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Which of the following statement(s) is/are true?

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ΔE=0 for combustion of C2H6(g) in a sealed rigid adiabatic container
ΔfH (S, monoclinic) 0
If dissociation energy CH4(g) is 1656 kJ/mol andC2H6(g) is 2812 kJ/mol, then value of C-C bond energy will be 328 kJ/mol
If ΔHfH2O,g=242kJ/mol,ΔHvapH2O,1=44 kJ/mol than ΔfHOH,aq will be 142 kJ/mol

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detailed solution

Correct option is A

(a) q=0, W=0, U=0

(b) BE(CC)=281216564×6 =328

(c) 24244ΔHfOH=57.1

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