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A jar is filled with two non-mixing liquids 1 and 2 having densities p1 and p2 , respectively A solid ball, made of a material of density p3, is dropped in the jar. It comes to equilibrium in the position shown in the figure. Which of the following is true for p1, p2 and p3


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detailed solution

Correct option is C

  • According to the diagram for the question, the liquid 2 with the higher density will sink to the bottom, and the ball with the lower density will float on top of it. 
  • Similar to how liquid 1 will float on liquid 2, the ball will sink in liquid 1, and liquid 1 has less density than both the ball and liquid 2.
  • As a result, we can infer that liquid 2 has the highest density, followed by a ball and liquid 1.

Hence the correct answer is p1<p3<p2.

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