Study MaterialsImportant QuestionsCBSE SA1 Sample Papers – Class 10 Social Science 2016-17 Set 9

CBSE SA1 Sample Papers – Class 10 Social Science 2016-17 Set 9

CBSE SA1 Sample Papers – Class 10

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    Social Science 2016-17 Set 9

    1. Till the discovery of which place potatoes were not known to people in Asia and Europe ?
    How was the Nationalists message of Swadeshi spread ?
    Which city of India is called ‘Mayapuri’ or the ‘City of Dreams’ ?

    2. Name the first weekly paper published in India. 1
    Who wrote the novel ‘Sultana’s Dream’ ?

    3. Which language was recognized as the only official language of Sri Lanka in 1956 ? 1

    4. Which are the subjects fall under the Concurrent List ? 1

    5. In which constitutional institution have the seats been reserved for women ? 1

    6. Which is a development goal for the landless rural labourers ? [HOTS] 1

    7. Which sector does generate services rather than goods ? 1

    8. What was the share of tertiary sector in 2003 in terms of G.D.E ? [HOTS] 1

    9. “19th century indenture had been described as a new system of slavery.” Explain the statement briefly.
    After Industrial Development in England, what steps did the British Government take to prevent competition with the Indian textiles?
    State any three causes of air pollution in Calcutta in the 19,h century,

    10. Explain any three factors responsible for the invention of ‘New Printing Technology’. 3
    Who was Kalki? What is his contribution to the growth of the novel ?

    11. Which geographical factors are responsible for the evolution of black soil ? Why is it considered the
    most suitable soil for growing cotton ? 3

    12. Explain the type of resources on the basis of exhaustibility with the help of examples. 3

    13. What is Biodiversity ? Why is Biodiversity important for the human lives ? Explain. 3

    14. How does the urbanisation and the urban lifestyle lead to the over-exploitation of water resourcess ? Explain.

    15. ‘Energy saved is energy’ produced’. Justify the statement by giving any six measures to conserve the energy resources. 3

    16. Describe the different forms of power-sharing in modern democracies. Give an example of each of these. 3

    17. Describe any three origins of social differences. [Value-based QuestionJ 3

    18. Suggest any two measures to check communalism in India. 3

    19. Classify the economic sectors on the basis of nature of activities. Mention the main feature of each, 3

    20. Explain the role of education and health in the overall development of the country. 3

    21. What has been the role of NREGA in creating employment for the people in India ? [HOTS] 3

    22. Explain the three types of movements or flows within International Economic Exchange. Mention any one example of any one type of flow from India and England respectively. 5
    “The modern industrialisation could not marginalise the traditional industries in England.” Justify the statement with any four suitable arguments.
    How did marginal groups threaten the city of London ? What was the root cause of this problem ? How did the authorities in London try to solve this problem ?

    23. What did the spread of print culture do in the 19th century to ?
    (a) children
    (b) women and
    (c) workers in Europe. 5
    “With Prem Chand’s writings, the Hindi novel achieved excellence.” Do you agree with this statement. Give reasons to support your answer.

    24. Explain the main features of the first printed Bible. 5
    Without losing one’s identity, in what ways did novels help to give the people a vision of being ideal characters 7

    25. Why are different water harvesting systems considered a viable alternative both socio-economically and environmentally in a country like India ? [Value-based Question) 5

    26. Describe three advantages and two disadvantages of the political expression of caste differences. 5

    27. Explain with reasons, why State of Punjab with a very high per capita income has a very low literacy rate, 5

    28. What is an average income ? What is its importance ? Mention its limitations related to the development. 5

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