention till class VIII is not in the interest of students, as it gives then the security of making it to the next class, regardless of a child’s competence to learn higher concepts.
    Good morning everyone!
    Respected principal, teachers and all my dear friends, I, Karan/Karuna, the head boy/head girl of your school, am going to give a short speech on the topic, ‘A student must know how to manage his time’.

    When life takes a highway and everything seems to be going out of control, the only thing that can bring back the required pace in life is time management because a student’s time is so valuable, it is important to use it wisely. This can be done by taking advantage of an idle time that could be spent studying. This could happen during lunch, on the bus ride to and fro from school or before a class starts.

    A student must prioritize what comes first in his life.
    Spending time with friends, family and having fun is important to provide a healthy balance. To successfully satisfy their personal life and meet education obligations, students must learn to juggle the two effectively by managing their time well.

    When you get into the habit of procastinating as a student, you tend to do the same as an adult. Habits that are learned at an early are hard to change when you become old. Therefore, develop a sense of responsibility towards your task at an early.
    Thank you.


    Question 7.
    India is an emerging economy, we are rich in natural resources. Yet a significant proportion of our people is living below poverty line. One cause of this poverty is our rising population. Write an article is 150-200 words on ‘How to keep a check on population/ You are Karuna/Karan. [10] OR
    Women feel unsafe on the road, at their place of work and even at home. There is an urgent need to change the male mindset in its attitude towards women.
    Write an article in 150-200 words on ‘How to make women feel safe’. You are Karan/Karuna.
    By Karan/Karuna
    An economy requires the support of its population to function smoothly. The fact remains intact that India is extremely rich in its natural resources, yet incapable of sustaining its population. We often ponder over the question. Who is responsible for the imbalance? Is it the current government? Is it the lack of facility? Or is it just ignorance?

    The disproportionate distribution of wealth in the country is mostly an outcome of the humongous population, hyperbolically termed as the ‘Population Explosion’. The government, at regular intervals, has introduced birth control schemes and programmes, such as ‘Hum Do Hamare Do’.

    Such programs have failed tremendously because of the illiteracy and religiously guided notions of the people. The only way possible to curb the population is to educate the Indian population. The beliefs and desirability of having a male child also increases the population, which can be checked by making people understant that it is better to facilitate the children in a manner to empower them without being gender biased. The government can work effectively only when the population understands the fragility and the need of the moment.
    By: Karan/Karuna
    The safety of women in the modern society is increasingly becoming a grave concern by each passing day. It is no longer an issue of morals but of criminalist mentality of a majority of the male sector of our society. Ensuring security of women can never be possible by restraining them to their houses. It can never be the solution. It is said, that to solve a problem effectively and efficiently, its root needs to be targeted’ and in the same way, we need to put efforts into educating our boys and quite evidently, men as well, to respect the women. Rather than teaching a girl how to live with restrictions, we should teach a boy how to respect and accept the girl’s wishes. This will help to reduce the cause a lot, but in order to eradicate the problem, severe legal measures are needed to be taken.

    The criminals should be punished severely and the legal procedures should be shortened. Domestic violence against women should not be tolerated and programs should be set-up to support women suffering in these scenarios. The aggressors in such cases need to be adequately penalized. The women should be trained the basic self-defense at an early age. Besides, taking these measures, special forces need to be posted at all places where crimes against women are more frequent, like tourist sites and secluded places. Special help-line numbers need to be set-up and effective and quick aid should be provided to women whenever and wherever required.


    Section – C

    Question 9.
    Answer any four of the following in 30-40 words each: [12] (a) How did his experience at the YMCA swimming pool affect Douglas?
    (b) What hospitality did the peddler receive from the crofter?
    (e) What kind of life was enjoyed by crown prince Jung Bahadur till he reached the age of twenty?
    (f) Where, when and how did Dr. Sadao meet Hana?
    (a) The experience created a terrible fear in the heart of Douglas for a long time, after his YMCA swimming pool experience when Douglas hit the pool, he started drowning when he was saved, he became weak and rembled badly. He conldn’t even eat for many days as he felt sick in the stomach. This made Douglas more afraid of water. The very sight of water made him ill. Douglas decided not to play any water sports.

    (b) Unlike the indifferent attitude of the others towards him, the peddler was whole heartedly welcomed by the crofter in his cottage. The crofter, at once, put the porridge pot on fire and gave him supper. He gave him a roll of tobacco for his pipe. He also played a game of cards with him.

    (e) The British dominance and its effect on the Indian royalty are evident in the upbringing of the crown prince Jung Bahadur. He was brought up by an English nanny, drank the milk of an English cow, taught English by an Englishman and watched English films.

    (f) Dr. Sadao met Hana in America at the house of a professor Harley where some foreign students were living. He liked her but waited to fall in love with her until he was sure she was a pure Japanese.

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