EnglishmotivationHow to Build, Gain and Increase Self-Confidence

How to Build, Gain and Increase Self-Confidence

If you need to succeed, you need to have the confidence in yourself to work hard and achieve your goal. Your body, mind and intellect, heart and soul work in conjunction to achieve your physical, mental and intellectual, emotional and spiritual goals. Your mind thinks and gives you the ability to set goals for yourself and to work towards reaching them in the best possible way.

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    It is after all you who set your goals and it is you who have to achieve them. Isn’t it? Can your goals be attained by the efforts of others? Certainly not. It is only your effort and will power that translate your dreams into reality, and turn your aspirations into achievement.

    Success, therefore, hinges entirely on your own self. This is a fact whatever the activity, goal or enterprise. Even the person who is altruistic is actualizing her or his aims and goals of social service. Such a person decides to devote her or his life to social work. So you have to apply your will to achieve anything.

    The coming together of interest, will power and hard work help sculpt success for you by way of achieving a particular set goal. And all of these are inputs from your side. So, you are integral to your achievement and success.

    Confidence in your own self makes for success

    When you set a goal for yourself, whether it is a short-term one, or a long-term one, you believe you can achieve it. Isn’t it? If it was something you were not going to be able to achieve you would not have set it as your goal in the first place.

    So, it is confidence in yourself, in your efforts and in your capacities that make you set a realistic goal for yourself.

    Having had this preliminary confidence in yourself, it rests on you alone to maintain the confidence to transform your dreams and aspirations into reality.

    You need confidence in yourself not only to set goals for yourself or achieve them but for all your activities. It is your self confidence that indeed helps you work physically, mentally and intellectually. Besides, when you exude self confidence you are bound to influence others too by its power.

    Self-confidence is your own power

    Self confidence is the strength and power you derive from your own self, from your own internal resources, from your mind, to work efficiently and perform well. Self-confidence is the confidence you derive from yourself and in which you repose faith that helps you work and succeed.

    It is your will power that gives you the confidence to work. When you lack the confidence in yourself to work, you lack self-confidence and no one can give it to you as a package from outside of yourself.

    How to Gain Self-Confidence

    One who is self confident is able to garner all that is necessary from oneself to set realistic and practical goals and work to realize them.

    What is it one needs to garner from oneself? Will power; confidence; verve and enthusiasm; the strength of purpose; perseverance; the ability to face trials and tribulations and reverses; and optimism and positivity to keep moving ahead are all potent powers that lie within us. No one can provide these to us externally. We have them in our minds and hearts and spirits and we need to develop them. Interestingly, these powers are such that they grow in strength on being used repeatedly.

    Therefore, if you use the powers in yourself to boost your confidence and perform to your optimal best, you can tap into these resources with greater ease to perform even better and meet with greater success. And per contra, if you give in to weakness you grow weaker and weaker.

    Nothing succeeds like success. In other words, the more you work hard and work smart, the more you will continue to work and achieve success of a higher order.

    Therefore, it is up to you to use the resources of the mind and spirit that lie within you for your own well-being and success.

    How to Increase Self-Confidence

    There is no fixity to your level of self-confidence. You can increase your self- confidence. How may self-confidence be increased? It requires you to become more confident about yourself and work smarter and harder with the optimum use of the many resources at your disposal.

    By increasing your self-confidence you make the journey of achieving your goal more meaningful and purposeful. It makes the path that is otherwise hard seem far easier. With self-confidence you have faith in yourself in achieving your goal and becoming successful.

    As self-confidence, the confidence that you have in yourself, can increase only by your own efforts and will. Following are some points describing the ways to boost self confidence:

    Every step counts, and nothing succeeds like success

    Every little success gives you the boost to work hard and succeed. Every time you work hard and succeed you get the impetus to bring the optimal blend of factors to further achieve success. So, the first step is always important. Therefore, the beginnings can make a huge difference to your life. Well begun is half done is a well-known saying. Isn’t it? And, every step is a beginning. So, every step counts. It matters little that it may be a small step. After all, it is the first small and perhaps tentative steps that lead to leaps of progress and success that one goes on to achieve.

    So, give importance to every little thing you do. Because effort always meets with success. Take that for granted. Failure is also the stepping stone to success. So, any which way you only go on to learn and master your work through sustained effort so that your efforts may be crowned with success.

    Increasing will power is the key to increasing self-confidence

    It is your will power that lets you set a goal and work to achieve it. It is what brings your dormant energies to the fore and makes you work dynamically.

    It is your will power that makes it possible for you to overcome obstacles and work. When you have the intense interest to work and achieve your goal what is at play is your will power.

    When you sincerely seek to achieve your goal, you will be willing to go the extra mile. You will not grudge the effort at all, because you will not feel the burden of the work. The goal is too important to notice any small troubles or inconveniences that may happen to come on the way.

    It is by using the will power that you can increase your will power. And that means you do all that is required to achieve your goal. By using your will power to work hard you actually hone your will power to serve you better to achieve your goals more easily.

    When your will cooperates to help you work hard and make steady progress, you develop the confidence in yourself to persevere and achieve your goals.

    Perseverance gives you the power to stay at it

    Perseverance really means that you don’t give up. It shows your sincerity of purpose. If you are really interested in attaining your goal, you will stay with the effort you need to invest.

    It is continued effort that makes all the difference. If your efforts are not regular and persistent, but rather disjointed and one off attempts, you may not make the mark and succeed.

    Great goals are not attained suddenly. It is small bits of effort and achievement that cumulatively help you succeed in reaching a lofty goal. And every little effort and achievement gives you the confidence in yourself to keep up your efforts to achieve your goal. When you persevere, you increase your self-confidence and are able to work and achieve your goal. So, stay with your efforts.

    Boost your self-confidence through positivity

    Your self-confidence is very strongly impacted by your state of mind. A positive state of mind ups your self-confidence. It is positivity that lets you set a goal and work towards achieving it. And it is what actually creates in you the confidence to go about it all.

    When you are positive you set realistic goals and work to achieve them. Your positivity helps you make use of your resources optimally and convert even obstacles into opportunities to work smart to achieve your goals.

    Positivity, in fact, is what gives rise to self-confidence. When you are positive, it means you have a state of mind that says you can achieve, and that is nothing but confidence in yourself. It is the confidence in yourself to work hard and work smart to achieve your goals.

    So the first step to increasing your confidence is to boost your positivity. Be optimistic. Be confident. If you have the physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual capacities to set goals for yourself, you also have the power to use these resources that exist in you to attain the goals too.

    Negativity is a drain on your body, mind and intellect, and spirit. So, keep away from negative thoughts. If positive thoughts give you the enthusiasm and verve to work hard, the contrary holds true too. Negative thoughts dampen the energy and power of your body, mind and spirit to work purposefully and they also make you diffident.

    Those who are diffident will not be able to draw on their physical, mental, intellectual, emotional and spiritual resources that they are naturally granted. So, any kind of negativity is counter-productive to the realisation of your life’s goals.

    Being positive is all about being practical and realistic to achieve your goals with a confident approach.

    Your appearance and demeanour have a bearing

    How you dress and your body language as also your state of mind both influence and are influenced by your self-confidence. There is therefore a spiraling effect. The more you increase your self-confidence the more your body language, appearance, demeanour, comportment, and how you carry yourself will give expression to the self-confidence you possess.

    Positive and effective communication boosts your self-confidence

    What you speak and how you communicate it can impact your self-confidence. When you speak with positivity you communicate the self-confidence you possess. Effective communication also boosts your self-confidence. You are able to put forward what is important in any situation and it reveals your strength of purpose and clarity of the goal you wish to achieve. When you communicate and express yourself with positivity and confidence, you reveal your self-confidence.

    The reinforcing effect of the mind’s powers and their expression makes it easy to boost your self-confidence and achieve your goals successfully.

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