Write a dialogue between two students discussing their choice of a career.


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Jane: Good day, Juliet. It's good to see you again after such a long period. What have you been up to?

Juliet: Good day, Jane. It's also good to see you. I've been really busy studying for my engineering entrance exams.

Jane: That's fantastic! I had no idea you aspired to be an engineer.

Juliet: I've always had a natural affinity for mechanical jobs, thus I want to be an engineer. What plan do you have?

Jane: I've always enjoyed teaching. I aspire to be a terrific teacher like my mum. Do you recall how we used to imitate our professors in elementary school?

Juliet: Without a doubt, you possess all of the characteristics of a good instructor. I've seen you helping your younger brother with his homework. You'll make an excellent teacher.

Jane: Thank you, Juliet. I only hope that I can fulfill my objective of becoming a good teacher and passing on my knowledge to the children for their future.

Juliet: Jane, that is a lovely notion. A teacher is responsible for a wide range of duties. Although it is a great career, it is challenging work.

Jane: You are correct. I've seen my mother get frustrated when her students don't perform well and happy when they do. She takes herself accountable for each and every student's well-being.

Juliet: Yes, that is why she is our school's most beloved teacher to this day. I remember her brilliance as a teacher from when I was in her class. Please convey my warmest regards to her.

Juliet: Thank you, Jane. I will definitely convey your greetings to her.

Juliet: I want to see you again soon. Best wishes in all of your pursuits, Jane.

Jane: Thank you very much, Juliet. I wish you the same. Bye.

Juliet: Goodbye. Take precautions.

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