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A major characteristic of monocot root is the presence of

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vasculature without cambium
cambium sandwiched between phloem and xylem along the radius
open vascular bundles
scattered vascular bundles.

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Correct option is A

Monocots lack secondary growth. Therefore, they do not have any cambium present in between the vascular bundles. When cambium is present in between vascular bundles it is an open vascular bundle. In monocot stem the vascular bundle is scattered and peripheral vascular bundles are generally smaller than the centrally located ones.

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A transverse section of a typical monocot root shows 
(A) Barrel-shaped endodermal cells with casparian strips.
(B) Diarch to hexarch vascular bundles.
(C) Protoxylem towards centre and metaxylem towards periphery.
(D)Large well-developed parenchymatous path at the centre.

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