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Choose the incorrect statements.

A. In plants with haplontic life cycle, the sporophyte is always single celled.
B. In plants with diplontic life cycle the gametophytes are always single celled.
C. In plants with haplodiplontic life cycle the gametophytes and sporophytes are always multicellular and independent.

A and B
B and C
A and C
A, B and C

detailed solution

Correct option is B

In plants with diplontic life cycle, the the gametophytes are single celled in Fucus but few celled in gymnosperms and angiosperms. In plants with haplodiplontic life cycle, the multicellular gametophytes and sporophytes are independent in Ectocarpus and Pteridophytes, sporophyte is dependent on gametophyte in Bryophytes and carposporophyte on gametophyte in Polysiphonia. Tetrasporophyte of Polysiphonia is independent.

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