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NEET rank & college predictor 2024

predict your NEET 2024 rank; find your best-fit college with NEET 2024 rank predictor

NEET opens doorways to numerous opportunities in the field of medicine. as students begin to conquer this challenging exam, one question arises: what will my rank be? this is where the NEET rank predictor comes into usage. it offers a predicted rank by estimating your rank based on your performance.

the NEET rank predictor is an online tool that helps students estimate their position or rank based on their National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET) performance. this tool considers the marks or percentile the student scored in the exam, and using this tool students can understand where they might stand compared to other students who also took the exam. it's important to know that this predicted rank is just an estimation and may not match the official rank given by the exam authorities.

S.No.NEET scoresexpected NEET rank
1.715 – 7201-10
2.700 – 71011-200
3.690 – 698201 - 512
4.688 – 690513 - 971
5.670 – 679972 - 1701
6.660 – 6691702 - 2715
7.650 – 6592752 - 4163
8.640 – 6504164 - 6061
9.630 – 6406062 - 8522
10.620 – 6308523 - 11463
11.610 – 62011464 - 15057
12.590 – 60015058 - 23731
13.580 – 59023732 - 28745
14.570 – 57928746 - 34361
15.561 - 57034362 - 40257
16.550 – 56040258 - 46767
17.540 – 54946768 - 53542
18.530 – 53953543 - 60853
19.450 – 52060854 - 125747
20.401 – 450125748 - 177800
21.351 – 400177801 - 241657
22.300 – 350241658 - 320666
23.250 – 300320667 - 417675
24.200 – 249417676 - 540347
25.151 – 200540348 - 710354
26.100 – 150710355 - 990231
27.51 – 100990232 - 1460741
28.0 – 501460742 - 1750199

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Infinity Learn NEET 2024 rank predictor utilizes an algorithm along with data from the past decade's marks and cut-offs to provide an accurate forecast of your NEET 2024 rank and college.

with a score of 500 in NEET, you can typically expect a rank between 60854 and 125747. however, final rank predictions depend on the official NEET cut-offs, which are to be announced.

to calculate your NEET percentile from your score, use the formula: (your NEET score / highest NEET score) * 100. for example, a score of 350 out of 450 gives a percentile of 77.78.

Infinity Learn's NEET college predictor and rank predictor 2024 are online tools designed to assist aspirants by estimating their likely rank and suggesting possible college options based on their NEET scores.

while no predictor can guarantee perfect accuracy, the Infinity Learn NEET rank predictor aims to be as precise as possible by analysing extensive historical data and user feedback.

no, the NEET college predictor 2024 provided by Infinity Learn is completely free for all users.

the Infinity Learn NEET college predictor 2024 helps you explore potential college options based on your predicted rank, offering insights and helping guide your decision-making process.

while using the Infinity Learn NEET college predictor 2024, consider not only your potential rank but also factors such as college infrastructure, faculty quality, and location to make an informed choice.

the NEET rank predictor offers a valuable estimate but should be supplemented with thorough research and consideration of additional factors like cut-offs, reservations, and competition levels in admissions.

scoring 580 in NEET enhances your chances of obtaining an mbbs seat, particularly through state quota counselling, though exact outcomes depend on various factors including cut-offs and competition.

for mbbs admission in 2024, candidates not in reserved categories need scores between 720 and 105, while reserved category candidates require between 138 and 105

while the Infinity Learn NEET rank predictor offers a well-calculated estimate based on current algorithms and data trends, it is important to note that actual results may vary due to exam difficulty, cut-off changes, and other variables.

for NEET 2024, a score of 600 or above is generally considered safe, significantly increasing your chances of securing a place in a top medical college through either all india quota (aiq) or state counselling.

the NEET 2024 rank predictor allows students to gauge their likely rank and compare their performance with other NEET aspirants. it also helps you understand which medical colleges you might qualify for based on your rank.

the NEET 2024 rank predictor uses data from previous years' scores and ranks to give an estimated rank based on the score you input.

to calculate your NEET score, add up the marks for all correct answers and subtract marks for incorrect answers. NEET typically awards 4 points for each correct answer and deducts 1 point for each wrong answer.

the best rank predictor for NEET is the Infinity Learn Rank Predictor 2024. it is consistently updated with the most recent exam patterns and historical data, making it a reliable choice for students preparing for NEET.

yes, NEET 2024 rank predictors work by estimating your rank based on previous years' data and your expected score. however, they provide an approximation rather than an exact rank.

the reliability of a NEET rank predictor 2024 depends on how well it's been programmed to factor in recent exam patterns and user data. while useful for getting an estimate, its predictions should be viewed as indicative rather than definitive.

what is NEET 2024 rank predictor tool?

the NEET rank predictor 2024 is an innovative tool designed to assist NEET aspirants in estimating their probable ranks based on their expected scores in the examination. this NEET rank predictor 2024 tool uses historical data and sophisticated algorithms to provide a realistic forecast of where students might stand in the national ranking. By understanding their potential ranks, students can better prepare for the upcoming admissions process and set realistic expectations for their medical career journey.

how does the Infinity Learn NEET rank predictor 2024 tool works?

the NEET rank predictor 2024 free tool is a no-cost resource designed to help aspirants gauge their possible ranking based on their performance in the NEET 2024 exam . utilizing historical data, such as previous scores and rankings, the NEET rank predictor 2024 tool projects a rank and percentile range for applicants of the current year. it accounts for variables including the number of test-takers, the difficulty level of the exam, and feedback from other users of the NEET rank predictor tool.

here's an outline of how the NEET 2024 rank predictor tool works:

  1. 1. performance data: enter your scores from the NEET 2024 exam, including scores for individual subjects and the total number of questions attempted. this data, complemented by the volume of questions tackled, forms the foundation for the NEET rank predictor 2024 tool's algorithms, ensuring precise predictions of your NEET ranking.
  2. 2. data analysis:the NEET rank predictor 2024 free compares your inputted performance data against historical NEET statistics, examining past cut-off scores and score distributions. this comprehensive evaluation provides insights into your performance context and the competitive landscape, supporting informed decisions throughout your NEET journey.
  3. 3. rank estimation: employing sophisticated analysis, the NEET Rank Predictor 2024 tool calculates an estimated rank for you, providing a range to account for uncertainties.
  4. 4. percentile score: in addition to providing a predicted rank, the NEET rank predictor also offers a percentile score, reflecting your performance relative to other candidates. this metric clarifies your position among peers.
  5. 5. college prediction: the NEET rank predictor 2024 considers factors such as historical cutoffs, seat availability in various colleges, and your predicted NEET rank. by analysing these elements, the NEET rank predictor tool generates a list of colleges where you may likely gain admission, offering valuable guidance for potential educational pathways based on your NEET 2024 rank.

steps to use free NEET rank predictor 2024 by Infinity Learn?

utilizing the NEET 2024 rank predictor on the Infinity Learn website is a straightforward and intuitive process:

  1. 1. access the tool: go to the Infinity Learn website and find the NEET rank predictor 2024 tool page.
  2. 2. enter your scores:input your expected NEET score, which you can calculate using the official NEET answer keys available soon after the examination.
  3. 3. submit and receive insights: once you enter your details and submit them, the NEET rank predictor processes your data using its advanced predictive algorithm and promptly provides an estimated rank, offering you immediate and insightful feedback.

this guide ensures that using the NEET rank predictor is easy, offering you a seamless experience as you navigate the potential outcomes of your NEET 2024 performance.

advantage of using NEET 2024 rank predictor

Infinity Learn has launched a tool called the NEET rank predictor, using data from various colleges to make accurate predictions. this NEET rank predictor helps estimate ranks, giving trustworthy information about colleges and their cutoff marks.

here are the advantages of using the NEET rank predictor 2024 tool:

  1. 1. candidates can compare their performance with other NEET applicants.
  2. 2. the NEET rank predictor allows students to choose colleges early based on their expected results and see if they qualify.
  3. 3. starting early gives candidates an advantage.
  4. 4. keep in mind, the rank shown is based on what users enter and isn't the official NEET rank. However, the NEET rank.
  5. 5. 2024 rank predictor still provides useful information.
  6. 6. the NEET rank predictor tool helps students find suitable colleges.
  7. 7. by doing calculations, it gives accurate information about colleges.
  8. 8. it supports making decisions for counselling or the next NEET exam.
  9. 9. you can look up information about fees, alumni, and courses.

the NEET rank predictor 2024 helps figure out the minimum NEET score needed for admission based on past trends.

NEET 2024 Rank Predictor - NEET Marks vs Ranks vs Percentile

the "NEET marks vs. percentile vs. ranks" table is a key feature of the NEET 2024 rank predictor. by referencing this table, candidates can use the NEET rank predictor 2024 tool to gauge their probable ranks based on their marks and percentile. This estimation helps students understand their chances of gaining admission to top medical and dental colleges in India. with the NEET rank predictor 2024 free, users can easily assess where they might stand. the NEET rank predictor tool simplifies the prediction process, and the NEET rank predictor 2024 provides valuable insights for prospective medical students.

NEET marksNEET percentile NEET ranks
720 - 705 100 - 97.916667 1 - 100
705 - 70097.916667 - 97.222222101 - 200
700 - 69097.222222 - 95.833333201 - 500
690 - 679 95.833333 - 94.305556 501 - 1000
679 - 671 94.305556 - 93.194444 1001 - 1500
671 - 666 93.194444 - 92.500000 1501 - 2000
666 - 661 92.500000 - 91.805556 2001 - 2500
661 - 65791.805556 - 91.250000 2501 - 3000 
657 - 65491.250000 - 90.833333 3001 - 3500  
653 - 65090.694444 - 90.277778 3501 - 4000  
650 - 647 90.277778 - 89.861111 4001 - 4500  
647 - 645 89.861111 - 89.5833334501 - 5000  
645 - 64289.583333 - 89.1666675001 - 5500
642 - 64089.166667 - 88.8888895501 - 6000
640 - 63788.888889 - 88.4722226001 - 6500
637 - 63588.472222 - 88.1944446501 - 7000
635 - 63388.194444 - 87.9166677001 - 7500 
633 - 63187.916667 - 87.6388897501 - 8000
631 - 63087.638889 - 87.5000008001 - 8500
630 - 62787.500000 - 87.0833338501 - 9000
627 - 62687.083333 - 86.944444 9001 - 9500
626 - 624 86.944444 - 86.666667 9501 - 10000
624 - 597 86.666667 - 82.916667 10001 - 20000
597 - 568 82.916667 - 78.888889 20001 - 35000
568 - 545 78.888889 - 75.69444435001 - 50000
545 - 511 75.694444 - 70.972222 50001 - 75000
511 - 494 70.972222 - 68.611111 75001 - 90000
494 - 463 68.611111 - 64.305556 90001 - 120000

NEET college predictor based on rank

selecting the appropriate college holds immense importance for students aiming to pursue medicine. our NEET rank and college predictor 2024 aids in streamlining this crucial decision-making process. through this tool, students gain access to a comprehensive table showcasing potential college options based on their ranks. this NEET college predictor 2024 tool equips students with valuable insights, empowering them to make well-informed choices regarding their medical career path.

college namecourse nameNEET closing rank
All India Institute of Medical Sciences - [AIIMS], New DelhiM.B.B.S.57
Jawaharlal Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education and Research - [JIPMER], PondicherryM.B.B.S.60
Maulana Azad Medical College - [MAMC], New DelhiM.B.B.S.85
Vardhman Mahavir Medical College - [VMMC], New DelhiM.B.B.S.107
University College of Medical Sciences - [UCMS], New DelhiM.B.B.S.304
All India Institute of Medical Sciences - [AIIMS], JodhpurM.B.B.S.469
Lady Hardinge Medical College - [LHMC], New DelhiM.B.B.S.485
Government Medical College and Hospital - [GMCH], ChandigarhM.B.B.S.544
B. J. Medical College - [BJMC], AhmedabadM.B.B.S.549
Madras Medical College - [MMC], ChennaiM.B.B.S.622
Seth GS Medical College - [GSMC], MumbaiM.B.B.S.656
Institute of Medical Sciences - [IMS BHU], VaranasiM.B.B.S.858
King George's Medical University - [KGMU], Lucknow M.B.B.S.1097
Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute - [BMCRI], BangaloreM.B.B.S.1271
Grant Medical College and Sir J. J. Group of Hospitals, MumbaiM.B.B.S.1623
Byramjee Jeejeebhoy Government Medical College - [BJMC], PuneM.B.B.S.1892
Kolkata Medical College, KolkataM.B.B.S.2103
Institute of Post Graduate Medical Education And Research - [IPGMER], KolkataM.B.B.S.2249
Lokmanya Tilak Municipal Medical College-[LTMMC], MumbaiM.B.B.S.2582
Aligarh Muslim University - [AMU], AligarhM.B.B.S.3304
Osmania Medical College - [OMC], MedakM.B.B.S.3464
Dr Rajendra Prasad Government Medical College - [RPGMC], KangraM.B.B.S.4422
Pt Bhagwat Dayal Sharma Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences - [PGIMS], RohtakM.B.B.S.4588
R. G. Kar Medical College and Hospital - [RGKMCH], KolkataM.B.B.S.4802
Mahatma Gandhi Institute of Medical Sciences - [MGIMS], WardhaM.B.B.S.8793
Regional Institute of Medical Sciences, ImphalM.B.B.S.9762
Sri Venkateswara Institute of Medical Sciences - [SVIMS], TirupatiM.B.B.S.10624
Nair Hospital Dental College, MumbaiBDS16543
Government Dental College & Hospital, AurangabadBDS22080
Kasturba Medical College - [KMC], ManipalM.B.B.S.24330
Govt. Dental College & Hospital - [GDCH], NagpurBDS27871
Government Dental College & Hospital, MumbaiBDS27946
Kasturba Medical College - [KMC], MangaloreM.B.B.S.30856
KS Hegde Medical Academy - [KSHEMA], MangaloreM.B.B.S.33023
Amrita School of Medicine, KochiM.B.B.S.138654
Sri Ramachandra Medical College, ChennaiM.B.B.S.223101
Saveetha Dental College & Hospital - [SDCH], ChennaiBDS265168
Manipal College of Dental Sciences - [MCODS], ManipalBDS343818
Manipal College of Dental Sciences - [MCODS], MangaloreBDS363411
Jamia Hamdard University, New DelhiBachelor of Unani Medicine & Surgery380504
Saveetha Medical College, ChennaiM.B.B.S.530867
Amrita School of Dentistry, KochiBDS571541
Sri Ramachandra Dental College, ChennaiBDS631247
Mahatma Gandhi Medical College and Research Institute, Sri Balaji Vidyapeeth - [MGMCRI], PondicherryM.B.B.S.805305
A B Shetty Memorial Institute of Dental Sciences - [ABSMIDS], MangaloreBDS863428

features of Infinity Learn's NEET 2024 rank predictor tool  

complimentary access for all user 

a standout feature of the Infinity Learn NEET rank predictor tool 2024 is its accessibility—it is completely free. we are committed to removing educational barriers and making valuable resources available to every student, helping them reach their professional goals without financial constraints.

immediate results for immediate planning

receive your results instantly without any delays. this feature is particularly beneficial on exam day, facilitating swift and informed decision-making that could define your medical career.

gain a competitive edge

in the competitive realm of NEET, every piece of information counts. the NEET ug rank predictor 2024 not only provides insights into potential ranks but also helps students understand their prospective standings, enabling them to make informed decisions about their next steps in the medical field.

personalized analysis for targeted improvement

the NEET rank predictor is tailored to provide personalized results based on individual performance metrics. this detailed analysis aids students in identifying specific strengths and areas for improvement, essential for anyone preparing for competitive exams.

embark on your medical career with confidence

as you step out of your NEET 2024 exam venue, remember that your journey toward a successful career in medicine is just beginning. tools like the NEET rank predictor are designed to assist you in navigating this path with greater confidence and clarity. by estimating your rank and potential college placements, you can strategically plan your approach to secure a seat in a prestigious medical college.

Infinity Learn stands alongside every NEET aspirant, providing essential tools and resources, like the NEET 2024 rank predictor, to help convert your hard work and aspirations into tangible success. as you await the official results, leverage this tool to commence your future planning in the medical field immediately. remember, a well-informed strategy is the cornerstone of success in the journey to becoming a healthcare professional.

navigating the path to becoming a medical professional through the NEET 2024 exam can be a daunting but achievable task with the right resources and guidance. stay updated with the latest guidelines and notices from the NTA regarding NEET 2024 on our dedicated page. to aid your preparation, discover comprehensive resources and expert tips for cracking NEET 2024 on our specialized portal of Infinity Learn. additionally, explore our ultimate guide to mastering the NEET exam, with strategies and advice from top educators. these tools are designed to enhance your readiness for this critical exam.

as you prepare, it's crucial to test your knowledge and get a feel for the exam structure. download and practice with our collection of NEET 2024 paper samples to boost your preparation. once you've taken the exam, you'll naturally be anxious to see how you performed. access the NEET 2024 answer key to evaluate your performance and estimate your score before the official results. to further understand your standing, utilize our detailed analysis of the NEET answer key to see where you stand in your NEET preparation.

post-exam, the next big step is awaiting your results. bookmark our page to get the fastest updates on the result of NEET 2024 as soon as it's announced. stay informed about the NEET result date and plan your next steps for medical college applications. knowing your results early can be pivotal, especially when planning your medical career path. mark your calendar for the NEET result date 2024 and get tips on what to do once the results are out. for those aiming for the very top, view the NEET result 2024 topper list on our site to see who topped the nation in this challenging exam

in anticipation of future steps, it's essential to be well-prepared and informed about all aspects of the exam. get the latest updates and study materials for the NEET UG 2024, tailored to help you succeed. find out how to check your NEET result and understand what your scores mean for your medical school application. for more specific queries like cutoff marks, learn about the NEET cut off trends to better predict the scores needed for your target medical colleges. predict your chances of admission with our detailed analysis of the NEET cut off 2024. moreover, for those curious about the exact release dates of key resources, keep an eye on our updates for the NEET 2024 answer key release date and prepare for your score analysis.

finally, use the available tools to ensure a smooth journey through your medical exam preparations. use our rank predictor for NEET 2024 to estimate your position among the thousands of test-takers. review the official NEET 2024 answer key by NTA on our platform for accurate self-assessment. get the NTA answer key 2024 NEET from our reliable sources to check your answers against official solutions. know exactly when to check your results with our precise tracking of the NEET result 2024 date and time. analyze the expected cutoff of NEET 2024 to understand the scoring dynamics and prepare accordingly. with these comprehensive tools and resources, Infinity Learn stands ready to assist you in navigating your journey towards a successful career in medicine.