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Which of the following is NOT a use of a definite article?

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'The' is used when we talk about a particular thing.
'The' is used when a noun represents a particular class. 
'The' is used with superlatives.
'The' is used before the names of objects which are only one of their kind. 

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Correct option is B

When the reader is aware of the precise identity of the noun, as in the following cases, use the definite article before any noun (singular, plural, countable, or noncount). When a specific noun has already been specified, use the article "the. When an adjective, phrase, or clause characterising the noun explains or limits its identity, use the article "the. When a noun refers to something or someone special, use the article the. 'The' is a superlative prefix. When a noun refers to an entire class, "the" is used; hence option B is not a use of a definite article.

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