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The colonies of recombinant bacteria appear white in contrast to blue colonies of non-recombinant bacteria because of

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insertional in activation of alpha galactosidase in recombinant bacteria.
inactivation of glycosidase enzyme in recombinant bacteria
non-recombinant bacteria containing beta galactosidase
insertional inactivation of alpha galactosidase in non­ recombinant bacteria.

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Correct option is C

A recombinant DNA is inserted within the coding sequence of an enzyme, β-galactosidase. This results into inactivation of the gene for synthesis of this enzyme, which is referred to as insertional inactivation. The presence of a chromogenic substrate gives blue coloured colonies if the plasmid in the bacteria does not have an insert. Presence of insert results into insertional inactivation of the β-galactosidase gene and the colonies do not produce any colour, these are identified as recombinant colonies.

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