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o-Nitrophenol is more volatile than p-nitrophenol. It is due to

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intermolecular hydrogen bond in o-nitrophenol
intramolecular hydrogen bond in o-nitrophenol
ionization of p-nitrophenol
more resonating structures of p-nitrophenol

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Correct option is B

o-Nitrophenol involves intramolecular whereas p-nitrophenol involves intramolecular hydrogen bondings. O-Nitrophenol forms intramolecular H bond whereas molecules of P-Nitrophenol get associated through intermolecular H bond. During boiling, the strong intermolecular H bonding increases the boiling point but intramolecular H bonding cannot do so. Therefore, O-Nitrophenol is more steam volatile than P-Nitrophenol.

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