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Science Topics for Kids & Students

When you hear the word “science,” you might imagine lots of things: a big book, scientists in white coats looking through microscopes, someone studying stars with a telescope, a person exploring the rainforest, equations written by Einstein on a board, a spaceship taking off, bubbling potions. Each of these shows a part of science, but none of them shows everything because science has many different sides.

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    You know how in school, science sometimes feels like a list of random facts? Well, it’s actually way cooler than that! It’s like solving a mystery or putting together pieces of a giant puzzle. It’s about taking all those bits of information and figuring out how they fit together to make sense of the world. It’s like exploring nature’s secrets and understanding how everything clicks and connects.

    Science is Exciting

    Science is all about finding out what’s in the world and how it all operates now, how it did in the past, and how it might in the future. Scientists are excited about uncovering things no one else has seen or understood before.

    Science is Useful

    Information produced by science is strong and trustworthy. It helps create new tools, cure illnesses, and solve different kinds of issues.

    Science is ongoing

    Our understanding of the universe keeps growing through science, always discovering more. This means there are always new questions to explore. Science never reaches an endpoint—it’s a forever journey.

    Science is a Global Human Endeavor

    All around the globe, folks join in doing science. And guess what? You can join in too!

    Science Topics for Kids

    Science Topics for Students & kids

    Start learning science online for kids! Explore lots of exciting resources and ideas for different science topics. Discover fun chemistry experiments, cool physics games, interesting biology lessons, animal videos, tech activities, facts about the human body, space pictures, weather projects, diagrams of plants, quizzes about water, free worksheets, and much more.

    Explore these awesome science topics with interactive resources that will make learning fun and interesting. And if you want something different, we have sections about amazing, funny, and weird science! Whether you want to try cool experiments, do easy activities, learn interesting facts, or find teaching materials for science class, you’ll find everything you need right here at Science Kids.

    Physics Topics
    Friction Speed and Velocity
    Insulator Lead
    Circuit Conductor & Insulator
    Telescope Digital Electronics
    Transformer Semi Conductor

    Biology Topics for Students & kids

    Oceans and Countries Topics for Students & kids

    Science Facts for Students & kids

    Explore our cool science facts just for kids! Discover awesome things about our planet, incredible facts about chemistry, interesting tidbits about space, and funny facts about animals. Did you know that a cricket’s ears are on its front legs? Or that sound moves much faster in water than in the air?

    Science is super interesting! There are so many incredible things to learn and explore. Humans sleep for about 35% of the day, but armadillos and sloths snooze for a whopping 80%! Talk about lazy sleepers! Keep reading for more fun science facts and trivia. Remember, as our society and technology grow, our understanding of science and the world around us evolves too. What we think is true today might change tomorrow!

    Animal and Birds Facts
    Stegosaurus Lions
    Velociraptor Butterfly
    Grasshopper Dolphin
    Whale Swordfish
    Scorpion Clownfish
    Ostrich Peregrine Falcon

    Science Experiments for Students & kids

    If you want to try cool science experiments with kids, you’re in the right spot! Explore our free experiments section for hands-on activities that make science exciting.

    Discover neat facts about science and technology while experimenting with everyday items that do surprising things. You can do lots of experiments using things you find at home (just make sure an adult is around). Simple materials can help you do safe, easy experiments that are great for kids. Try out our fun experiments, create awesome projects, show your discoveries to friends and family, and most importantly, have a blast!

    Science Experiments
    Lava Lamp Anemometer
    Magnet and Magnetism Vinegar Volcano
    Melting Chocolate Blowing Up Balloons
    Dry Ice Bubble Make Fake Snot
    Oil and Water Tornado in a Bottle
    Making Lemon Fizzy Drink Bath Salts
    Quick Sand Ice Cube Magic
    Dissolving Sugar Breeding Bacteria
    Light, Color & Heat Static Electricity
    Making Music Stab a Potato With a Straw
    Moving Molecules Does an Orange Float or Sink?
    A Test of Time Gravity Free Water
    Egg in Vinegar Microscopic Creatures
    Balloon Speakers Lung Volume
    Seed Germination Straw Bending
    Floating Ping Pong Balls Bucket Spinning
    Taste Without Smell Egg Bubbles
    Crazy Putty Make a Snowflake
    Making crazy putty Make a Rainbow

    Science Images for Students & kids

    Check out the wide variety of fun science pictures available for free at Science Kids! You’ll find lots of great images on animals, chemistry, space, technology, biology, nature, experiments, weather, disasters, illusions, and the human body.

    If you’re doing a science project and need pictures for your cover page, diagrams, reports, or posters, you can download and use these pictures however you like. Have fun with cool illusions and learn some science principles and natural processes from the educational diagrams. The pictures are easy to find—just click on the small images to see the full-sized versions!

    Science FAQs

    What are examples of science activities?

    Science activities include experiments like making volcanoes, growing crystals, studying plant growth, observing the stars, or testing different materials' properties.

    What activities are related to science?

    Activities related to science involve exploring nature, conducting experiments, observing changes, investigating how things work, and learning about animals and plants.

    What are the best science experiments for kids?

    Simple experiments like making slime, creating a baking soda and vinegar reaction, exploring magnets, or conducting a water density experiment are great for kids to learn basic scientific concepts.

    What is a science fact about animals?

    One interesting science fact about animals is that dolphins use unique whistles to communicate with each other, almost like having their own language.

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