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Which of the following shows haploid phase in gymnosperm?

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Megaspore mother cell, root, leaf
Pollen grain, megaspore, nucellus
Pollen grain, megaspore, root
Endosperm, pollen grain, megaspore

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Correct option is D

In gymnosperms, the pollen grains and the megaspores are haploid and develop as a result of meiosis in the respective mother cells. The functional megaspore forms the female gametophyte which acts as endosperm and hence is haploid.

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Consider the following statements regarding gymnosperms and choose the correct option.
I. In gymnosperms, the male and female gametophytes have an independent existence.
II. In gymnosperms, the multicellular female gametophyte is retained within the megasporangium.
III. The gymnosperms are heterosporous.

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