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Selaginella and Salvinia are considered to represent a significant step towards evolution of seed habit because

female gametophyte is free and gets dispersed like seeds
female gametophyte lacks archegonia
megaspores possess endosperm and embryo surrounded by seed coat
zygote develops into embryo in female gametophyte which is retained on parent sporophyte for variable period of time after fertilisation

detailed solution

Correct option is D

In majority of the pteridophytes all the spores are of similar kinds; such plants are called homosporous. Genera like Selaginella and Salvinia which produce two kinds of spores, macro (large) and micro (small) spores, are known as heterosporous. The megaspores and microspores germinate and give rise to female and male gametophytes, respectively. The female gametophytes in these plants are retained on the parent sporophytes for variable periods. The development of the zygotes into young embryos take place within the female gametophytes. This event is a precursor to the seed habit considered an important step in evolution.

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