Study MaterialsImportant QuestionsCBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology Solved 2016 Set 15

CBSE Sample Papers for Class 12 Biology Solved 2016 Set 15

Section A

1 • On the basis of the globin chain affected, thalassemia is classified in three main types. Name them. Also tell the type of thalassemia whose effect is minor.

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    2.The Oviducts in human females are meant to carry the egg from the ovary to the uterus. State the four different regions shown by the oviducts.

    3.What does Hardy Weinberg equation convey?

    4.Malaria differs from Chikungunya with reference to their vector. Justify.

    5.Distillation as a process is required as a major step for producing certain alcoholic drinks. Explain?

    Section B

    6.Describe the four basic steps which genetic engineering includes.

    7.AUG as a condon performs dual functions. If true explain how? Also give the sequence of bases it is transcribed from and its responsible anticodon.

    8.Mention the conditions in which methods like IVF and ET are advised to the couples. Explain.


    • Cite some common causes of infertility found in both human males and females, (any three)
    • What could be the effective preventive measures to avoid sexually transmitted diseases.

    9.Enlist the important features that make a stable biological community.

    10.Amit had an argue with his friends about ethical issues on producing a transgenic animal. While his friend was in support of the issue. Justify, who is right and why?

    Section C

    11.As a responsible and educated citizen of a nation like India, put your views on International Cooperation that is being dealing with global warming and climate change.

    12.Drugs are categorised into many types depending upon their nature of origin and the source of their actions. Keeping in mind about such properties, mention what could be the effects of the following drugs on human beings.

    • LSD
    • Barbiturates
    • Morphine

    13.It is rightly said in evolutionary biology that ‘Nature selects for fitness’. Justify with suitable example.

    14.Name the type of barrier of innate immunity where some cells release interferon when infected.

    15.Match the following lists.

    16. Study the figure given below and answer the following questions.

    • Identify the molecule ‘M’ that binds with the operator.
    • Mention the consequences behind such binding.
    • What will prevent the binding of the molecule ‘AT with the operator gene?

    17. Ashu came to know that his mother is being admitted in a hospital due to the development of tumor in her body.

    He asked Doctor about this and clarified. Whether his mother is out of danger or not. Explain the biology of cancer or a growth of tumor in a body of human beings. Also mention the two different types of tumours formed in the body.

    18. Biopiracy has been exploited the developing countries when compared to the developed countries. Explain how and in what sense?

    19.Describe the detailed structure of a typical monosporic embryo sac found in flowering plants


    • Pollination acts as the phenomenon of transfer of pollen grains from anther to the stigma of either same or the different plant. What do you understand by this phenomenon of such transferring? Is it essential according to you?
    • Prepare a chart for the different agents that are responsible for the process of pollination in angiosperms.

    20. (i) list three different allelic forms of gene ‘i’ in humans. Also write the different phenotypic expression controlled by these three forms.

    (ii) Observe the condition in which a woman with blood group A marries a man with blood group ‘O’. Express the possibilities of the inheritance of the blood group in the following starting with ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ for each.

    • They produce children with blood group A only.
    • They produce children some with ‘O’ blood group and some with A blood group.

    21.Stating the target cell of luteinizing hormone in both males and females, explain the different effects and the changes which this hormone induces in each case.

    22.Electrostatic precipitator works to remove different particulate pollutants being released from the thermal power plants. Explain how?

    Section D

    23. You as a responsible person is given a duty to take step along with your friends and neighbourhood to protect the destruction of surrounding plants and killing of small animals. How would you encourage, satisfy or guide people near by you about the importance of each and every organism present in the world. Also mention the hypothesis which you will use to encourage them.

    Section E

    24.Draw a neat and labelled diagram of a human female reproductive system and label the different parts associated with the following.

    • Production of gamete
    • Site of fertilisation
    • Site of implantation and
    • Birth canal


    Drawing a neat, labelled portion of a uterus in human female, mark and enlist three important layers of the wall of uterus mentioning the different roles played by each of them?

    25.What do you understand by ecological succession? Also give any of the four differences between the serai stage and a climax community.


    Draw a neat and a well labelled diagram of a carbon cycle of an ecosystem.

    26.Sequencing of a total genome is getting less expensive day by day. Soon it may be affordable for a common man to get his genome to get sequenced. Think about this and put forth your opinion whether such development is the advantageous or disadvantageous.


    On the basis of the report made in the ‘Human Genome Project, (HGP) we humans and our DNAs same by having 99.9% similar nucleotides.

    Explain on the basis of this fact, that if every persons DNA matches so much to the other then, why there is discrimination among our society on the basis of colour, caste, creed, religion etc. Also give the major goals of HGP


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