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In materials like aluminium and copper, the correct order of magnitude of various elastic moduli is:

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Bulk modulii < Young’s modulii < shear modulii
Young’s modulii < shear modulii < bulk modulii
Bulk modulii < shear modulii < Young’s modulii
Shear modulii < Young’s modulii < bulk modulii

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detailed solution

Correct option is D

Y = 2η (1+µ) = 3K (1 - 2µ)


µ = Possion's ratio.

η = Shear modulus

K = Bulk modulus.

\large \therefore \eta =\frac{Y}{2(1+\mu )}\;and\;K=\frac{Y}{3(1-2\mu)}

Now pratically 0.5 > µ > 0

.: η < Y and K > Y

.: η < Y < K

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