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The position-time graph of a body of mass 0.04 kg. Suggest a suitable physical context for this motion. The time between two consecutive impulses received by the body, the magnitude of each impulse is

4sec, 4×104kgm/s
2sec, 8×104kgm/s
6sec, 4×104kgm/s
8sec, 8×104kgm/s

detailed solution

Correct option is B

The graph could be representing a ball rebounding between two walls separated by 2 cm with a constant velocity in free space. After receiving the impulse ball changes its direction. Hence time between two impulses is 2 seconds. 
velocity = time×displacement ​=2×10-22 = 0.01 m/s
Initial momentum, 
mu = 0.04×10-2 kgm/s 
Final momentum, 
mv = -0.04×10-2 kgm/s 
Change in momentum = 0.08×10-2kgm/s

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